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During the pandemic of Covid-19, studying at home is such a great way to keep learning. Well, the ABC Reading Eggs is a perfect solution in providing the comprehensive online reading curriculum for home learning. Don’t worry! The online reading curriculum is based on solid scientific research that matches your child’s ability.

So, are you interested in getting a comprehensive online reading curriculum for your children? Of course, you should register first at Reading Eggs. The good news, if you register, you will get a free trial for 30 days before subscription. Then, you may wonder whether there are any discounts for homeschool registrants or not. Well, to know the fact, let’s see our post below!

Are There Any Discounts for Homeschooling Registrants?

Sure, Reading Eggs offers a discount for homeschooling registrants. Unfortunately, not all homeschooling registrants will get the discounts. Only HSLDA members will receive 50% off of their 12 month subscription with Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.

So, if you are not a HSLDA member, you will not get the Reading Eggs discounts. Alternatively, you will still get the 30 days free access to Reading Eggs if you join today and you will only purchase about AU$13.99/month after. If you’re interested to join Reading Eggs to get comprehensive online reading lessons, join free now here.

Even though you cannot get the discount for Reading Eggs Homeschool, instead you will still get any bonuses. In fact, Reading Eggs combines interactive online learning with high-quality offline supplements to make sure the children maintain what they want to learn.

In this case, the family dashboard on Reading Eggs homeschooling lesson has over 500 printable worksheets which correspond with each of the lessons in the program.

Moreover, the worksheets can be printed and will be easy for children to use. Their parents will also have access for helpful lesson ideas and activity suggestions to try at home. Well, it’s such a gorgeous way of helping your child’s understanding of each skill and concepts in a practical, hands-on way.

Why Should You Choose Homeschooling Reading Eggs Program?

Why you should choose the homeschooling Reading Eggs program is because it provides a comprehensive online reading curriculum which is based on solid scientific research with personalized, one-on-one lessons which suit your child’s ability.

Overall, this program will make learning to read fun which can highly motivate the children with interactive activities, attractive animations, and also exciting rewards.

In fact, Reading Eggs comprehensive online reading curriculum is suitable for children ages 2-13 which covers the five important components of reading success including vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency and comprehension.

Another reason why you should choose homeschooling Reading Eggs program is that this program was developed by a team of Australian experienced educators with over 30 years. In fact, the Reading Eggs program has been used to teach children how to read at home for over 10 years. It also has received a bunch of awards and endorsement from leading homeschool associations.

Moreover, the Reading Eggs homeschooling program makes learning to read attractive and engaging for kids with interesting online reading games and activities. It can not be denied that all children will love the songs, games and rewards if they successfully complete any assignments. That’s why an online reading program in Reading Eggs is such a solution.

Here’s a list of what the parents say about Reading Eggs Homeschool Program:

“The price is incredible for the amount of content that you get and is honestly the best homeschool investment I have ever made.” ­– Schelly

“Dear ABC Reading Eggs team, thank you for a wonderful program. My children love it! They can’t get enough. I’m impressed with the report you just emailed me. Nice touch – especially helpful for homeschoolers. I will add it to my records. Thanks again.” – The Clarkes

“My homeschooled kids love to do the lessons and for the first time I feel like my second grader is finally making progress in phonics.” – Vanessa

What Skills Will You Have from the Reading Eggs Homeschool Program?

The ABC Reading Eggs program definitely instruct s the homeschoolers in the five important components of reading instructions, including:

  • Phonics

Each letter of the alphabet on Reading Eggs homeschool reading program is introduced in its own lesson with a focus on strengthening letter-sound relationship and highlighting the alphabetic principle.

  • Phonemic awareness

Through Reading Eggs homeschool reading program, the children are able to learn the necessary listening skills to be aware which speech consists of sounds and those sounds make words, phonemes and syllables.

  • Vocabulary

For an early reader, learning to increase the amount of the vocabulary is really a must. Well, through the Reading Eggs homeschooling program, the new words will be introduced with visual support to give the context and increase word knowledge and retention.

  • Fluency

The children can develop the rapid word recognition skills which are important for reading fluency including the learning to recall essential sight words instantly to make up 50% of primary level books.

  • Comprehension

Reading the meaning what a course, a sentence or also reading material is the end goal of the Reading Eggs program. Additionally, this program has over 2500 e-books, each with their own comprehension quiz.

Moreover, there are at least four separate reading programs offered by ABC Reading Eggs subscription:

  • ABC Reading Eggs Junior for ages 2–4
  • ABC Reading Eggs for ages 3–7
  • Fast Phonics for ages 5–10
  • ABC Reading Eggspress for ages 7–13

Main Features of Reading Eggs Homeschooling Program

The ABC Reading Eggs consists of numerous features which include:

  • My Lessons: There are about 120 reading lessons, each consists of a variety of instructional activities.
  • Storylands: Contains 20 lessons with a focus on building reading ability, vocabulary and comprehension skills. This feature also includes 20 amazing books and a lot of fun rewards.
  • Spelling: There are roughly 96 carefully graded spelling lessons which can develop a wide range of spelling strategies.
  • The Story Factory: The children will be able to write their very own story books and select full-colour illustrations to suit their story.
  • My Program: The children are highly recommended to read four ebooks which match their reading level at the completion of a reading lesson.

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