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Currently, you can improve your skills directly from a professional by learning through an online platform. MasterClass is one of online learning platforms that allows you to learn and practice with a professional. In MasterClass, you will learn through a series of videos regarding the skills you’re learning.

Serena Williams is one of the professional tennis players who will accompany you in MasterClass to increase your tennis skill. Before taking Serena Williams’ class in MasterClass, you may need to see some reviews regarding Serena Williams’ class on this platform. Okay, let’s see the Serena Williams MasterClass review below!

Serena Williams MasterClass Review


With Serena Williams, you will learn anything in MasterClass regardless of tennis, both theory and practice. It is known that Serena Williams is a renowned American tennis player who reached the top of the world ranking eight times between the year 2002 up to 2017.

As of July 2018, Serena reached the highest ranking on the 8th and has been #1 for 319 weeks where she took third place in the open era. She is also known for the most Grand Slam titles in mixed doubles, doubles and singles. In one year, she is also the youngest tennis player in the world to grab four Grand Slam.

In MasterClass, you will learn with Serena Williams through 10 video lessons with a total of 2 hours of run time. The length of the video is about 12 minutes on average. Aside from learning through videos, you will also learn through a 12 pages workbook that covers step-by-step how to practice and master the serve.

Serena Williams’ class in MasterClass is built around a conversational format. In her class, she will discuss a variety of aspects of her training in a free form manner.

With Serena Williams, you will find some real facts about her favourite exercises for honing her tennis skills and know her life lessons that made her the athlete she is today. Aside from that, you will also learn on how to master key tennis skills, how to maintain composure before and during an important match, how to read your opponent and set up winning shots and also how to incorporate advanced techniques into your game.

What Will You Learn in Serena Williams’ Class?

With a total of 10 video lessons and a 12 pages workbook, the Serena Williams’ lessons are divided into some sections. To make it easier for you to understand her lesson, we will show you Serena Williams’ lesson divided into some groups, here are they:

Lesson 1: Introduction

In this first lesson, you will get the information about how Serena increases her skill to prepare every champion. She will teach the students how to improve your game on and off the court.

Lesson 2, 3, 10: Racket Technique

Those sections will teach you the importance of a good groundstroke, the groundstroke footwork, practicing backhand and forehand shots, practice drills to take your serve to the next level and body mechanics of the serve. Those lessons are focused on basic and fundamental racket techniques.

You will learn the important form points to give an accurate and powerful groundstroke. In this section, you will also learn how to serve and how to master it.

Lesson 4 and 6: Court Technique

In those sections, you will learn about the different types of lobs and when to use them, approach shots, learn on how to set up winning shots and how to read your opponents and pick the right shot.

These lessons are focused on court technique and specific techniques as well as more on tips and strategies on how to outplay particular opponents in different game scenarios.

Lesson 5, 7, 8, 9: Tennis psychology

Those sections will teach how Serena structures her training camps, how to keep cool during a losing match, how to avoid burnout as an athlete and staying motivated during training.

Pros and Cons of Serena Williams’ Class gives you information regarding pros and cons of Serena Williams’ class. After the author took her class, there are some pros and cons of Serena William’s class, here are they:


  • Telling the unique insight into one of the world’s greatest tennis player’s methods.
  • Covering the topics often not seen in other sports courses.
  • The lessons on mindset and motivation which are transferable
  • Charismatic and engaging teaching


  • There are some techniques that could be expanded upon.
  • A few lessons felt unstructured.

What Do People Say About Serena Willaims’ Class in MasterClass?

As your reference, we will show you some people’s reviews regardless of Serena Williams’ class. We hope what people say will convince you either to choose Serena Williams’ class or not. Here they are:

There is an article showing the review of Serena Williams’ class in MasterClass. This review informs that Serena’s class actually includes many more sections that are very useful advice on how to increase your game. So far, Serena teaches briefly but clearly about the theory and practice, so people will understand a lot.

An article written by Vince talks about Serena’s class in MasterClass. The author informs you of some things available in Serena’s class, including 10 inspiring lessons, having direct access to downloaded class portfolio and also having access to a dedicated community of learners which usually comment and discuss things about courses.

There is an article that shows the review of Serena Williams’ class. This article said that her class is not simply visually appealing, but she teaches viewers how to incorporate some of her game into their own without any effort. So far, the author really loves how Serena teaches, as she shows her serve that can be one of her most valuable skills on the court.

Of course, this lesson does not do an excellent job of describing how to improve it. Serena does not also teach about the physical aspect of the game, but also covers the mental aspects. However, the mental game of tennis is just as important as the physical game, because it is a one-on-one match played in the ear.

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