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Are you considering between Reading Eggs and ABC Mouse but you are having a hard time on deciding which one is best for you? This post is made with the thought of helping you making a decision. By reading the whole article, you should be able to decide what is best for your children. The intention of this article is actually not to promote one of them but to make your thought clearer.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs refers to the good child learning tool that is made specially for the children to improve their reading skills. Blake eLearning was its developer and is part of Study Island. This one is used commonly by the children ages 3 to 13 with 120 reading skill lessons. Besides, they also include interaction animations, songs, and fun games to make everything more fun.

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The thing known as Reading Eggs Stepping Stones Reading Lessons are the ones that are based on building the thing that was taught in the previous lessons. There are a total of five key areas made for the children to reach their goal becoming a good reader. These key areas include Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

Reading Eggs also has the Stepping Stones Reading Lessons that consists of 120 lessons divided into 40 reading lessons.

  • Lessons 1 – 40: Starting Out for the absolute beginners.
  • Lesson 41 – 80: Beginning to Read for emerging readers.
  • Lessons 81 – 120: The ones made to build confidence for early readers.

Not only that, there are also some more reading lessons offered by Reading eggs, including Storylands, Skills Bank Spelling, and Driving Test.

Learn to Read Program Features:

There are some great features offered by Reading Eggs Learn to Read Program, including Kindergarten Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2, Support Teacher (This one is good for those who are having a hard time), and Special Needs (This one is perfect for and used in a lot of classrooms).


  • $59.00: This one is a 1 year subscription plant that will give the children access to all parts of Reading Eggs website for a year.
  • $49.95: This one is a 6 month subscription that will gibe the children access to all parts of the growing Reading Eggs websites.
  • $65.00: This one matches lessons 41-80 of the Reading Eggs program.
  • $243.20: This one a Mega Book packages that contains all of the Level 1 and Level 2 books for lessons 1-80 of the Reading Eggs program.

Level Book Packs:

Apart from buying a subscription, you are also able to buy books from Eggs for discounts. The options are Level 1 Pack, Level 2 Pack, and Mega Pack.


A math teaching program has been recently released by Reading Eggs. For those who have no idea, this one is perfect for every kid under the ages of 3 through 8. The cost of 1 year subscription Mathseeds program is $49.95.


  • It offers more frequent discounts and promotions compared to ABC Mouse.
  • It receives customer comments on the Internet.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is the one that is created by Age of Learning, Inc. of Glendale, California. This one teaches the ABC’s or educational basics to kids with using a mouse and computer. It has a free website to access and the site is counted as Child Safe one. ABC Mouse is designed for all the kids in pre-school through kindergarten ages between 2 and 7 years old.

Learning Tools:

Each kid will be taught the things that they have to know to prepare for school. The subjects that will be given include reading, math, science, arts and colors, and music.

There are a total of 8 academic levels included by ABC mouse with more than 650 lessons across 8 levels with more than 7,000 individual lessons. Every time the kid manages to complete each lesson, they will get rewarded.

Various methods will be used for the kids, including music, puzzles, songs, games, pictures, and printouts. Every subject will teach a few things, such as reading, art and colors, books, songs, puzzles, math, games, science and the world around us, and music and songs.


As one of the best things, ABC Mouse has won a few awards, including Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Teacher’s Choice Award, and Parent’s Choice.

Additional Features:

Subscripting to ABC Mouse will earn some features such as Lesson Builder, Tickets and Rewards System, Progress Tracking (the one that makes it possible for the parents to see how their kids are making a progress), Customizable Avatar, Interactive Zoo, Interactive Farm, Record a Book, Aquarium, Frequent updates for books, songs, puzzles, and many more.

Subscription Costs:

There are a couple subscription plants to choose from. The first one is monthly subscription and the second one is yearly subscription. The first one costs AU$13.99. This one includes ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Mathseeds, Fast Phonics, ABC Reading Eggpress, detailed assessment reports, 2500 e-books, 500+ printable worksheets, and access for up to 4 children. You need to pay AU$109.99 if you prefer the second one. By choosing this option, you save 35%, which equates to $9.17 each month. This option includes ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Mathseeds, Fast Phonics, ABC Reading Eggpress, detailed assessment reports, 2500 e-books, 500+ printable worksheets, and access for up to 4 children.

ABC Mouse for Teachers:

The teachers do not have to spend any to use ABC Mouse. There are a few teaching tools for teachers offered by ABC Mouse, including common core standards, more than 7,000 learning activities, and full online teaching curriculum for desktops and mobile devices.

There are more than 65,0000 classrooms that use ABC Mouse. For the teachers, feel free to click on the appropriate button, such as Public School, Private School, or Head Start, to start the teaching account.


  • It has a better brand recognition compared to Reading Eggs (estimated).
  • It has good ratings and customer comments on iTunes and the Google store.


  • In some cases, they charge the customer even after cancelation.
  • There is no customer service.

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