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Are you looking for information about the way to login to Smarty Ants as a teacher? If so, you are at the right place. From this page, you will be able to know the best way to get access to Smarty Ants teacher.

Log into Smarty Ants Teacher

There are some ways for a teacher to access the Smarty Ants login.

  • The teacher can access Smarty Ants from the Achieve 3000 link on the District site.
  • The teacher can access a link through the Achieve 3000 short-cut on the District device.
  • The teacher can open an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and type in the log-in web address.

Here are steps to login to Smarty Ants as a teacher:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to click the Smarty Ants login link for teachers:
  • Then, you will be bring to the page where you need to submit your username or email and password.
  • Now, you are able to submit your username or email. Make sure that you submit your username correctly.
  • After that, you are able to submit your password. Also, ensure that you submit your password correctly to make you login successfully.
  • The last step, you only need to click Login button.

Smarty Ants Teacher Login Information

As a teacher, you need to know that teachers login to Smarty Ants with their e-mail address.

  • Username:
  • Password: For a new teacher to the District, they can use the default password provided by campus administrator. For returning teacher, they have to use the password they created. If the teachers have forgotten their password, they can click the reset password link to reset their password for Smarty Ants.

Log in to Smarty Ants Student

In addition, we also want to share a way to log in to Smarty Ants as a student. Here are steps to do:

  • At the first step, students are able to click the Smarty Ants login link for Students:
  • After that, students will be bring to the page where they have to enter their username or email and password.
  • Next, students are able to enter their username or email. They have to ensure that they enter their username or email correctly.
  • Afterwards, students are able to enter your password. Also, they have to ensure that they enter their password correctly to make them login smoothly.
  • Lastly, just click the Enter button.

For note: The students can also save their password. So, they do not need to enter their password again in the future.

What is Smarty Ants?

Smarty Ants is an online reading program to help kids build their literacy. For your information, there are 3 levels to the program: PreK focuses on word sounds, fluency, prosody, blending, active listening, and comprehension. K-1 adds scaffolded story-building activities and the second Grade includes decoding practice and chapter book reading in fiction and science. As they play, kids select from among 10 or more games from the Activity Board. Then, they travel to different parts of the Reading World, like the Ant Gym to exercise their skills. The games are interspersed with story-building activities, mini-lessons, and other support or enrichment lessons.

A first assessment places the kids at the appropriate level to begin their program. Although the teachers are able to override this. After that, data on kids’ responses and behaviors in games, as well as throughout the website, are processed through an advanced adaptive system which constantly adjusts the learning material which comes next, as well as how much scaffolding the program provides.

How can I teach with this Smarty Ants platform?

This platform allows you track and monitor learning. Also, it give the freedom to set kids’ programs as you want. There are extra materials like interesting videos, story printouts, and fun songs. The teachers complete with related in-class activities to give kids context, as well as inspiration for the magic of reading. For example, as a teacher, you are able to ask kids make their own stories using the new skills they have picked up while exploring in Smarty Ants Reading World. Also, as a teacher, you are able to ask the kids review skills, or teach each other new ones. Since the kids can sign in at home, you will be able to help making the home-school connection by getting parents involved. Back at school, you will be able to make space to acknowledge kids’ accomplishments. Aside from that, you are able to ask kids print out the daily woof and share their success with their friends.

The teachers can sign up for a 30-day free trial before do a paid subscription. The options are available for home, home school, or classroom settings. From the teacher dashboard, you will be able to set up accounts for each student, monitor progress, and set students’ learning levels. Please ensure to take the advantage of some tips and supplemental teaching materials which are available on the website.

Is it good for learning?

The adaptability of Smarty Ants makes it a great option for mixed-level classes or a school wide program. It is specially designed to address the needs of diverse learners, especially RTI Tiers 1 and 2. This program ask the kids follow a sequence of lessons and activities which adapt as they go. The new readers may start off with letter sounds, while more advanced readers can practice word families. The kids get lots of support from the coach and his friends. The kids are able to select their own ant avatar and read “The Daily Woof” newspaper, all of which give great motivation.

Although fun overall, the games involve quite a bit of repetition and occasionally introduce explicit skills slowly. For kids who want to move faster, interest can wane. Because of this, the program can be best suited to help beginning or struggling readers. Aside from that, wait time for loading activities, sluggish game controls, and some off-track audio make some kids impatient. Nevertheless, this Smarty Ants platform offers the teachers and students a rich literacy program based on sound educational research.

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