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Headquartered in El Monte, California, the El Monte Union High School District (EMUHSD) provides educational programs for more than 10,000 students in grades 9 to 12. This public high school district is seemingly to empower and motivate the students to be resilient, college and career-ready.

EMUHSD provides Synergy Student Learning Portals, so they can get any important information within. Each high school included into EMUHSD totally has the same portal link to login. So, where to access the Student Portal EMUHSD? Thankfully, this post will give you a EMUHSD student portal link to access in our post below!

Accessing EMUHSD Student Portal, Here’s the Guide!

The EMUHSD student portal login can be accessed at

To access the EMUHSD student portal, you need to enter your 6-digit EMUHSD ID number. Aside from using your EMUHSD ID number, you can also use Google email credentials issued by the El Monte Union High School District. Moreover, your Google credentials will have your Google account; email and password. So, please don’t change the password.

The point is, you can access the EMUHSD student portal with two alternative ways:

  1. With EMUHSD ID: You will need an EMUHSD ID number to access the EMUHSD Student portal with your ID.
  2. Google Credentials: You will need your email and password to access the EMUHSD student portal.

The EMUHSD also provides a portal to login without being registered or signing in. However the registered users will have access to additional features and also any other information. To login, make sure to remember your password in case-sensitive.

The Portal can be accessed Here. Certainly, you need to enter your username and password in the available bar. If you have forgotten your credentials, you need to contact your site administrator to ask for asking help so that your account is not locked.

Student Portal EMUHSD

If you forget your password, you can reset it through this page. On this page, you need to enter your username and click ‘Submit’. After that, a link to reset your password will be sent to take you into the email address listed in your user account.

If you do not have an email address which is listed in your account, or if you have forgotten your username, you need to contact your site administrator.

Are You Receiving an Error Message?

If you receive any informational errors in the system, keep in mind that the new Synergy Portal of EMUHSD is new to students and also the staff. So, if you get any problem with what you are finding in your grade book, you need to notify your class teacher directly.

If the information related to the student parent contacts, phone numbers, addresses or also emergency contacts is out of date, certainly the information will be updated during the annual online registration process in late July. In addition to this, you can also inform your school staff of the immediate changes required.

Well, if you need any additional information, please ask questions to your school staff for support on their Synergy Portals. Then, if you are getting a logging issue into your account or with the mobile apps, you need to access

Last, if you have been facing an issue once reviewing the provided material, you need to contact the district helpdesk at and they will respond to you quickly.

About EMUHSD Synergy Student Learning Portals

With a new fully integrated Student Information System (SIS) titled Synergy, the students will have access through online web portals and also mobile apps called StudentVUE and ParentVUE. They will use a single sign-on username/ password of their choosing in order to access all of the information associated with school, throughout the entire district.

Well, the students can simply log into the ‘Synergy’ system using their school-provided Google email and password. In this case, the StudentVUE will provide inviting new access to assist them stay informed and connected to get any important information and their academic experience at EMUHSD.

Here are some features available on the StudentVUE and ParentVUE:

  • Single sign-on access

With the simple, single sign-in access, it will allow access to all children which are associated with that guardian and parent, throughout the district in any grade or school.

  • Big picture information

With the Synergy system, the students will be able to view attendance, transcripts, immunization compliance, graduation status and many more.

  • Update Information

The Synergy system allows the students and parents to update their important information such as phone number, physician and emergency contacts.

  • Grades and assignments

The students can easily track their academic progress. They can also know when assignments have been given and are due.

  • Class website access

The students can get website access integrated with Google Classroom to sync assignment information to a class website.

  • Stay connected with teacher

The students will be able to communicate with teachers through email or integrated Synergy mail.

  • Web portal and mobile apps

The ‘Synergy’ system also provides easy access both on web portals and mobile apps from anywhere and anytime.

How to Access EMUHSD ‘Synergy’  Portals?

As we have mentioned, to access the synergy learning portals, there are two options available; through websites and through mobile apps. Here’s for detail:

  • Access the Synergy portal through website

If you want to access the EMUHSD Synergy student learning portal through the website, please click the link Of course, to access it, the student should use their Google username and district password.

  • Access the Synergy portal through mobile apps

The Synergy Portal app is available in iOS and Android. Download the apps for Android here and for iOS here.

Then, once installing this app and launching it for the first time, you will be required to provide a local zip code and also the local Synergy School Districts. Then, you need to choose ‘El Monte Union High School District’ from the list.

Afterwards, you will be asked to use an activation key. Then, choose the ‘Already activated’ option. Just like through the website, to access the Synergy student portal on mobile apps, you can also use your Google username and district password.

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