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ABC Reading Eggs can be a suitable partner for your kids for learning to read. Here, you are able to enjoy free trial for 30 days with the access to five of their programs. You may also want promo code, here we will inform you how to get promo code in ABC Reading Eggs.

Promo Codes and Discounts in ABC Reading Eggs

If you access ABC Reading Eggs in the Discount page now, there are some special offers and discount codes that you are able to use. Here are some promo codes and discounts at ABC Reading Eggs.

  • Get 30 Days Free Access

Subscribe up to 4 kids and you will get 30 days free access. So, you will be able to unlock the complete reading and maths adventure in ABC Reading Eggs. You can begin with 30 day free access to five programs including ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, Fast Phonics, ABC Reading Eggspress, and ABC Mathseeds.

  • Get a Huge 35% Off a Yearly Subscription

Subscribe up to 4 kids and you can get a huge 35% off a yearly subscription. You can save a huge 35% when you take advantage of their best value subscription offer. Normally, you will have to pay $167.99 per year, but with this offer, you will only have to pay $109.99 per year. It means that you can save $58. With this discount offer, you can access ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, Fast Phonics, ABC Reading Eggspress and ABC Mathseeds.

  • ABC Reading Eggs Mega Book Pack

Now, there is a sale for ABC Reading Eggs Mega Book Pack. Normally, the price is $252, but now it is only $119 and it saves $133.20 or around 52% off. It include all of the level 1 and level 2 books matching the first 80 lessons of ABC Reading Eggs. In the Mega Book Pack, there are:

    • 80 reading books

These books can reinforce the reading and phonics skills of your kids and these are a good way to introduce them to physical books.

    • 8 mini posters and 400 stickers

These can help your kids to track their reading progress. Besides, it can also make them stay motivated to improve.

    • 8 activity books

The books match the first 80 lessons of the ABC Reading Eggs program.

    • 2 packs of durable flashcards

There are alphabet flashcards which feature 52 alphabet and word cards and also 7 fun phonics games. There are also ‘Beginning to Read’ flashcards which feature 36 word-building cards, 40 high-frequency word card and 5 fun phonics games.

With this pack, your kids will practice essential reading and writing skills offline. This book pack is suitable for ages 4 to 7. According to research, children can enjoy the greatest gain in learning by using a combination of digital and print resources. This Mega Book Pack is guaranteed to bring a smile to your kids. Kids can also use this as a standalone resource to support them to learn reading, phonics, spelling, comprehension and sigh word skills at home.

  • ABC Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 1

This book pack 1 matches the first 40 lessons of ABC Reading Eggs. This book pack is sale so that now it is only $79.95. It means that you save $46.15 or around 36% off. In this pack, you can get 40 reading books, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books and a pack of durable flashcards.

  • ABC Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 2

It is sale to only $79.95 where the original price is $126.10. It means that you save $41.05 or 35% off. This book pack 2 matches lessons 41 to 80 of ABC Reading Eggs including 40 reading books, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books and a pack of durable flashcards.

If you access Coupon Follow website, there are some coupon codes that you may be able to use for Reading Eggs. Here are some coupon codes from Coupon Follow for Reading Eggs.

  • USA51TRL

With this code, you can save 50% off year subscription.

  • 345AUG

With this code, you can save 50%.

  • NVB388

This is a code for getting promotional price $34.50.

  • 4weeks

You may be able to get the 2 weeks free subscription and then if you use this code, you will get 6 weeks in total.

We got the coupon or promo codes above from Coupon Follow website. We do not know whether these codes are still usable or not. However, if you are able to try to use them.

How ABC Reading Eggs Works

The creators of ABC Reading Eggs are expert educators with more than 30 years of experience. This learning resource can support your kids’ learn to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities which are easy to follow. Not only easy, but the lessons are also self-paced and very engaging for your kids.

If you incorporate Reading Eggs into the daily routine of your kids, you will be helped to prepare them for the similar structured learning that they need to succeed and feel confident at school.

How ABC Reading Eggs teaches your kids to read? ABC Reading Eggs uses five essential keys to reading success so that the program can unlock all aspects of learning to read for your kids. The lessons which are given to your kids use colourful animation, fun characters, rewards and songs. So, it will make your kids keep motivated. The program is very interactive so that it can keep your kids on task. When your kids begin the program, they will be able to complete a placement quiz. It is done to ensure that they are starting at the correct reading level. As parents, you are able to access detailed progress reports and also hundreds of full-color downloadable activity sheets which correspond with the lessons in the program.

In the program, there are more than 2000 online books for kids and each of them ends with a comprehension quiz which assesses the understanding of your kids.

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