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If you are a student of Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), you may wonder where to login to the student portal of this school district. This information is important because you will have to access it to check your assignments, grades and many things.

Student Portal of EGUSD

The Student Portal of EGUSD can be accessed through this link here. After you click on this link, then you will be taken to the StudentVUE Account Access page where you have to enter your username and password. After entering username and password, you have to hit the Login button.

Student Portal EGUSD1

Make sure that you know your username and password that you will use for logging in. If not, you are able to contact your school for getting your account details.

For your information, the District decided to move to a new fully integrated Student Information System (SIS) where its name is Synergy by Edupoint. This system substituted the previous Student Information System (SISWeb) and School Loop in EGUSD. In Synergy, you are provided with access to parents and students. With Synergy, to be able to access all of the information of parents’ children regardless of school, parents or guardians use a single sign-on.

For parents, you are able to access the portal by using ParentVUE through this link here.

Parents Portal of EGUSD

For parents, you are also able to access EGUSD and there is a parents portal which can be accessed through this link here. After you access this link,  then you have to enter your username and password and then hit the Login button.

Here are a number of features of the ParentVUE Portal of EGUSD.

  • Single Sign-On

It means that it is one login for each parent where it permits you to access all children associated with that parent or guardian, across the District in any grade or school.

  • Big Picture Information

It means that you will have the ability to view attendance, immunization compliance, graduation status, transcripts and more.

  • Ability to Update Information

It means that you can have access to emergency contacts, physicians and phone numbers.

  • Grades and Assignments

You are able to check whether your children are on track academically and know when assignments have been given and are due.

  • Class Website Access

It means that you will keep up to date on what is happening in the classroom of your children.

  • Ability to Stay Connected with Teachers

It means that you are able to communicate with teachers in Synergy or through email.

  • Web Portal and Mobile App

It means that you can have easy access from anywhere and anytime.

  • Synergy Mail

It is possible for school staff, students and parents to communicate with each other in Synergy.

As parents of an EGUSD student, it is important for you to know that you will have to register for a ParentVUE account by using an activation code and instructions available at each school. You are able to read the instructions about how to register and update information in the system on the activation code handout. What do we have to do if we lose our activation code? If so, you are able to contact the school of your child.

In the list below, there are several important things to know about the ParentVUE Portal of EGUSD.

  • You have to go to the school of your child to get the information necessary to create a ParentVUE account. It is done to make sure that the information of your child is secure. So, it has to be an in-person transaction.
  • If you never got around to activating your ParentVUE account last school year, you need a new activation code because the code has expiration dates. So, you have to visit the front office of your child’s school to get a new code.
  • If you used ParentVUE last year, you do not need a new activation code for this school year. It is because your account stays active from year to year.
  • You are able to use the same login for all your children enrolled in Elk Grove Unified Schools because your ParentVUE login gives you access to information on all your children who are enrolled at Elk Grove Unified Schools.
  • What should we do if we have multiple children attending EGUSD schools, but we are only seeing some of them in ParentVUE? If so, it can be an indication of a duplicate parent record for you in the system such as your name may be spelled differently and many more. So, the thing that you have to do is to contact your child’s school where the child you cannot see in ParentVUE to correct this problem.
  • If you think that you are able to login to ParentVUE with your email, you need to know that your email will only work as the ParentVUE User ID if it was inserted as the User ID when ParentVUE registration was being done.
  • If you forget your ParentVUE password, the More Options tab under the blue login button that you can find on the EGUSD ParentVUE login page must be clicked. You have to choose Forgot Password and then enter your main email address or username. Then, you will get an email where it contains a link to change your password. If you have lost access to the main email account, then the thing that you have to do is to go to your child’s school and get a new activation code. If needed, the school can also look up your account user ID.
  • If you forget your password and click on the Forgot Password, you will be sent an email as explained above. The email will come from So, you have to make sure that it has not been blocked or categorized as spam from your personal email provider.
  • When you click on Forgot Password in ParentVUE and then you see that you never received an email response, the thing that you have to do is to check to make sure that you are utilizing the main email account that you used when you activate your ParentVUE account. Then, for  accessing your EGUSD ParentVUE account, you have to access the Elk Grove Unified School District ParentVUE portal.

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