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Rebecca Smondrowski is one of the members of the Montgomery County Board of Education. She represents District 2 in Maryland and she assumed office in 2012. The current term of her work will end in 2020. Now, she is running for re-election to the Montgomery County Board of Education to represent District 2 in Maryland.

On November 3rd, 2020, she was on the ballot in the general election and the primary election for this office on June 2nd, 2020 was canceled.

About Rebecca Smondrowski

She was chosen for her second four-year term on November 8th, 2016. She serves as chairperson of the Board of Education’s Committee on Special Populations. Also, she serves as a member of the Policy Management Committee and the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Committee. Besides, she also serves as the ex officio to the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

What were her jobs before being the member of the board? Previously, she served as the legislative aide for Maryland State Senator Roger Manno and was an active local and county PTA leader. She has worked on the Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations (MCCPTA) Board of Directors including positions as the vice president for Legislation, chair of the Curriculum Committee, vice president for Programs, Quince Orchard Cluster coordinator and MCCPTA’s representative to the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) K-12 Mathematics Joint Task Force. She serves as a member of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education’s (MABE) Nominating Committee and also the alternate for MABE’s Legislative Committee and the Federal Relations Network Committee.

In January 2015, she was reappointed as a Commissioner for the City of Gaithersburg Ethics Commission. Also, she serves on the Board of Trustees for Future Link and the Board of Directors for the MCPS Educational Foundation.

Rebecca Smondrowski is married and now she has two children who graduated from Montgomery County Public Schools.

In an interview, Rebecca Smondrowski highlighted the improvements in available data about the achievement of students as a key factor in her decision to continue another term. The new data will permit the board and MCPS staff to be able to take a more targeted approach to address a nagging ‘achievement gap’ between low-income students and their friends.

The primary election was held on April 28 and the general election will be on November 3.  The member of District 4 and current board President Shebra Evans states that she plans to run again in the school board race. However, as of Wednesday afternoon, Smondrowski was the only candidate who filed.

Jeannette Dixon, at large board member whose seat also is up for election this year, stated that she is not running again. The seven adult members of the board all run countrywide on a nonpartisan basis, even though they who represent a particular district must be a resident of that district. Each of them earns a $25,000 annual salary, aside from the board president who earns $29,000.

Rebecca Smondrowski’s Contact

Rebecca Smondrowski lives at 101 Short Street Gaithersburg, MD 20878. She can be contacted at her Twitter account @RebeccaOnBoard. Besides, she is also able to be contacted through her email address at and her phone number which is 301-279-3617. On the Montgomery School site, it is also known that the phone number that can be contacted of her is 240-740-3030 and the fax is 301-279-3860. On that site, it is also written that her address is Carver Educational Services Center, Room 123, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850.

About Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

Do you know about Montgomery County Public Schools? It is a school district in Maryland. During the 2013-2014 school year, it served 148,780 K-12 students. The rate of the district graduation improved from 86.1 percent during the 2009 to 2010 school year to 88.3 percent during the 2012 to 2013 school year.

For your information that the Montgomery County Board of Education is composed of eight members. Five adult members are chosen to specific districts and two adult members are chosen to at-large seats. How about a student representative? He or she is elected by his or her friends. Here is the information about the school board elections.

Montgomery County Board of Education

  • Member: Jeanette Dixon

District: At-large

Term Ends: 2020

  • Member: Karla Silvestre

District: At-large

Term Ends: 2022

  • Member: Judy Docca

District: District 1

Term Ends: 2022

  • Member: Rebecca Smondrowski

District: District 2

Term Ends: 2020

  • Member: Patricia O’Neill

District: District 3

Term Ends: 2022

  • Member: Shebra Evans

District: District 4

Term Ends: 2020

  • Member: Brenda Wolff

District: District 5

Term Ends: 2022

  • Member: Nathaniel Tinbite

District: Student Representative

Term Ends: June 30th, 2020

Beyond the Boardroom: Rebecca Smondrowski

In MCPSTV channel on Youtube, in a video entitled Beyond the Boardroom: Rebecca Smondrowski which was uploaded on January 29th, 2020, Rebecca states that she is very proud of her work. She and the team’s responsibility is to kind of oversee the needs and the experiences of all children that fall under sort of a specialized category. So, whether that is English as a second language students, kids who are in special education, kids at their Recovery Center, they have an alternative program that is able to be used to really just be focused mostly on discipline structures. Furthermore, she also states that they also have opened it up so that it is now in open enrollment. You know that any child who really struggles with the all-day everyday environment of a school system and maybe does not do quite as well in those types of social settings has a place to go. Where they are able to learn in alternative ways.

In that interview, she was recording from a place which is a part of Family Services in Gaithersburg. There, she and the team began a program called RAP which is short for Recovery Academic Program. They are serving students who are in recovery from substance abuse issues. What they do there is to give children the opportunity to continue their pathways to graduation and make sure that they are not falling too far behind.

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