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When you are new attending Assumption English School, you need to know the information about Student Learning Space (SLS). Well, in this article you are going to find some information about Student Learning Space (SLS) including how to login to SLS.

The Ministry of Education had announced that all students in Singapore schools are going to be supported in their learning by Student Learning Space (SLS). This is as part of its commitment to nurturing future-ready learners. This Student Learning Space (SLS) is an online learning platform which contains curriculum-aligned resources and the learning tools. If you are a new student of Assumption English School, you have to know that there are many things that you can do by using this Student Learning Space (SLS).

With this Student Learning Space (SLS), you are able to learn better through the use of technology. Then, you are able to learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace whether independently or with your peers. Besides that, the teachers are going also to use this Student Learning Space (SLS) to complement their classroom teaching and to get further enriching students learning experience. We believe that a learning experience is essential to help the child to become an active and confident user of technology.

So, how to login to Student Learning Space (SLS)? We are able to say that in logging Student Learning Space is very simple. To login to SLS, the first thing that you have to do is go to the page of Student Learning Space login. Then, there you are able to see that there are two columns which you have to fill out. At the first column, you have to enter your username. Then, at the second column, you have to enter your password. So, please enter your username and password correctly. After all is done, the next step which you have to do is you just need to click at login button. By clicking login button, then, you are able to access your Student Learning Space account.

In other case, if you cannot remember your password of Student Learning Space, you do not worry about that because it is going to be solved easily. For this case, you are able to click at the link ‘Forgot Password’. By clicking that link, then it is going to reset your password. Afterwards, you are going to be asked to enter your username. So, please enter your username to reset your password. The next step, you just need to click Submit button. We are sure that after you do this way, you are able to reset your password and back to login to your Student Learning Space account by using your new password. For your information, this Student Learning Space (SLS) is accessible through the internet browsers on Windows PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets which has screen size larger than 7 inches. So, before you want to use this Student Learning Space (SLS), you have to ensure that your device is support to access the Student Learning Space (SLS).

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