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You may have an assignment to find the synonym of the word ‘sustain’. However, do you know that this word has a number of synonyms? You are able to see the list of ‘sustain’ synonyms below according to some online sources.

According to, here is the list of ‘sustain’ synonyms.











































Go for

Keep alive

Keep from falling

Keep going

Lend a hand

Provide for

Shore up

Stand by

Stick up for

According to the, here are the meanings and is also the list of ‘sustain’ synonyms.

  • Sustain means to supply with nourishment.
    For example: a granola bar should sustain you long enough to last until lunch.
    Synonyms for sustain: nourish, nurture
    Words related to sustain:
    sate, satiate, satisfy
    nurse, suckle
    cloy, fill, surfeit
    fortify, replenish, strengthen
    board, cater, provision, victual
  • Sustain means to come to a knowledge of (something) by living through it.
    For example: I sustained serious injuries in the car crash.
    Synonyms for sustain: endure, experience, feel, have, know, pass, see, suffer, taste, undergo, witness
    Words related to sustain:
    encounter, meet
    accept, receive
    assimilate, digest
    Phrases synonymous with sustain: go through
  • Sustain means to put up with (something painful or difficult)
    For example: I won’t sustain such insolence!
    Synonym for sustain: abide, absorb, accept, bear, bide [chiefly dialect], brook, countenance, endure, go, hack, handle, meet, pocket, stand, stick out, stomach, support, sweat out, take, tolerate, wear [British]
    Words related to sustain:
    allow, permit, suffer, swallow
    reconcile (to)
    acquiesce, agree (with or to), assent (to), capitulate, consent (to), respect, submit (to), yield (to)
    Phrases synonymous with sustain: live with, lump (it), stand for, tough it out.
    Near Antonyms for sustain:
    decline, dismiss, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, turn down
    combat, contest, fight, oppose, resist
    avoid, bypass, circumvent, dodge, elude, escape, evade, miss
    abstain (from), forbear, refrain (from)
  • Sustain means to hold up or serve as a foundation for
    For example: that old chair won’t sustain your weight.
    Synonyms for sustain: bear, bolster, brace, buttress, carry, prop (up), shore (up), stay, support, undergird, underpin, uphold.
    Words related to sustain: steady, truss, underlie

According to, here are the meanings and synonyms of ‘sustain’ in British English in American English.

British English

  • As a verb, sustain means maintain.
    The definition is to maintain or continue for a period of time.
    For example: he has sustained his fierce social conscience.
    Synonyms: maintain, continue, keep up, prolong, keep going, keep alive, protract.
  • As a verb, sustain means suffer.
    The definition is to suffer (an injury or loss).
    For example: every aircraft in there has sustained some damage.
    Synonyms: suffer, experience, undergo, feel, bear, endure, withstand, bear up under.
  • As a verb, sustain means help.
    The definition is to keep up the strength or energy of (someone).
    For example: I am sustained by letters of support.
    Synonyms: help, aid, comfort, foster, assist, relieve, nurture.
  • As a verb, sustain means keep alive.
    The definition is to keep up the strength or energy of (someone).
    For example: not enough food to sustain a mouse.
    Synonyms: keep alive, nourish, provide for.
  • As a verb, sustain means support.
    The definition is to support (something) from below.
    For example: The magnets have lost the capacity to sustain the weight.
    Synonyms: support, carry, bear, keep up, uphold, keep from falling.
  • As a verb, sustain means uphold.
    The definition is to support or agree with (a decision or statement).
    For example: The court sustained his objection.
    Synonyms: uphold, confirm, endorse, approve, ratify, verify, validate.

There are also some additional synonyms of sustain according to as you are able to see below.

  • Sustain means aid.
    The definition is to help financially or in other ways.
    For example: A software system to aid managers in decision-making.
    Synonyms: help, second, support, serve, sustain, assist, relieve, avail, subsidize, abet, succour, be of service to, lend a hand to, give a leg up to (informal).
  • Sustain means approve.
    The definition is to authorize or agree to.
    For example: MPs approved the bill by a majority of 97.
    Synonyms: agree to, second, allow, pass, accept, confirm, recommend, permit, sanction, advocate, bless, endorse, uphold, mandate, authorize, ratify, go along with, subscribe to, consent to, buy into (informal), validate, countenance, rubber stamp, accede to, give the go-ahead to (informal), give the green light to, assent to, concur in, greenlight, O.K. or okay (informal).
  • Sustain means assist.
    The definition is a chemical that assists in the manufacture of proteins.
    Synonyms: facilitate, help, further, serve, aid, forward, promote, boost, ease, sustain, reinforce, speed up, pave the way for, make easy, expedite, oil the wheels, smooth the path of, assist the progress of.

And here are the synonyms of sustain in American English according to the

  • As a verb, sustain means maintain.
    Synonyms: maintain, continue, keep up, prolong, protract.
  • As a verb, sustain means keep alive.
    Synonyms: keep alive, aid, assist, help, nourish.
  • As a verb, sustain means withstand.
    Synonyms: withstand, bear, endure, experience, feel, suffer, undergo.
  • As a verb, sustain means support.
    Synonyms: support, bear, uphold.

The Antonyms of Sustain

According to, here is the list of sustain antonyms.

Harm, Hinder, Hurt, Obstruct, Stop, Abbreviate, Condemn, Contradict, Deny, Deprive, Disagree, Disapprove, Discourage, Disprove, Hold, Ignore, Injure, Invalidate, Keep, Let down, Let go, Maintain, Neglect, Oppose, Refuse, Reject, Shorten, Starve, Take, Trouble, Veto, Weaken, Abstain, Discontinue, Halt.

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