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IVC refers to Irvine Valley College as a community college in Irvine, California. Indeed, it is part of the California Community Colleges system which was opened in 1979 as Saddleback College North Campus. Moreover, Irvine Valley College accepted its current name and independent status in July 1985.

Irvine Valley College definitely combines a small-college environment with more than 60 acres of modern facilities and equipment. The college absolutely has dedicated staff and an excellent faculty who combine the knowledge and experience with a sincere commitment to learning.

This college also offers day and evening class either on campus or online. The community of this college includes authors, scientists, professional musicians, Fulbright scholars and entrepreneurs who are accessible and student-focused.

Irvine Valley College Academic

Here are some academic program that you can find at IVC:

Academic Resources

  • Academic Calendar
  • Library
  • Class Schedule
  • Course Catalog
  • Final Exam Schedule
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Student Success @ IVC
  • Faculty Websites
  • Gainful Employment Disclosures
  • Office of Instruction
  • Professional Development Week Schedule

Academic Schools

  • The Arts
  • Business Sciences
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Humanities
  • Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation
  • Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
  • Languages and Learning Resources
  • Life Sciences and Technologies
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physical Sciences and Technologies
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

Academic Programs

  • Career Education
  • Community Education
  • Distance (Online) Education
  • Emeritus Education
  • Early College Program
  • Guided Pathways
  • Honors Program
  • Economic & Workforce Development

Learning Centers

  • Adult ESL Center
  • Language Acquisition Center
  • CAANAPI Learning Center
  • Math Center
  • Student Success Center
  • Testing Center
  • Writing Center

How to Sign into IVC Student Portal?

Of course, if you are a student of Irvine Valley College, you have already registered to this college and have an account that you can use to access the IVC student portal. It means that to be able to access the IVC student portal, make sure that you already have an IVC account.

Of course, to sign into IVC student portal, at least you have to know the official site of IVC. So, follow our steps below to sign into IVC student portal:

  • First, go to the official site of IVC at
  • Then, at the homepage, you need to find the Sign In button at the top left of the screen.
  • Once you find it, you need to click it.
  • You will be automatically directed into the Sign In page.
  • There, you have to enter your username/email and password as you have when you registered at this college.
  • After you fill in the username and password, you have to click the Sign In button.
  • Your login is successful when the screen opens showing many things related to the student’s needs.

Once you access the IVC student portal, you will automatically get any information that you need as a IVC student. Generally, the information which shows at the student portal including your score in daily tests, weekly tests and monthly tests, know your grades, get your college’s tasks, view some events that will happen at your college and many more.

When you want to access IVC student portal, keep in mind that you already have your username and password signed at your college. If you forgot, you can contact your college support team to get access.

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