The Best Middle School in America

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Everyone wants the best school to study. If you are a student who just finished elementary school or if you are a parent with a child who is going to continue their study to the middle school, you might be in the middle of looking for the best school. Finding the school that is best for you or your child can be hard, especially when there is a lot of options. To help you in deciding which school to enter, here is the list of the best middle school in America (United States):

  1. Community Day Charter School

Community Day Charter School was built in 1995. This one was one of the first charter schools located in Massachusetts. Currently, there is grades K-3 until grades K-8. Everyone teams up to help every student in their academic life. They will help them to find out the issues if there is any and then try to find the way out. They want to make sure that the students can face the real life and can success one day. The students have a chance to extend the day and extend the year if they want to develop their skills or if they want to join in the extracurricular activities.

  1. Stowe Middle School

Stowe Middle School is located in Stowe, VT. This one is for grades 6 to 8. Everyone in the school is aware that academics are not enough and more things are needed. Every single student has to perform four hours of community service and many of them do service than is required. There are some personalized classes for those to build relationships with the other people, including their fellow students, the staff, and the faculty.

In the school, there is not only the regular library but also the online free one. With the online library, the students are able to find books and they are also able to get the newest information. Not only that, there is also a newspaper for the parents that will suggest them on things that are able to help their kids to success in every aspect.

  1. Minnesota Math and Science Academy

Minnesota Math and Science Academy is described as a charter school. This one offers an intensive program in math and science. In addition, it also offers the courses in humanities, arts, and foreign languages.

Everyone loves this school as not only it offers a lot of things but also it is tuition free. However, there is still a competition as the students have to apply if they want to get accepted and the space is limited. In case the applications are more than openings, the result will depend on the lottery. There is a waiting list for those who are not lucky enough. As a school with tuition free, all the students and parents are welcomed to become volunteers at the school.

Even though there is no tuition, Minnesota Math and Science Academy is still one of the most interesting schools. This school offers a lot of extracurricular activities such as Clay Target League, Nordic skiing, Lego Robotics, FIRST robotics, and some other artistic, athletic, and academic activities.

  1. Challenge Magnet School-Cherry Creek School District No. 5

Challenge Magnet School-Cherry Creek School District No. 5 is located in the greater Denver area. This one is owned by the Cherry Creek School District No.5. It is known as a K-8 school. What set this school from the other ones is the existence of some classes, which are also called Connections classes. For those who have no idea, these classes are based on needs and not on age or grade. The ones that attend the Connections classes and multi age groups. There are also mini courses that are intended for enrichment and these courses allow the students to reach their personal interests.

  1. Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva

New Jersey has some of the best public and private schools when it comes to the performance in science, math, and reading. These schools always rank in the top 10 nationally. One of these schools is called Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva, which is also known as RPRY in short. This one is a K-8 Orthodox Jewish private school. As an Orthodox Jewish school, it teaches Judaism and Jewish history. In addition to that, it does not forget to also follow the New Jersey guidelines for academics.

Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva has students at all learning levels, which is different compared to some private schools that usually only cater to above average students. The school teams up with in order to train and prepare teachers to teach students of all learning variations, ranging from remedial to advanced.

There are some extracurricular programs offered by the schools to the students who are interested in social, religious, athletic, academic, and for those who are preparing to success in life. Besides, there are some online courses for distance learning, which are especially helpful in this current pandemic.

  1. Harmon Middle School

There are 705 students in Harmon Middle School from grades 6 to grades 8. The athletic department of the school offers participation in 20 sports, including cheerleading. In this school, there is a P.R.I.D.E program with the aim to evaluate the effort of the students and citizenship. It is a must for the students to get verification of one hour of community service. Their jobs include helping a faculty member and completing all assignments.

  1. Falmouth Middle School

Falmouth Middle School is counted as a public school. A curriculum in world languages, social studies, math, English/language arts is offered in this school. Apart from that, there are also health, art, physical education, and some different kinds of music classes for the students. For those who love sports, they can join in swimming, hockey, football, lacrosse, volleyball, or some other sport teams. If they are looking for something that is fun, they might also be interested in joining snow shoeing, sledding, snow sculpture, Nordic skiing, relay race, ping pong, and so on.

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