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As a student who uses Raz Kids, you are able to donate water for people in need. How to do that? For your information, Raz Kids has partnered with UNICEF Kid Power to allow students who use Raz Kids and other products of Learning A-Z to donate their stars which then convert it to water donation. How to do that? Here are the steps for doing it together with the explanation about Stars Donation on Raz Kids.

The Steps to Donate Stars on Raz-Kids

Do you want to donate stars on Raz-Kids? It is a good thing to do. If you want to do that, here are the steps that you are able to do.

  • The first step that you have to do to donate water on Raz-Kids is to log into your Raz-Kids account.
  • After that, You have to access the Star Zone.

access the Star Zone

  • In the Star Zone page, there is a Star Donation option. Click on it and you will be taken to a page where it says that you can use your stars to buy something for those in need.

you can use your stars to buy something

  • Click the button to donate on that page and then you will be asked whether you are sure that you want to donate. If you are sure, you can click on the Yes button.
  • After you donate your stars by clicking on the Yes button in the confirmation, then you will be taken to a page which says, “Great Job! You are making a difference. Keep up the good work.”

donate your stars by clicking on the Yes button

  • Now, you have donated your stars and it means that you have donated water or meals for those in need.

More About Water Donation on Raz Kids

According to the Globe NewsWire site, Learning A-Z announced through its recent partnership with UNICEF Kid Power that students across the country had donated more than 63,000 meals to families in need in the U.S. and more than 490,000 days of safe drinking water to communities around the world. So, Learning A-Z had extended the drive into April 2021. They hoped that it could motivate students to continue reading and completing their work to support their communities.

Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power encourage students around the world who use the online resources from Learning A-Z including Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, Science A-Z, Headsprout, Raz Kids and Raz Plus to change the digital stars that they get while completing assignments into real-world impact. In this program, students are allowed to redeem the stars for healthy meals so that they are able to help people who face hunger in their communities. For students outside the U.S, they will be able to donate toward water purification tablets for families in need around the world.

Lisa O’Manta, president of Learning A-Z said that kids were incredible and all they did was provide students with a chance to help others while learning and the kids had completely overwhelmed them with their generosity. She also added that teachers were sharing that their students were reading and completing more assignments to be able to earn more stars, just so they were able to create a larger impact. Lisa said that they could not have asked for a better outcome and look forward to seeing what more they could accomplish with this extended deadline.

For your information, Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power first partnered back in the fall of 2020. During an eight week period, they could collect more than 88,000 healthy meals from students. It means that they each read an average of 10% more books and got 2,426 stars to be able to help communities in need. These two organizations cooperated again this spring and motivated students with the higher goal of 100,000 donations.

Ryan Modjeski, managing director of UNICEF Kid Power said that helping others really motivates kids. He also said that they saw this every day as kids took part in their free video platform to unlock real-world impact and they were thrilled by how motivated the Learning A-Z students were to practice reading to be able to help children in need.

The partnership between Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power is a good partnership because it does not only help other people in need, but also it can motivate students to be able to help others in need and also motivate them to learn. With this program, there are students who are encouraged to read more on Raz Kids because they want to help other people in need. So, we are able to say that this program is successful.

Knowing More About Stars on Raz Kids

Stars are given as a reward to students if they are able to practice, complete or succeed with different activities. For example, they just finished listening to the book on Raz Kids. So, they will earn stars. The stars that they get will be able to be used to buy fun items. So, they are able to personalize the Raz Rocket and to create a customized avatar by using the Avatar Builder.

How many stars do students earn for every activity on Raz Kids? For every activity, the stars that students will get are different. You are able to check the amount of stars to get in every activity in the Star System below.

  • Practice ¬†Recording

Stars that will be earned: 10

  • Listen Book

Stars that will be earned: 10

  • Read Book

Stars that will be earned: 50

  • Quiz passed

Stars that will be earned: 100

  • Interactivity Not Passed

Stars that will be earned: 100

  • Perfect Quiz

Stars that will be earned: 150

  • Interactivity Passed

Stars that will be earned: 200

  • Interactivity Perfect

Stars that will be earned: 300

  • Assessment Complete

Stars that will be earned: 300

  • Assignment Complete

Stars that will be earned: 100/ 500

If students want to get more stars, they need to do more activities on Raz Kids such as reading books, completing assignments and many more as we have mentioned above. The presence of stars has encouraged  students to do more activities on Raz Kids.

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