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The students learn a range of comprehension strategies which enable them to access increasingly difficult literature and nonfiction texts. Studies have proven that teaching reading comprehension strategies gives the students the tools which they need to become proficient independent readers. Those reading strategies will help the students understand the increasingly complex texts they encounter in the texts across the curriculum.

Reading Eggspress Comprehension program

The program of Reading Eggspress Comprehension is a comprehensive strategic reading program. This program contains 220 lessons from year 1 to upper year 6 which utilize a balance of literature and nonfiction texts. The lessons are organized in a systematic and progressive format with a sequence of five-lesson maps. This program focuses on literal, inferential and also critical reading comprehension questions for skill building and metacognitive understanding.

Reading Eggspress Earthquakes

The questions in comprehension talk about the main idea and details; compare and contrast; creating connections; sequencing events; cause and effect; understanding character; drawing conclusions; predicting; summarizing; fact and opinion; point of view; and word study. To build each student’s ability to transfer those skills, each skill is repeated many times.

The progressive assessment happen at the completion of every five lessons by using independently levelled passages.

  • Sequential lessons utilize a balance of carefully levelled literature and nonfiction texts. Gradually, the lessons increase in both the complexity of the texts that the students read and the depth of comprehension required.
  • Assessment tasks utilize independently levelled passages and appear in a similar format to standardised national online tests. The 2-part assessment questions need the students to discover evidence in the text to support their answers.
  • Supports students of all abilities through carefully levelled lessons which begin at a year 1 level.
  • The comprehensive student and class reports will show the student progress over time.

Comprehension Program Components

  • There are 220 lessons across years 1 – 6, with 40 lessons per year (20 in Year 1).
  • There are 44 complete books and 44 Assessment tests.

Reading Eggspress lesson about Earthquakes

When you come to this page, you may also want to know about Reading Eggspress Earthquakes lesson. Yes, you are going to get this Earthquakes lesson in level 33. The title text is Earthquake: Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Nonfiction Lessons Text Subject area (Text type) Level Comprehension strategy focus
166 Body Systems (Diabetes) Biological science, health/ report 28 level Read diagrams
167 Endangered Animals (Penguins) Biological science/ factual recount 31 level Fact and opinion
168 Earthquake:

Indian Ocean Tsunami

Earth science/factual recount,


33 level Audience and purpose
169 Technological Wonders (Archimedes Screw) Physical science/ procedure 30 level Read diagrams
170 Renewable Resources (Wind Power) Physical science/ explanation, labelled


31 level Audience and purpose

Reading Eggspress is Instructional with Diagnostic Components

  • Reading Eggspress provides the teachers and parents with the chance to assign specific levels to the students and differentiate instruction. For instance, if a third-grade teacher has two students who are advanced they are able to place them in a higher grade level automatically.
  • Reading Eggspress also provides the teachers and parents with the choice of giving each student a diagnostic placement test. The test consists of 20 questions. If the student misses three questions, then the program assigns them to the appropriate lesson which corresponds to how they did on the placement test. This will allow the students to skip past levels which they have already mastered and also places them at the level in the program where they should be.
  • Reading Eggspress allows the teachers and parents to reset a student’s progress at any time in the program.

Reading Eggspress is Comprehensive

  • Reading Eggspress has some other learning activities and games aside from those in the standard 240 comprehension lessons.
  • The Gym is where you are going to discover all the comprehension lessons and activities.  Also, there is a daily game located in the gym. The game will change each day and focuses on a variety of reading skills. The students are able to compete against other users across the nation for the daily high score.
  • The Library has over 600 e-books in both fiction and non-fiction. This library is easily searchable by topic or title. The students who discovered a particular passage in the comprehension gym to be interesting will be able to go to the library to read the entire book. The students are able to click on a single book in the library to find out information such as the author, number of pages, how many eggs they can get from reading it, and how many other users have read it. At the end of the book, the students are going to be given a comprehension quiz. Also, they are going to be able to rate the book. Aside from that, they are also able to save the books that they enjoy on their favorite’s shelf.
  • The Stadium lets you to build your individual skills in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and sentence structure. Apparently, there are 4 games that you are able to select to challenge the computer or play with another user who is logged into the program at the same time. The games include spelling sprint, vocabulary pursuit, grammar skating, and freestyle usage. For your information, there are five difficulty levels for the user to choose from for each game.
  • The Mall is the place where the students are able to use their eggs to buy a variety of different things. There are some stores in the mall such as Passion for Fashion, Apartment Living, Dressed to Thrill, Collector’s Corner, and Perfect Pets.
  • The Apartment is the place where the students are able to change their avatar, check their trading cards, view their trophies, or decorate their apartment. Also, the apartment contains access to a game named Quote Quest where the students use clues to search through tunnels to discover quotes from different books. The students will be able to earn eggs by finding quotes and selecting the correct book.

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