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CUSD (Clovis Unified School District) is public school which is located in Clovis, California. It consist 43 schools that serve a student population of almost 40,000 students in a geographic area covering about 198 sq mi (510 km2). The district includes almost all of the City of Clovis along with a portion of the City of Fresno, extending to the community of Friant and some of unincorporated eastern Fresno County.

Based on the research, it is one of the few non-union school districts in California. The elementary schools that make up this district include Dry Creek Elementary, Century Elementary, Cole Elementary, Garfield Elementary, Woods Elementary, Tarpey Elementary, and many more. The Middle Schools that make up CUSD (Clovis Unified School District) include Granite Ridge Intermediate, Kastner Intermediate, Clark Intermediate, Reyburn Intermediate and Alta Sierra Intermediate. The High Schools that make up this district include Clovis West, Clovis North, Clovis High, Clovis East, and Buchanan.

Same with other school, CUSD (Clovis Unified School District) also has a Student Portal where the students can see their assignments, grades, attendance,and other information related to the school. Now, let us talk about Student Portal CUSD.


On the Student Connection portal, you as the student will be able to enjoy seeing their information and learn from it. If you have any questions about your grades or assignments, you are able to contact your teacher. To login Student Connection, you need to submit your ID. After that, you need to submit your password. Please make sure that you submit your ID and password correctly so that you are able to login successfully. The last step, you only need to click at Log In button.

If you forget your password, you do not worry as you are able to fix it. For this case, simply you are able to click at “Forget your password” link. By clicking that link, you will be taken to the page where you will be able to fix your problem. After click at “Forget your password” link, you will be asked to submit your email address. Now, you have to submit your email address properly. Then, your Password will be emailed to you soon. But, if you are still having problems logging in, you have to contact your school for additional assistance. Remember that information sent through email is not protected from interception by other parties. We suggest you after you login successfully, you should click on the ‘Account’ link and change your password.

Besides Student Connection Portal, there is also Parent Connection Portal. If you are a parent, you will be able to view your student(s) information. Of course, you are able to communicate with teachers and staff through the email links throughout this application for free. On the Parent Connection Portal, you will be able to update student, parent and emergency contact phone as well email address at any time by clicking on the ‘My Information’, ‘Contact Update’ link at the top of the page.

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