The Best Phlebotomy Certification Programs in 2022

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Contrary to the popular beliefs, there are a lot of jobs in the healthcare field and they do not only revolve around doctors and nurses. In fact, there are dozens of critically important jobs in hospitals, emergency rooms, and the other clinical settings to support doctors and nurses. One of them is a phlebotomist. Who is a phlebotomist?

In the healthcare field, a phlebotomist refers to the one that specializes in the practice of drawing blood for testing or donation called venipuncture. If you want to secure an entry level position in the medical field and develop the critical skills as an allied health professional, it might be the best option for you to take phlebotomy training.

For those who are planning to get the phlebotomy certification program in 2022 but have no idea which one to choose, below are the best ones:

Best overall: Phlebotomy Career Training

The Best Phlebotomy Certification Programs in 2022
A few offline and online phlebotomy training courses are offered by Phlebotomy Career Training. Not only that, it also offers combination certification programs that make it possible for the students to be certified phlebotomists and telemetrists, IV technicians and or certified medical assistants.

The reason why this program is best is because it is short and can help the students to prepare for an entry level job in the healthcare field.


  • There are online and in person class options offered by the program.
  • The placement assistance is offered.
  • The program is accredited by four third party organizations.
  • A few routes to certification are offered in order to accommodate students that have different backgrounds, schedules, and interests.


  • It is a bit hard to navigate the website.
  • Due to the combination course alternatives, students may find a hard time to choose.
  • The students are limited by the in person course option to Garden City, Michigan.

Best accelerated program: Chicago School of Phlebotomy

Best accelerated program Chicago School of Phlebotomy
A number of allied health education programs are offered by the Chicago School of Phlebotomy, including accelerated phlebotomy training and phlebotomy training. The accelerated one is considered as an intermediate course, which means it is a must for the students to have some prior clinical education or experience as it is intended to complete the current medical training that the student takes.

The reason why Chicago School of Phlebotomy is best is because it provides advanced clinical phlebotomy training and hands on experience in just 4 weeks.


  • There is a short course that is good for the students to build upon foundation phlebotomy practices.
  • It requires just 6 hours each week for 4 weeks.
  • Weekly payment plans are offered.


  • Prior clinical education or experience is required.
  • There is no online option available.
  • The clinical internship or externship is not included in the course.

Best intensive program: National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)

Best intensive program National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)
It is nearly impossible for people to find more intensive or comprehensive courses than the National Phlebotomy Association (NPA) training. This one offers a 26 week program with a 220 hour clinical externship. For those who are wondering about the tuition and fees, they add up to $1,670, as informed on the student handbook.

The reason why this program is best is because it is the most comprehensive training that is not associated with a university. Besides, it includes a 220 hour clinical externship.


  • The intensive curriculum that is offered is able to cover a lot of things, including history and chemistry of phlebotomy.
  • The clinical hands on externship is included in the curriculum.
  • Lab fees, textbooks, and board certifying fee are included in the tuition.


  • It is a must for the students to be able to attend classes that take place in Maryland.
  • Non-refundable application and registration fees totaling $200 are required.
  • The school is not available for the disabled students.

Best online option: American National University

Best online option American National University
Unlike most phlebotomy schools that do not offer online only training, American National University is different. This one managed to make a comprehensive phlebotomy and echocardiogram training so that the students are able to prepare for entry level jobs in the field of phlebotomy. It is a must for the prospective students to have gained at least an associate degree and a 2.5 GPA if they want to be admitted into the program.

The reason why American National University is best is that it offers a fully online phlebotomist and echocardiogram diploma program and two hybrid programs at the Kentucky.


  • It is a total online phlebotomy training that includes ECG training, an important skill for the entry level phlebotomists.
  • It is like a stepping stone to medical assisting associate‚Äôs degree at American National University.
  • The Distance Education Accrediting Commission, which is also more known as DEAC in short, is the one that accredits the online course.


  • There is a 36 credit hour course, which is longer compared to most of them.
  • Since not every course is offered every term, the certification may be delayed.
  • It is much more pricey compared to the other training programs that are included on this list.

Best value: Heart to Heart Healthcare Training

Best value Heart to Heart Healthcare Training
There is a blended format offered by the Heart to Heart Healthcare Training phlebotomy course. with it, the students will be able to attend some classes offline while some other can be completed online at their cozy beds. The offline classes include the ones in the labs that are located at the Ypsilanti or Essexville, Michigan. They need to go there for two hours, twice a week. As for the online coursework, it includes lectures, PowerPoints, homework, quizzes, and exams.

The reason why this program is best is that it has a blended format that covers everything that students have to know for just more than $1,000.


  • The tuition for a comprehensive eight week training is low.
  • It offers payment plans and financial assistance.
  • There is a blended format that allows for those who need flexible schedule.


  • It is a must for the students to attend labs at one of two campuses that are located in Michigan.
  • The cost of the national phlebotomist certifying exam is not included in the tuition.
  • A $300 registration deposit is required.

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