Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress Which Better?

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Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are used and loved by lots of people. Even if you often use these programs in your classroom, there are some areas you have not tapped into yet. By the way, Which is better between Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress?

Which is better between Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress?

Before we say which is better between Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress, we have to inform you the difference between ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress.

Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress Which Better

Need to know that ABC Reading Eggs was made and specially designed for 3–7 year olds. It will focus on teaching and reading skills. It will be able to take a child from being a complete non-reader all the way through to reading early level, grade 2 texts. ABC Reading Eggspress builds reading and comprehension skills for the children who are aged 7–13 years old. The ABC Reading Eggspress program offers a large range of highly engaging resources that include reading comprehension lessons, spelling lessons, live multiplayer games and a massive online library of e-books. ABC Reading Eggspress is a unique learning program made to encourage the children to keep reading and improving their literacy skills.

So, which is better between Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress? In the text above you have learned what the difference between Reading Eggs vs Reading Eggspress is. Thus, we think that it depends on your needs. Both of them are good. If you have a child aged for 3–7 year olds, you are able to choose Reading Eggs. But, if you have a child aged 7–13 years old, you are able to choose Reading Eggspress.

Best Features You should know about Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress

Here are some best features you should know about Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress:

  • Mobile-Optimized Platform

Both Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress programs are entirely mobile-optimized. Now, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are 100% compatible with all computer and mobile devices, making a seamless user experience no matter how the students select to learn.

  • Transition Lessons

Sequenced lessons in both Reading Eggs program and Reading Eggspress program carefully scaffold learning to help the students prepare for the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. To make sure the students experience success throughout the progression, some additional lessons are included in Reading Eggspress for practice and reinforcement. Now, the students are able to continue confidently as they advance to more challenging skills.

  • Authentic Non-fiction Texts

There are almost 900 non-fiction books included in the Reading Eggs e-library. When your youngest learners become interested with the world around them, you are able to give them the chance to explore their interests through non-fiction literature. Regularly, the new books are added to a vast library of over 2,000 leveled books organized by topic and genre.

  • The Story Factory

Reading Eggs offers a great area for the students to work on writing. With full-color illustrations and suggested vocabulary, the Story Factory offers the students to construct a story from start to finish, that they are able to save for later rereading. Every week, a new story theme is announced. The students have the ability to make and submit their completed works for an opportunity to win the golden egg rewards.

  • The Lesson Resources

When you are accessing Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress through the teacher portal, there are many fascinating areas to find. By choosing ‘Preview Lessons’ in the left navigation, you are able to access coordinating printable activities for each levelled reading, storyland, comprehension, spelling skills bank, and English skills lesson. Whether the students are struggling on a particular topic, require a little one-on-one review or you want to plan whole-class instruction targeting a specific skill, these resources are a great tool.

  • Change Learner Progress

Probably, you are already familiar with the placement test which makes sure the students begin working at the right level. But what if that placement needs adjustment? We know that there are the students who may be moving faster than their learning path, and also similarly those who forget some things after a long holiday break. By choosing ‘Manage Lessons’ in the left teacher navigation, you are able to change a particular student’s progress or simply reassign their placement test in only some clicks.

  • The Stadium

This fascinating Reading Eggspress feature was re-released some years, providing a better gaming environment for the students to test their English skills against peers from around the world. In the Stadium, the learners are presented with grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and usage questions in a series of challenges, when their avatar races across the screen with each right answer. In the Stadium, learning has never been such fun.

  • The Handwriting Practice

For most emergent writers, handwriting is an essential skill which needs repetition. In the teacher portal of the Reading Eggs program, K-2 Teaching Resources offer only the tools you need. Interactive handwriting practice is available in the form of activities which dictate letter formation and tools. It allows the students to practice on an interactive whiteboard. In addition, a “make your own worksheet” feature offers the teachers to make their own handwriting printables to reinforce valuable penmanship skills.

  • The Playroom

For new students who know technology and formal education, the Playroom is an amazing place to start. The students are able to join Reggie in this classroom to hone their mouse skills in a risk-free environment with short practice activities. Lack of familiarity with technology must never affect a student’s academic performance. In the Playroom, the students are able to get comfortable while completing patterns, puzzles, and also memory games to introduce foundational skills.

  • The Classroom Posters

Amongst lots of exciting teacher resources offered by Reading Eggs, the K-2 area includes a lot of classroom posters designed to help the students recall essential grammar, comprehension, spelling, and phonics skills. This library of readymade printables will be able to help provide the students with meaningful guides which help clarify and trigger reminders throughout the learning process.

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