Student Loan Forgiveness Program

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The federal government student loan forgiveness means that you are no longer required to repay some or all of your loan. For those who are confused between forgiveness, cancellation, and discharge, all of them mean the same thing. The word forgiveness or cancellation is used if you are no longer required to make payments on your loans due to your job. If you cannot pay for it due to the other circumstances such as a total and permanent disability or the closure of the school, it is called discharge.

When can you get the department of education loan forgiveness? According to the official website of Student Aid, you have to repay your loans even of you do not complete your education, cannot find a job related to your program of study, or are not happy with the education you paid for with your loan. In this case, you are not allowed to claim that you have to responsibility for repaying your loan because you are under age of 18 when you signed for your loan. However, there are several circumstance such as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How do you apply to join student loan forgiveness program 2018? First of all, you have to contact your loan servicer if you think you qualify. For those who have a Perkins Loan, you have to contact the school that made the loan or the loan servicer the school has designated.

So, who is eligible for student loan forgiveness? Everyone have to meet the basic requirements to qualify for student loan forgiveness. However, some additional eligibility requirements apply for some people and some situations. The common eligibility needs include that you have financial need. Aside from that, you must be one of the US citizens or eligible non citizen, be enrolled in the eligible degree or certificate program at your college or career school, and more. please keep in mind that you might lose federal student aid eligibility in a number of ways. Some of the common ones are that you are in default on the federal student loan, do not maintain satisfactory academic progress in college or career school, or are convicted of a drug offence.

As you know, you will no longer obligated to make loan payments if your application is approved. If you qualify for forgiveness of only a portion of your loan, it means that you are responsible for repaying the remaining balance. For some cases, you may also get the refund of some or all of the payments you made on the loan, and any adverse information related to your delinquency or default one may be deleted from your credit record. As the contrary, you will remain responsible for repaying your loan according to the terms of the promissory note that you signed if your application is denied. If you think that your application was denied in error, then you can try to contact your loan servicer for more information. It is the best option that you have.

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