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The STAAR is known as a series of standardized tests which are used in Texas Public primary and also secondary schools. This test is to assess a student’s achievement and knowledge that they learn in the grade level.

These series of tests focus on testing curriculum  taught from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills which in its turn will be taught by public schools. The system of the test was initially developed by Pearson Education every school year. Even though, under the close supervision of the Texas Education Agency, the recent Pearson’s contract gave the Educational Testing Service a role of creating some tests.

Through the STAAR, every student will have their own score. So, they will know their ability level. In other words, the STAAR really helps the student to improve their skills and gives a way for parents to control their child’s score. Well, to know your score, you need to login first, let’s find the link portal login in our post below!

Accessing STAAR Student Portal, Here’s the Guide!

Both parents of students can access the STAAR login at

After clicking the link, you will be required to enter a 6-character Unique Access code and your birthdate which appears on your most recent STAAR Report card. Of course, the Unique code here should be entered correctly as it appears. Then, click the ‘Go’ button to continue.

Where to find your access code? To find a six-character unique access code, you need to visit After that, you will locate your unique access code in the monitor to the left. Then, you can enter the unique code and click on the button to login and find any information.

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How to find your Unique Access Code? You can also look up your unique access code through this page. On this page, you need to enter your first name, SSN or S-Number and your date of birth. Then, click the ‘Go’ button.  By clicking on the ‘Go’ button, a new window will appear and show your Unique Access Code.

If you do not find your Unique Access code, or don’t have a Unique Access code or also a copy of your STAAR report card, certainly you need to contact your local school for assistance.

What is an S-number? This is a state-approved alternate ID number which is assigned to a child either the parent chooses to not release a Social Security number or as a Social Security number is not available.

How to View Your STAAR Score?

After you’ve passed a series of tests with STAAR, you may want to know your score to be your reference to improve your learning method. No worries! Accessing your STAAR scores is pretty easy to do. So, let’s follow multiple steps to view your STAAR score below!

  • First, go to
  • After accessing the link, you will see a window which prompts you to enter your Unique Student Access code and birthdate.
  • If you already have your Unique Access code, you can then enter the code and yoru birthdate. Then, click on the ‘log in to student portal’ button to see your scores.
  • Otherwise, if you do not have your Unique Access code, you can click on the ‘Find My Unique Student Code’ link.
  • By clicking that link, you need to enter your first name, SSN or S-Number and your date of birth. Then, click on the ‘Go’ button.  By clicking on the ‘Go’ button, a new window will appear and show your Unique Access Code.
  • Well, your Unique Access code will appear in the code field with a message that says ‘Access Code Lookup Successful’.
  • Here, you need to click on the blue ‘ Go’ button again to view your score.
  • Ensure to write down your Unique access code for following use. However, the code will be great, as long as you attend a public school in Texas.

Here’s for the example of STAAR score:

Info Test Date Scale Score Performance Level
Algebra I August 17, 2021 4248 Meets
Biology August 17, 2021 6203 Masters
English I 0 August 17, 2021 3657 Did Not Meet
U.S. History 0 August 17, 2021 4337 Meets

STAAR Help Desk

If you have any questions about STAAR, it’s better for you to find Q&A or Help Desk. This section commonly will provide a bunch of questions and the answers related to what many people are asking about. So, that’s not wrong if you access the Help Desk page to find out the information related to the STAAR.

Thankfully, this post will show you STAAR Help Desk which provides a number of questions to make it easy to get problem solvings. Here are they:

  • Readiness Standard

You may find the term of readiness standards in STARR. Well, it can be defined as the student expectations which are not only important for success in the current grade or course. However, it is also essential for preparedness in the next grade or course.

  • General Testing Requirements

You may also wonder what the requirements for testing are. Well, in some cases, the students who are in grades 3-8 should be tested at their enrolled grade level. However, this level  will be a requirement for Texas Education Code (TEC).

Then, how about testing requirements for the students who receive instructions in subjects? In this case, if an assessment exists, the students have to take STAAR assessments for the subjects where they receive the instruction.

For example, if the students are in grade 7 and receive instruction in grade 8 science, they will take the STAAR grade 8 science assessment and the STAAR grade 7.

  • Grades, Subjects and Courses

The STAAR assessments are basically administered for:

  1. Grades 3–8 mathematics
  2. Grades 3–8 reading
  3. Grades 4 and 7 writing
  4. Grades 5 and 8 science
  5. Grade 8 social studies
  6. Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History

Additionally, the district will choose to supervise the optional STAAR English III end-ofcourse(EOC) and  Algebra II assessments to the students.

Well, if you need more assistance, you can visit STAAR Help Desk here.

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