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ABC Reading Eggspress is specially designed to teach children in class 1 to 6 reading, comprehension, spelling and grammar skills. This program includes 220 comprehension lessons, 216 spelling lessons and over 2,000 eBooks in Reading Eggspress Library. By the way, how about the Reading Eggspress games word? Read the following text to get information you need.

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 100

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 100 is a free application specially designed to help the children recognize and learn sight words. For note: Sight words are words which the readers should know automatically at sight, such as she, the, was and where. This is a sample version in Eggy Words 250. You are going to get access to the first 100 of 250 sight words by using a fun and motivating game to keep children learning.

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 250 includes 10 levels with 25 words each (Making a total of 250 sight words. Learning to read is an essential milestone in every child’s life. Knowing these sight words will make fluent reading easier, that allows the brain focus on the real enjoyment of reading.

Understanding and enjoying what you read. The Eggs Words is brought to you by the team behind the famous educational site Reading Eggs. Developed by the educators with more than 20 years experience, this program comes highly recommended by the parents and teachers.

Here are some features of Eggy Words 100 app:

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 100

  • Four levels with 25 words in each.
  • Fun and motivating game suitable for the children aged 3+ years.
  • Most common, the highest frequency words are introduced first.
  • Multisensory approach . It combine voice and written words.
  • Choice of accents:  English, Australia, and United States.
  • The flying eggs with the proper word to be swiped.
  • Three lives per level.
  • Lives are lost when bad eggs, and wrong words are swiped.
  • Mini eggs will provide extra lives.
  • Jigsaw eggs will build a surprise jigsaw.
  • At the end of each lesson, the word is spelt.
  • Egg ratings to be obtained for every level.
  • Egg critters with nice animations hatch at the end of a level.
  • Bonus level with 100 golden eggs.
  • Trophies earned for completing 25 levels.

For note: This app not supported on Thompson tablets.

Reading Eggspress Games Word

Kids Reading Games – Reading Eggspress

As a way to make learning fun and motivational, kids reading games are able to be really effective at teaching early literacy skills, particularly when they are part of a broader, systematic reading program. To be truly effective, a reading program need to provide instruction in some core areas of literacy:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Text Comprehension

Phonemic Awareness

Most words are made up of a number of smaller units of sounds, named phonemes. For example, the simple word ‘dog’ is made up of three phonemes, /d/o/g/. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and also manipulate those individual sounds in spoken words to use the phonemes like building blocks to make new words.

ABC Reading Eggs will concentrate on phonemic awareness early in the program. Strategies to develop phonemic awareness include reading games and activities which feature:

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Listening skills
  • Sound play
  • Alphabet books

Those lessons engage the readers in activities which will help their phonemic awareness to develop. In the program, the readers listen to words to discern the lesson’s focus sound. They work with onsets and rhymes, such as c-at, r-at, so that they will be able to adept at breaking words into smaller parts. Being able to manipulate phonemes builds phonemic awareness skills, that when combined with phonics, quickly increases a student’s bank of readable words.


Phonics instruction will help beginning readers to link letters to sounds to form letter-sound correspondences and spelling patterns. The children are able to use this strategy in their reading to see how letters and sounds relate. ABC Reading Eggs utilizes a synthetic phonics approach with lessons and reading games which map individual letters, or letter combinations, with their appropriate sound. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced in its own lesson, that reinforces the relationship between letters and sounds. Also, it draws young readers’ attention to the alphabetic principle, the idea that sounds relate directly to the letters of the alphabet.


Fluency allows the readers to more quickly span the gap between recognizing a word and understanding the meaning. It is where the magic of reading takes place. Fluent readers will spend less time sounding out and decoding words, and more time on the meaning of a text. Apparently, the researchers agree that repetition of reading activities is really effective strategy for reading more fluently.

The ABC Reading Eggs program utilizes a range of strategies for reading fluently, such as:

  • Demonstrating the fluent reading of a book
  • Re-reading books
  • Comprehension activities


Every child starts reading with differing levels of vocabulary knowledge. Building a child’s bank of known words is a great way to improve reading skill. ABC Reading Eggs program offers focused reading games which will help to build a child’s vocabulary. Also, it offers lessons in grammar and spelling as well. It is not only builds up vocabulary, but also teaches the children on how to spell a word and use the word properly in a sentence. Instruction in those areas is another way that ABC Reading Eggs offers to children in reading and writing. Also, ABC Reading Eggs accommodates the children with a wide range of differing abilities; the program can help the readers who may need extra help with vocabulary.

Text Comprehension

Strategies for helping the readers with text comprehension include teaching the children how to:

  • Answer the questions about a text.
  • Ask the questions of a text.
  • Monitor their comprehension.
  • Put a jumbled-up text back in order.
  • Recognize the story structure.

The last goal of every ABC Reading Eggs lesson and game is getting children to read real books. Every literacy skill is taught to help children learn to read. Incentives and prizes are offered to help them enjoy the process of learning to read more. The Reading Eggs program offers a lots of interactive lessons and kids reading games which are engaging and child-friendly. The more time spent on task means the children will quickly advance through the lessons and enjoy greater reading success.

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