[SOLVED] Why is My Question Flagged on Course Hero

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When you ask a question in Course Hero, you may see your question flagged. Certainly, you may wonder what it means and why your question is flagged. That’s not without reason, meaning the system of Course Hero is running very well.

If you accidentally see your question flagged and don’t know what it means, you can dive into our post to find out the real answer. Here you go!

[SOLVED] Why is My Question Flagged on Course Hero

Why Is Your Question Flagged in Course Hero?

In Course Hero, there’s a great system called ‘Question Processor’. This works to provide a flagged question when the students have to resolve an issue with their tutor. Certainly, there are a bunch of reasons why your question is flagged in Course Hero, here are they:

  • The students need clarification as to why their questions  are not answered by the tutor.
  • There’s inappropriate or unprofessional behavior by the tutor.
  • Any other tutor disputes that require outside help

If you are a student and do not feel the answer given by the tutor, you can flag a Question Processor and also mark the answer as ‘unhelpful’. Certainly, this system will address the situation, even if it is excessive, the students cana cancel the answers given by a tutor.

For more information, Question Processors will monitor the tutor and question activity to make sure the quality and timeliness. As a Course Hero member, you are allowed to flag a Question Processor if you feel that a tutor cannot answer your question clearly and correctly.

Of course, the Question Processor will assist you resolve any problems with the tutor and make sure that your question will be answered by your dealline.

How to Cancel Your Question in Course Hero?

Furthermore, you can also cancel a question that you just have posted in Course Hero if you have not received an explanation for a long time. To cancel your question, you just simply do the following ways:

  • First, choose the ‘My Library’ option in your left-hand navigation panel.
  • Then, you can click the ‘My Questions’ tab.
  • You can go to the question that you would like to cancel. Then, click on the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Last, you can choose the reason for cancellation.

For some reason, Course Hero also needs to cancel a member’s question. It occurs when the member’s question cannot receive an answer, has received an inaccurate or unsatisfactory explanation or even has not received a response from a tutor or Question Processor. If it happens, the Course Hero members will be notified about the cancellation and then their question will be redeemed.

How if your question is sent back to you for revisions? If you receive your question that you have just posted and sent back to you, you may need to update your question by going back to the Question thread.

In the section, you need to follow the provided feedback comments on how to create suitable updates. However, this way is to ensure the student’s questions meet the Course Hero’s guidelines and Honor Code policies. Moreover, all submitted questions should go through their standard quality check before the students can receive the explanations from their tutors.

How to Ask a Question in Course Hero?

If you are a new member to Course Hero, you may don’t know how to ask a question. However, asking a question in Course Hero is very easy. Here’s how to ask a question in Course Hero!

  • First, you need to visit the ‘Course Hero 24/7 Homework Help’ page.
  • Once you are on the page, you will find the ‘ask a question’ dashboard.
  • On the question dashboard, you can type your question in the available box.
  • After typing your question on the text box, you must click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • In this step, you should choose the best subject related to your questions including Business, Science, Math, Engineering & Technology, Social Science, Arts & Humanities, etc.
  • When you choose the subject, you need to choose the proper one based on your question.
  • Once you choose the subject of your question, you need to enter the course code to match you with the best available tutor.
  • After entering the course code, click on the ‘Submit Question’ button.

If you successfully submit your question in Course Hero, you may need to wait about 3 days for tutors to respond and answer your question. If you need more information about asking the question in Course Hero, you may need to scroll down on the Course Hero24/7 Homework Help’ page to find out any tips and tricks for asking the question and finally obtain the sample questions.

If you have no available question, they will be charged to the credit card on file after your tutor’s explanation has been posted. Last but not least, you can also find and update your credit card information by going to your Account Settings.

How to Write A Good Question in Course Hero?

There’s the main reason why you should write a good question in Course Hero. However, when you write questions clearly and specifically, your tutor will easily answer your questions. There are some tips and tricks that you can take to write a good question, here are they:

  • Obey the Course Hero’s Honor code policy
  • Keep your instructors and your school’s academic integrity codes.
  • Make sure to write your question in your own words
  • Does not attach any copyright infringement.
  • Write your question clearly focusing on one single question and multiple questions as well as your questions should be contained within the same question.
  • Provide all of the relevant information to allow the tutor to get the best help with your question.
  • Shouldn’t include profanity or other inappropriate words/ phrases.

Can You Add A Course to Your Dashboard?

Adding a course to your dashboard is very necessary, as it allows you to get quick access to that course page and all of the courses related to study materials.

If you want to add a course to your study dashboard, you just simply log into Course Hero with your account. Then, you can click the ‘Add a Course’ button that can be found in the center of your study dashboard.

From there, you will be required to follow a series of steps to add the courses that you are currently enrolled in. After completing a course, you can archive it easily, so that your study dashboard will display only your current courses.

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