The fact that the vast majority of higher education in Texas is provided by state government institutions demonstrates that _____.

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To be able to answer the questions about politics in Texas, you need to have knowledge about it. There are a lot of resources that you are able to read about it. However, here we will give you the answer to your questions related to politics in Texas. So, you are able to learn the questions and answers below, to increase your knowledge about politics in Texas.

These questions and answers can be found in the Quizlet site. Here, we have some of the questions and answers about Politics from Quizlet. So, you are able to learn them below.

  • Question: The fact that the vast majority of higher education in Texas is provided by state government institutions demonstrates that …

Answer: the individualism in Texas which is publicly embraced ignores the fact that services like education will not always be available in case people just wait for individual benefactors to fill the niche.

  • Question: The culture of moralistic politics has dominated the direction in which the stream of Texas conservatism has been flowing because of …

Answer: the participatory energy that it has generated on the question of abortion, which most Texas conservatives oppose.

  • Question: Try to identify an example of how traditional conservatism manifests in Texas political culture today.

Answer: The trust of traditional conservatives in established power-structures gives male candidates an advantage. Why? It is because voters which are conservative voters often feel it is more “appropriate” for a man to be in power.

  • Question: The sum of the habits, patterns, traditions, values, beliefs, and attitudes about politics that are so broadly held in a community that people rarely even question if they are correct or not is known as …

Answer: political culture

  • Question: The political culture of Texas which is dominant can be best described as ….

Answer: a mix of traditional, individualistic, and moralistic conservative attitudes.

  • Question: The following is NOT a factor mentioned in the lesson that might affect Texas political culture over time. Which one of them?

Answer: resurgence of the religious right

  • Question: Altering the phrasing of a question from “school vouchers” to “redirect state tax revenue to be able to assist parents pay private school costs” does not have influence on the answers to the questions.

Answer: False

  • Question: The culture of a lot of western states combines moralistic roots with … .

Answer: frontier spirit

  • Question: Balancing the value of hierarchy and order with individual freedom and success is best exemplified by the .. culture.

Answer: Traditionalistic/Individualistic

  • Question: What are political opinions?

Answer: They are normative statements, policy preferences, and your positions on “Big Questions”

  • Question: When did the conservative moralistic political culture in Texas?

Answer: It started when evangelical Christianity obtained favor in many of the mainline denominations in Texas in the late 20th century.

  •  Question: Based on the lesson, what percent of Texas Republicans support the idea of school vouchers?

Answer: It is 61%.

  • Question: school choice proponents argue that it will encourage …

Answer: competition

  • Question: What states do see government as a utilitarian requirement?

Answer: Individualistic

Higher Education in Texas

In question number one, you are able to see that the question is about higher education in Texas. Higher education system in Texas is composed of 268 colleges and universities. From them, there are 107 public institutions, 73 nonprofit private schools and 88 for-profit private institutions. The decisions of higher education policy are able to affect access to college, the retention of students and the eventual completion of their degrees, student rights on campus, the financial burden of students in the form of debt, and their employment prospects after graduation.

The policy of higher education refers to the decisions which are made by the federal government, higher education boards, state legislatures, and colleges and universities themselves. These decisions will be able to give effect to how state funding is allocated, campus resources available for academically struggling students, who sets tuition and at what level, degrees and programs offered, and state financial aid eligibility and award amounts as some instances. The entities of higher education also ser policies which can manage campus environments like the prohibition or permission of guns on campus and rules regarding free speech and student protest.

There are four types of postsecondary educational institutions in the United States. Those are listed below.

  • Public two-year institutions. They are most commonly popular as community colleges which usually ‘award associate degrees in vocational fields and prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions. These schools are financed in large part with public funds and one of the examples of a two-year institution in Texas is Austin Community College District.
  • Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities. It awards baccalaureate and/ or graduate degrees. Traditionally, a difference has been made between colleges and universities with colleges awarding only four-year degrees and universities awarding both four-year and graduate-level degree. Two examples of public four-year institutions in Texas are South Texas College and Texas A & M University.
  • Private nonprofit institutions. It can vary dramatically in course offerings, size and mission. They do not get public funding directly, private nonprofit schools are financed mainly by tuition, gifts and endowments. The examples of private nonprofit institutions in Texas are Baylor University and North America University.
  • Private for-profit institutions. Usually, they specialize in vocational education. They are like their nonprofit counterparts where they do not get public funds. These universities which are mainly online usually serve older students and they try to endeavor to generate profits. Career Point College and Pima Medical Institute in Houston are the examples of these schools in Texas.

That’s a brief information about education in Texas. You are able to read more resources to get more information about it. As you may know that if we talk about politics, it is wide. It can include education, government, policy and many more. Another way that you can do to get knowledge or information is by answering quizzes as we show you in the upper part of this article. Actually, you are able to learn through the media. So, happy studying!

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