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As a parent, you may wonder how a Fast Phonics lesson works on the Reading Eggs program. That’s because the Fast Phonics lesson is claimed as the perfect method for children aged 5-10 who just want to learn to read. Moreover, the Fast Phonics contains a bunch of highly attractive games which are combined with motivating rewards.

Let’s learn about the Fast Phonics lesson on Reading Eggs program and check if this lesson is really proper for your children or students from our post below!

What Is Fast Phonics?

Fast Phonics is one of the Reading Eggs programs which helps the children become strong and critical readers. The Fast Phonics program uses the proven power of systematic phonics instruction to improve your child’s reading skills fast.

The Fast Phonics program contains 20 fun-filled levels where the children will learn the key phonics skills including blending and spelling and letter-sound recognition. Well, each level is a Mountain Peak which covers one set of letters with more than 20 existing activities.

What Is Fast Phonics

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What Is Fast Phonics

The children who are struggling at school are highly recommended to take the Fast Phonics program on Reading Eggs. With amazing rewards offered, it hopefully can motivate the children to keep on track and eager to boost their skills.

As a standalone phonics program for children ages 5-10, however, this program is really suitable for emergent and early readers, older students and ESL/ELL learners with gaps in their core reading knowledge.

Fast Phonics program builds on the phonemic awareness and phonics skills which are covered in Reading Eggs and goes even deeper with sequenced lessons, activities, videos and decodable books. Fast Phonics has 20 levels which are presented as Mountain Peak.

Children will learn a new set of letters and sounds as well as completing more than 20 activities in each level. Those activities lead them to learn how to blend the sounds together to make words and segment words into phonemes for spelling. Then, they will read fully decodable books to boost the new phonics  skills they have learned.

What’s In the Fast Phonics Program?

Fast Phonics contains numerous fun and attractive activities to motivate the children to keep learning to read. Here are what you will find on Fast Phonics Program:

  • Animated Videos

Fast Phonics includes dozens of animated videos.

There are dozens of animated videos that you will find on the Fast Phonics program. However, the entertaining learning videos will strengthen the systematic synthetic phonics instruction. Moreover, letter-sound videos will incorporate powerful visual mnemonics (visual memory aids) which are proven to increase letter-sound recognition.

  • Interactive Activities

Interactive Activities

On the Reading Eggs Fast Phonics program, there are also hundreds of highly engaging interactive activities which give a space for children to practice key phonics skills including letter-sound recognition, spelling skills, blending all through the word, reading captions, syllables and extended text.

  • Decodable books

Decodable books

You will get numerous decodable books which are illustrated beautifully embedded within each peak. In this program, the children are able to complete a comprehension quiz once reading each book.

  • Assessment and reporting

On Reading Eggs Fast Phonics, you will also get the regular quizzes, assess phonics skills and also be able to track your child’s progress.

  • Printable worksheets

Fast Phonics includes hundreds of printable worksheets.

In order to test the letter-sound recognition, Fast Phonics also provides hundreds of printable worksheets. Those worksheets include easy-to-follow worksheets and handwriting pages for each peak. So, your child is able to practice key phonics skills offline.

  • Exciting rewards

Exciting rewards

In order to give a high motivation for children to keep learning to read, Fast Phonics also provides a bunch of exciting rewards. The rewards here come in the form of collectable gems, exciting upgrades, a fun and playful Yeti character and also Yeti coins which make the Fast Phonics program more interesting to take.

What Are the Benefits of the Fast Phonics Program?

Of course, the Reading Eggs Fast Phonics program really gives numerous benefits for each party including the educators, students, emergent readers and struggling readers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • For educators

Fast Phonics program offers fast-paced and sequenced lessons which are focused specifically on phonics, synthetic phonics learning approach and taught using a systematic. This program really takes the phonemic awareness and phonics components which are found in ABC Reading Eggs which goes even deeper.

Additionally, Fast Phonics is yet another superb learning option for early readers to explore on their path toward becoming a proficient reader.

  • For students in first years of schools

The Reading Eggs Fast Phonics program uses a phonics ‘first and fast’ approach which works well with children who are in the first years of school. However, it strengthens the progress which is learned in the classroom.

  • For emergent readers

If the reader really needs highly scaffolded phonics beyond what Reading Eggs offers, of course the Fast Phonics program is a great option for them. In this case, Fast Phonics uses a phonics ‘first and fast’ approach which works well for emergent and early readers when they develop the phonic skills and the core phonemic awareness

  • For struggling readers

If your struggling readers really need reinforcement and remediation specifically focused on phonics, sure, the Fast Phonics program is reliable to use. Well, the older primary students will enjoy the interesting elements within including games and rewards when they close gaps in learning with fast-paced and systematic phonics lessons.

How to Move Your Child to a Different Peak in the Fast Phonics Program?

Fortunately, you are able to adjust your child’s level in the Fast Phonics program in your family dashboard. In order to move your child to a different peak, you need to log into your dashboard.

Under the child’s tab, you need to choose ‘Not at the right level? Adjust level? option located on the right-hand side. After that, choose the Fast Phonics tab and then open the drop-down menu to select which lesson (peak) you would like your child to be placed in.

For more information, each Fast Phonics peak is organized into parts named Stones which mean a video or interactive learning activity. There are plenty of books to read which come with their own quizzes and also a quiz at the end of each Peak. So, the children should complete stones at their own pace.

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