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Seterra is a map quiz game which is available online and as an app for iOS and Android. Using Seterra, quickly you are able to learn to locate countries, capitals, cities, lakes, rivers, and much more on a map.

Seterra Geography Games

Be a geography expert! Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that will give you access to over 400 customizable quizzes. Seterra will challenge you with quizzes about the countries, capitals, lakes, flags, oceans, and more. Also, it is available in more than 40 different languages.

Seterra Online Geography Games

Here is a list of Seterra online geography games:

North and Central America  

  • North and Central America: Countries
  • North And Central America: Country Outlines
  • North and Central America: Capitals
  • North America: Physical Features
  • North America: Lakes
  • North America: The Great Lakes
  • North and Central America: Flags
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) Teams
  • National Hockey League (NHL) Teams
  • Central America: Countries
  • Central America: Capitals
  • The Antilles: Islands
  • The Caribbean: Countries
  • The Caribbean: Countries and Territories
  • The Caribbean: Capitals
  • The Caribbean: Capitals of Countries and Territories
  • The Caribbean: Flags
  • The Caribbean: Flags of Countries and Territories
  • The U.S.: 50 States
  • The U.S.: 50 States (Cartoon Version)
  • The U.S.: State Abbreviations
  • The U.S.: States in the Midwest & the West
  • The U.S.: States in the South and the Northeast
  • The U.S.: Territories
  • The U.S.: 13 Colonies
  • The U.S.: State Capitals
  • The U.S.: State Capitals Quiz 1
  • The U.S.: State Capitals Quiz 2
  • The U.S.: Major Cities
  • The U.S.: Cities
  • The U.S.: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • The Contiguous U.S.: Rivers
  • The U.S.: 12 Landmarks
  • The U.S.: Geophysical Regions
  • The U.S.: State Flags
  • The U.S.: National Football League (NFL) Stadiums
  • The U.S.: National Football League (NFL) Teams
  • Canada: Cities
  • Canada: Province Capitals
  • Canada: Provinces and Territories
  • Mexico: Physical Features
  • Mexico: State Capitals
  • Mexico: States

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South America

  • South America: Countries
  • South America: Countries (Cartoon Version)
  • South America: Country Outlines
  • South America: Capitals
  • South America: Cities
  • South America: 12 Landmarks
  • Latin America: Countries
  • South America: Physical Features
  • South America: Flags
  • Argentina: Provinces
  • Brazil: Cities
  • Brazil: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Brazil: States
  • Chile: Regions

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  • Europe: Countries
  • Europe: Countries (Cartoon Version)
  • European Union: Countries
  • Europe: Capitals
  • Europe: Cities
  • Europe: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Europe: Physical Features
  • Europe: Bodies of Water
  • Europe: Mountain Ranges
  • Europe: Rivers
  • Europe: 12 Landmarks
  • Europe: Flags
  • Cold War Europe (1949-1989)
  • Europe 1939 (March-September)
  • Europe 1914
  • The Roman Empire 117 AD: Provinces and Client States
  • France: Cities
  • France: Regions
  • Germany: Cities
  • Germany: States (Bundesländer)
  • Ireland (Republic of): Counties
  • Ireland: Counties
  • Italy: Cities
  • Italy: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Italy: Regions
  • Poland: Cities
  • Poland: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Russia: Capitals of Federal Subjects
  • Russia: Cities
  • Russia: Federal Subjects
  • Spain: Autonomous Communities
  • Spain: Provinces
  • Switzerland: Cantons
  • UK and Neighbouring Areas: Physical Features
  • UK: British Overseas Territories
  • UK: Cities
  • UK: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • UK: England, County Flags
  • UK: England: Counties
  • UK: London Boroughs
  • UK: Northern Ireland: Local Government Districts
  • UK: Regions
  • UK: Scotland: Council Areas
  • UK: Wales: Principal Areas
  • Ukraine: Cities
  • Ukraine: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Ukraine: Physical Features
  • Ukraine: Regions

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  • Africa: Countries
  • Africa: Capitals
  • Africa: 12 Landmarks
  • Africa: Cities
  • Africa: Physical Features
  • Africa North Of the Equator: Countries
  • Africa South Of the Equator: Countries
  • Central Africa: Capitals
  • Central Africa: Countries
  • Eastern Africa: Capitals
  • Eastern Africa: Countries
  • Northern Africa: Capitals
  • Northern Africa: Countries
  • Southern Africa: Capitals
  • Southern Africa: Countries
  • Western Africa: Capitals
  • Western Africa: Countries
  • Africa: Flags
  • Egypt: Governorates
  • Ethiopia: Regional States and Chartered Cities
  • Libya: Districts
  • Nigeria: States
  • South Africa: Provinces

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  • Asia: Countries
  • Asia: Countries (Cartoon Version)
  • Asia: Capitals
  • Asia: Cities
  • Asia: Physical Features
  • South Asia: Countries
  • Southeast Asia: Cities
  • Southeast Asia: Countries
  • The Middle East: Cities
  • The Middle East: Countries
  • The Middle East: Physical Features
  • The Middle East and North Africa: Countries
  • Asia: 12 Landmarks
  • Asia: Flags
  • China: Cities
  • China: Cities in Mainland China
  • China: Province Capitals
  • China: Provinces
  • India: Cities
  • India: States and Union Territories
  • Indonesia: Provinces
  • Japan: Cities
  • Japan: Prefectural Capitals
  • Japan: Prefectures
  • Japan: Regions
  • South Korea: Provincial-Level Divisions

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  • Oceania: Countries
  • Oceania: Countries and Territories
  • Oceania: Capitals
  • Oceania: Capitals of Countries and Territories
  • Oceania: Flags
  • Oceania: Flags of Countries and Territories
  • Australia: Surrounding Countries
  • Australia: Capitals of States and Territories
  • Australia: States and Territories
  • Australia and New Zealand: Cities
  • Australia: Cities
  • Australia: Cities (Difficult Version)
  • Australia: New South Wales
  • Australia: Northern Territory
  • Australia: Queensland
  • Australia: Tasmania
  • Australia: Victoria
  • Australia: Western Australia
  • Australia: Physical Features
  • Fiji: Divisions and Dependencies
  • Fiji: Provinces and Dependencies
  • New Zealand: Cities
  • New Zealand: Regions
  • Solomon Islands: Provinces and Territories

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The World

  • World: Continents
  • World: Continents and Oceans
  • World: Continents and Oceans (Cartoon Version)
  • World: Physical Features
  • G20 Member Countries, Leaders
  • 30 Most Populous Countries
  • 30 Most Populous Countries, Capitals
  • 70 Most Populous Countries
  • 150 Largest Countries By Area
  • 150 Largest Countries By Area, Capitals
  • 193 United Nations Member States
  • 193 United Nations Member States, Capitals
  • French Speaking Countries
  • Spanish Speaking Countries
  • Spanish Speaking Countries: Capitals
  • World: Deserts
  • World: Disputed Areas and Breakaway Regions
  • World: Islands
  • World: Mountains and Volcanoes
  • World: Oceans, Seas and Lakes
  • World: Peninsulas
  • World: Rivers
  • World: 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version)
  • World: 25 Major Cities
  • World: 35 Major Cities
  • World: Flags
  • World: Flags (Difficult Version)
  • 193 United Nations Member States: Flags
  • World: Wonders and Landmarks
  • Antarctica: Physical Features
  • The Solar System: Planets

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Geography Basics

  • Latitudes and Longitudes
  • Layers of the Earth
  • Tectonic Plates
  • World: Landforms
  • Cardinal Directions: US States

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All games and printables on the site are free for anyone to use. If you want to experience the site without ads or define your custom locations on any of the maps, then you are able to pay a small monthly fee via

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