Royal Decrees Crossword Clue

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The crossword clue that says ‘Royal Decrees’ has been available in some magazines including LA Times, USA Today, Newsday, Penny Dell Sunday, Pat Sajak Code Letter, Daily Celebrity, Premier Sunday, etc. It’s a common situation where you get the same crossword clue in different magazines.

What you should do is to look for the correct answer to ‘Royal Decrees’ in order to get a higher score than before. No worries! You will find the possible answer of this crossword clue in our post, as we will show it for you below. Make sure to scroll down our post until you find the answer. Let’s get started!

Royal Decrees Crossword Clue

Here’s the Possible Answer to the ‘Royal Decrees’ Crossword Clue!

We’ve found the possible answer to the ‘Royal Decrees’ crossword clue from some sources, one of them is This site actually provides the solutions for those who are looking for the possible answer to some crossword clues that they’re facing in any crossword puzzles.

According to Crossword Solver site, there are two possible answers to the ‘Royal Decrees’, including:

  • EDICT           
  • FIAT  

Since two possible answers have different amounts of words, one has 5 words, another has 4 words, before you answer it, make sure to see how many boxes are available in the crossword puzzle. If it contains 5 boxes, you should answer ‘EDICT’, while if it contains 4 boxes, you should answer ‘FIAT’.

If you want to attempt looking for more answers to the ‘Royal Decrees’ crossword clue, you can take advantage of some crossword solutions, such as This site will show you a list of some possible answers related to the ‘Royal Decrees’ crossword clue.

Need more possible answers to the ‘Royal Decrees’ crossword clue? Thankfully, we will show them for you that we got from Here they are:

Crossword Clues Possible Answers
Royal decree FIAT
Royal decree EDICT
Tendering proposal by royal decree? (6) ASKING
‘Command of royal decree exempts royals initially (5)’ ORDER
Revises about 100 royal decrees (6) EDICTS
Royal edict DECREE
Royal decrees FIATS
Imperial decree in Tsarist Russia (5) UKASE
Royal rule in Madrid THE REIGN IN SPAIN
Royal rule (5) REIGN
Turn on charm in front of your first royal rule (8) MONARCHY
A royal rule heard to call to account (7) ARRAIGN
‘Claim anchor embroidered regarding a royal rule? (11)’ MONARCHICAL
Decree –, provisional decree in divorce cases (4) NISI
“… a stately pleasure-___ decree”: Coleridge DOME
Canadian decree ARRET
Decree of a Muslim ruler IRADE
Decree holders EXES
Decree nisi DIVORCE

What Is EDICT?

Once you know the possible answer to the ‘Royal Decrees’ crossword clue is EDICT or FIAT, you may wonder what it is, may not you?

According to, FIAT is an authoritative decree, order or sanction. It also means a fixed form of words that contains the word fiat by which a person in authority gives sanction or authorization. Additionally, an arbitrary decree or pronouncement is used especially by a person or group or persons having absolute authority to enforce it.

EDICT means a formal or authoritative proclamation. Sure, the definition of both words is totally the same. EDICT has some synonyms including command, decree, order, precept, proclamation.

EDICT comes from the Latin ‘editcum’ that means a proclamation or ordinance. This word was initially used to describe a declaration or command from a king or other government official, as time goes by, this word has come to be used almost sarcastically to describe any order.

For example:

  • When your teacher says the report is due Monday morning (no exception), you definitely will hit the books this weekend, right? That’s an edict that you cannot ignore.
  • If your mom orders you to clean your bedroom, that’s an order.
  • If the king asks you to clean his room, that’s an official order from some higher up.

The point is, EDICT is such an order, proclamation or even request from someone to another in hopes the people who are asked to do something will obey the request or order.

Some Crossword Puzzle Tips and Tricks

If you often take the crossword puzzle in some magazines or online quiz, you may need some helpful tips and tricks to help you answer the clue easily. For some people, solving crossword puzzles will likely be intimidating, but knowing a few basics when taking the crossword puzzle can improve your solving skills quickly.

Thankfully, this post will show you a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use when taking any crossword puzzles. Here they are:

  • Make sure to think outside of the box when you find a clue ending in a question mark. This crossword clue means there is wordplay involved. For example: Group of towers?
  • If you find an abbreviation in the crossword clue, you also need to answer with an abbreviation. For example: Driver’ org.
  • Make sure to follow the clues and answers in order to start. You may also need to ignore the clues and answers if you hunt and peck through a puzzle. You can also try to go straight through all the clues and fill in what you know at the beginning.
  • Before you see how many letters the answer has, make sure to try guessing what the answer is if you see any fill in the black crossword clue. Instead of thinking about how many letters a word has, it would be better to follow your first intuition.
  • Since crosswords have a few answers in non-English (German, French, Spanish and Latin), you may need to watch out for clues that hint at foreign language answers. If you know a few basic words in each of those languages, it will significantly help your puzzle solving skills.
  • Make sure to find the crossword puzzle theme. If you know a puzzle’s theme, you can easily solve the puzzle since most theme answers are longer.
  • You may also need to master general knowledge for solving crossword puzzles such as Roman Numerals (e.g. 61 to Caesar and One-fifth of CCTV), Bible characters (ABEL, AMOS, AAROM, ESAU and MARY)
  • If you get stuck, you can take advantage of a crossword tracker by looking up a clue that will help you get some possible answers related to the clue.

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