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The Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS Army) will eventually replace some Army management information systems that have been old and outage. Its system is being developed using the SAP-ERP system and will be used across tactical logistics environments within the National Guard and the Army’s Active and Reserve components.

So, what is the SAP GCSS Army system? If you are still confused about its system, keep on this page, as we will show a little information about the SAP GCSS Army system through our post below!


What Is SAP GCSS Army?

In fact, the Army has invested in two enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems including GCSS-Army and LMP. Well, those systems are being developed with the SAP-ERP system. SAP is a German multinational software corporation. SAP also becomes a leader in the enterprise applications market.

The GCSS-Army performs based on the commercial best business practices and off-the-shelf (SAP) software. A web-based, state-of-the-art, logistic and finance system, GCSS Army will function as an automated combat enabler for soldiers.

The GCSS-Army system is also integrated with Department of Defense financial systems. It provides highly accurate cost management and financial visibility for tactical materiel and sustainment.

Moreover, the GCSS Army is used by the United States Department of Defense logistics specialists. This tool helps the specialists when they plan and also provide for material requirements for combat support.

GCSS Army really brings together property accountability functions and maintenance as well as their associated financial data. Furthermore, GCSS Army definitely integrates tons of local databases into a single enterprise-wide view.

Designed to help the users to easily track the status of parts orders, the GCSS ARMY has become one of the largest enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementations in the Defense Department with more than 160,000 users.

However, the GCSS Army aims to assist units anticipate, allocate and synchronize the movement of vital supplies and equipment to battle theatres. Moreover, the GCSS Army allows the commanders to accurately perform cost management, get financial visibility and also total cost ownership for tactical equipment.

It’s important to note, the GCSS Army cannot be accessed from a home network without a government computer with VPN. Sure, if you want to access the GCSS Army system, you should have either a. mil network.

Self-Registration for GCSS Army

The GCSS Army Self Registration aims to create a personnel record in the GCSS Army for all SCARNG personnel. However, the self registration is really required for all personnel whether to identify as a future GCSS-Army user or also equipment operator.

To self-register, the personnel will need the unit’s SAMS-E computer which has been setup in the same area. It aims for validating that the Soldier’s personal data in SAMS-E matches the date input into GCSS Army.

Here are some required fields for validating:

  • UIC: The Soldier’s SAMS-E data should be loaded in the UIC of Self-Registration.
  • Name: It requires Last name, First name, Middle initial and Suffix,
  • Birthdate
  • Personal Data: It requires weight, height, hair and eye color.

After all requirements are met, the personnel need to insert their Soldier’s CAC (Military, Civilian or Contractor) into a reader that is attached to the computer. Afterwards, you need to navigate to Well, you need to follow all steps on the following slides to complete Self-Registration.

Then, how to log into GCSS Army Portal login? After the users have registered with the GCSS Army through Self Registration, they can log into the GCSS Army through portal login. The portal login can be accessed at They also need to access the GCSS Army Portal Login using Internet Explorer.

After that, they need to click GCSS-Army Log-in shortcut or saved favorite. Then, click on the ‘Log In With CAC’ option. Moreover, they can also access the HTML GUI in the GCSS Army Portal if the Java Software is not loaded or if they cannot access the JAVA GUI.

How to log off? If the personnel want to log off, they can log off and close the browser screen or also click Log Off beside EUM+.

How If the Users Get Some Issues When Accessing the GCSS Army?

If the users are facing plenty of issues when accessing the GCSS Army, they will ask for help by accessing the Help Desk. However, the Help Desk can be accessed after the users have registered before. They will then be prompted to go to the web link and complete an initial registration form to get access to the GSCC Army.

Here’s a list of GCSS Help Desk:

Certainly, there are some things that you need to meet as a minimum when requesting Help Desk support through email and telephone:

  1. Put the subject

Make sure to always put ‘GCSS-Army’ as a subject in the Subject line if they submit incident reports through email. In this case, the Tier 1 will provide support to a variety of software applications next to GCSS-Army. Sure, it will assist to ensure the incident is forwarded to the correct Tier 2 Help Desk.

  1. Put the contact info

The users will need to put the contact info when submitting the incident. The contact info here could be UIC, Name, Phone #, AKO e-mail and/or alternate email address and Unit/Office.

  1. Description

The users who will submit the issues should provide a detailed description of the problem. They also need to include pertinent information like the Business Area that you’re working in including Property Book, Unit Supply, Plant Maintenance and more.

Aside from that, the users will need to identify the specific Function, Report or T-code that you are having the problem with. They also should include any other information which will assist the analyst duplicate the error and determine the cause.

Last but not least, the users may need to include any pertinent attachments and also screenshots. If they received an ‘Authorization’ related error while trying to execute a specific transaction, they need to type ‘/NSU53’ in the command line and then include the results as a screen capture/ attachment.

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