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ABC Reading Eggs Junior is one of the programs offered by ABC Reading Eggs. This program is for kids aged 2 – 4 years old. In this program, your kids will learn through funny animation, toddler games and preschool activities. So, they will learn and also get entertained with it.

ABC Reading Eggs Junior Builds Love of Reading to Kids

With ABC Reading Eggs Junior, your kids will get hundreds of books, videos and learning games which are created specifically for 2 to 4 years old kids. Every activity in this program will grow your kids’ knowledge of stories, words, letters and sounds. These will lay a strong foundation for reading success.

  • ABC Reading Eggs Junior provide a library of books. There are more than 250 read-aloud books in the carousel library and those books are chosen carefully for toddlers. There are age-appropriate stories, nursery rhymes, alphabet and concept books and also a huge range of nonfiction books. So, your kids will love turning each page and following along. From all the things that kids can do to improve their long-term academic performance is to read every day. By reading every day, it is proven to be the most powerful way to improve their long term academic performance.
  • ABC Reading Eggs Junior provides interesting videos. Your kids will be able to watch hundreds of videos that have beautifully animated and real-life stories. It is also helped with songs, fun music and captivating tales. The videos are not only entertaining for your kids, but also these are designed to build important skills for your kids such as phonemic awareness, sequencing and alphabet knowledge.
  • With ABC Reading Eggs Junior, your kids will have fun learning activities. They will be required to explore delightful learning areas where they can play interactive games and activities and collect stickers. Every activity in this program is fun and educational so that it can grow your kid’s phonemic awareness, listening skills, vocabulary, alphabet recognition and handwriting skills.
  • There are progress reports. These reports will be received by you as a regular updates on their favorite books, videos and activities. You are allowed to watch their progress, interests and skills develop as they play.

Reading Eggs Junior Review

Read-Aloud Toddler Books in ABC Reading Eggs Junior

The fiction read-aloud toddler books which are available in ABC Reading Eggs Junior are:

  • Mother Goose which build rhythm and phonemic awareness.
  • Bella which promotes imaginative play and helps build concentration skills.
  • Reggie & Friends which promotes a healthy lifestyle and an interest in new experiences.
  • Axel & Bella which promotes imaginative play and communication skills for positive family relationships.
  • Splinter The Cat which promotes social development and problem solving skills.
  • The Adventure of Spot which promotes reading for enjoyment and encourages curiosity about the world.
  • High Five which helps build a connection between books and everyday activities.
  • and many more.

 Here are the nonfiction read-aloud toddler books which are available in ABC Reading Eggs Junior.

  • Animals which promotes vocabulary and reading readiness with a lot of read-aloud words and pictures to talk about.
  • Concepts which promotes thinking skills, vocabulary and curiosity with a lot of concepts and pictures to talk about.
  • Home which helps build a connection between books and everyday places and activities.
  • Machines which promotes vocabulary and critical thinking skills to classify groups of things.
  • Numbers which builds number recognition and counting skills.
  • and many more.

Fun and Educational Toddler Videos in ABC Reading Eggs Junior

There are hundreds of animated and real-life stories in the videos of ABC Reading Eggs Junior. With a lot of music, songs and stories, the videos are fun and educational for kids and the focus of the videos is on phonemic awareness, sequencing and alphabet skills.

Some videos in ABC Reading Eggs Junior are:

  • Reggie and Friends which promotes empathy, social and emotional development.
  • Reggie Sing Along which builds language skills with rhythm and rhyme.
  • Reggie Sing Along Karaoke which helps build a connection between spoken and written words.
  • Erple & Gweem which shows the importance of cooperation and communication skills.
  • Heidi Videos which builds alphabet knowledge with songs, movement and kinesthetic experiences.
  • and many more.

Activities and Games in ABC Reading Eggs Junior

Learning activity in ABC Reading Eggs Junior is game-based and it can develop a range of early learning skills such as fine motor, literacy, communication, numeracy, vocabulary and alphabet skills. The learning activities in this program have some levels or parts and they can be repeated as often as your kids want. When your kids advance,  the activities will be more difficult. They will build memory and solve problem.

From the list below, you can see the three activity areas in ABC Reading Eggs Junior which focus on different skills.

  • Reggie & Friends

It focuses on the daily life of a child and their experience so the activities develop fine motor skills, visual matching, letter formation and counting skills. The learning activities in this area include Count, Colours, Handwriting, Jigsaw puzzles and Matching Game.

  • The Eggles

It focuses on sounds, music and following directions so the activities develop listening skills, memory, and letter sounds. The learning activities include Eggs, Junior Sounds, Memory and Sound Buttons.

  • Animal Planet

It focuses on animals, the alphabet and visual discrimination so the activities will develop sorting skills, letter recognition and alphabet knowledge. The learning activities include Jack in the Box, Letter Puzzles, Same or Different, Sorting and The Alphabet.

What The Users Say About ABC Reading Eggs Junior

Some users of ABC Reading Eggs Junior gave their review about this program.

  • Tammin Sursok

“Reading Eggs Junior is the kind of screen time that, as a parent, you don’t have to worry about.”

  • littlemisstiggy

“Tiggy is growing up so fast, can you believe she’ll be 3 next month and giving her a head start before starting nursery we’ve been teaching Tiggy to read or recognise letters at least and we’ve discovered a fabulous award winning interactive reading programme to do just that called @readingeggs which is aimed at children aged 2-13 so a perfect introduction to reading for Tiggy. It’s full of fun games, lessons, printable activity sheets and even keeps track of her progress!”

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