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In Royale High, you will find the rare accessories called Halos. They are hard to get and will be rewarded by chance or instances which are hard to get. Most Halos can be obtained from the fountain that is located in Divinia Park or an event map.

To get Halos, the players need to answer the questions correctly. However, halos will not be guaranteed, meaning you may either win diamonds, lost diamonds or win a random amount of XP or nothing. In other words, you will have a chance to get Halos, if you really answer the questions correctly.

So, are you looking for the answers to get Halos in Royale High? If so, you’re at the right page, as this post will give you a list of Royale High Halos answers 2021. Let’s find out the answers below!

Royale High Halo Answers 2021

Here’s a List of Royale High Halos Answers 2021!

Halos will be given to the Fountain Story Contests winners. The contests are held by Kateka22 for relevant contests for the Winter Halo 2020 and prior. Halos generally can be obtained from the Fountain. They can also be redeemed for 600,000 ‘Puppy Points’.

When you get a Halo from the fountain, you will also get a badge that corresponds to that halo. However, the badges that you received in previous and from Mermaid Halo 2020 will not appear in the player’s journal. Meanwhile, badges received from Halloween Halo 2020 will appear.

Well, we will show you a list of Royale High Halos Answers 2021 that we got from Here are they:

Summer Mermaid Halo Answers 2021

Here are all the correct fountain stories answers for the Mermaid Halo 2021:

Clues Answer
Sabrina Treasures D: Nothing (New)
Glass Bottle D: Ignore the bottle (New)
Piece of Paper A: Take the piece (New)
Evil Sea Witch B: Fight the sea (New)
Marina the mermaid, Marine life exploration D: Open Waters
Walk on the beach, Orange hermit Crab Options A: New Shell, or C: Find it a friend
Swimming at Beach House, Pathways in Cavern Options – A, B or C
Docks at earth, helping aquatic creatures A: Dolphins
Purple hair mermaid called Grimm C: Suggest to bake a cake
Botanical garden, Nymph voice, Water nymph C: The Mother Pearl
Sand Sculpture building contest B: Mermaid sculpture
Science class, enchanting aquatic people B: The Diamond Beach
Crab falls into hole, Summer sea treasure hunt A: Mermaid Lagoon
Relaxing at sunset island, Mina the mermaid B:  The Glimmering Crystal Reef
Golden hair Fairy C: Approach the Crowded field harboring picnic tables

Additionally, in order to get Summer Halo 2021, you need to head to the fountain in Divinia Park, then make a wish there. After that, you will be treated to a story and should pick the best possible answer out of four choices. Certainly, you need to pick the correct option that will net you a higher chance at winning a halo.

Spring Halo Answer 2021

Here are all the correct fountain stories for the Spring Halo Answers 2021:

Clues Answer
Flora the Fairy A
Cherry Blossoms D
A crossroad A
Mysterious woman story C
Delicate Flower Bed C
Red Rover Story B
Garden Club C
Flower Wreaths D
History Report Story B or C
Follow the bird C
Fountain Lady’s Quest D
A lone Bunny C
Magic Petals & Pollen A
Save a Flower D
Spring Maiden A
Suki Butterflies A

Lucky Halo Answers 2021

Here are all the correct fountain stories for the Lucky Halo Answers 2021:

Clues Answer
Detective Story C
Activity Stands A or C
Cupid’s Arrows A
Help a Butler A
Frosting Explosion B
Free Teddy B or D
Pastry Dessert B
Flower’s Nymph B or D
Princess Valerie / Dark Cupid C
Penguin & a Stone A
Toothpaste B
Buy something at the festival A or C
Crying Cupid C
Unicorn Horn A
Pick a Rose B
Busy Cupid C

Valentines Halo Answer 2021

Here are all the correct fountain stories for the Valentines Halo answer 2021:

Clues Answer
Crying Cupid Story C (helping Him)
Penguin Story A
Activity / Festival Stand Story A
Frosting Story C
4 roses on the table C
Sad Cupid (but not crying) C (Valentine Day gift)
Fall into the fountain A
Festival Tokens C

A Few Words about Halos

It’s important to note that the fountain-rewards halos can only be reached by pure luck randomly. In this case, there are no specific stories or any options for halos prior to Halloween 2019 which should be used to get a halo or that will improve your opportunities. You do not need to reset trying for different stories, due to there’s no reason to do.

As this is a random chance, certainly choosing those options will not guarantee that you will get a halo, even though only specific options out of any story will give a halo. Most of the time, you will get a different result, because halos are meant to be rare.

Make sure not to add stories or story options to select into halo pages. That’s because the Royale High developers will not confirm them and don’t allow documenting them at this time.

In this case, halos are susceptible to being over-valued in overpay scams. Well, a lot of scammers actually share the false information on value. For more information, Halos do not have value, only perceived worth.

The developer of Royale High suggests that no single item should ever be sighted to be over 400K diamonds for your own safety. Make sure you stay safe and play smart when trading.

Here’s a list of halos that can be obtained from the fountain:

  • Glimmering Light Halo
  • Corrupt Halo
  • Halloween Halo 2018
  • Winter Crystal Halo 2018
  • Valentines Halo 2019
  • Lucky Halo 2019
  • Easter Halo 2019
  • Mermaid Halo 2019
  • Halloween Halo 2019
  • Autumn Halo 2019
  • Winter Halo 2019
  • Valentines Halo 2020
  • Lucky Halo 2020
  • Spring Halo 2020
  • Mermaid Halo 2020
  • Halloween Halo 2020
  • Winter Halo 2020
  • Valentines Halo 2021
  • Lucky Halo 2021
  • Spring Halo 2021
  • Mermaid Halo 2021

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