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You may look for the Quiz Answer Key to easily answer the Raz-Kids quizzes. However, we’ll emphasize that taking a quiz in Raz-Kids is such a way to test the student’s comprehension, know the student’s reading progress and evaluate how far their reading ability is.

Is It Possible to Get the Raz-Kids Quiz Answer Key?

Unfortunately, we cannot show you the Raz-Kids quiz answer keys as they are very closed and inaccessible. This may also be due to the security reason where the Learning A-Z team doesn’t want the answers in the quiz to leak out. If it happens, the Raz-Kids’s students will get the answer keys before they take the quiz and the assessment becomes impure.

Considering the number of passages and quizzes at each level in Raz-Kids, of course not everyone knows the answer. But only the students who take a quiz will know the answer after they successfully completed the quiz in a certain passage in each level.

So, if you want to know the answer keys for the quiz in Raz-Kids, we think that you should ask your student or kids to take a quiz and complete it after reading a passage based on their level. Instead we will show some examples of quizzes that exist in Raz-Kids at certain levels. Let’s see them in the next section!

Example of Raz-Kids Quizzes at Each Level

The students can take a quiz based on the passage that they read before. It means that each passage in Raz-Kids has the quiz to test the student’s comprehension. Sure, each level will have a different passage and quiz. So, you cannot take the same quiz in each level.

These are examples of quizzes on Raz-Kids:

Level A – Bird Colors Quiz

In what group do red, blue and green belong?

Raz-Kids Quiz Answers Key

a. birds
b. colors

Level B – Healthy Snacks Quiz

In which group does an apple belong?

a. fruits
b. vegetables

Level C – Winter Hats Quiz

Which of the following sentences tells the main idea of the story?

a. Some hats have fuzzy puffs
b. We wear hats in the winter
c. A floppy ear hat is cute

Level D – Hobbies Quiz

What hobby belongs in a group of activities that use musical instruments?

a. singing
b. collecting
c. gardening

Level E – Zots Learns to Play Quiz

What is the problem in the story?

a. Zots does not know the rules of the agame
b. Zots is not asked to play games with the kids
c. Zots is sad that he loses when he plays games

Level F – Who Needs Rain? Quiz

What’s the author’s main purpose for writing this book?

a. to entertain readers with stories about rain
b. to persuade readers to like the rain
c. to inform readers about who needs rain

Level G – We Build a Robot Quiz

What part of the robot do they build first?

a. head
b. legs
c. arms

Level H – You Can Cross Quiz

What is this book mostly about?

a. the rules for crossing the street
b. the people who help you cross the street
c. the kinds of traffic that cross the street

Level I – William Shakespeare Quiz

Which of the following sentences states an opinion?

a. William Shakespeare was born in 1564
b. William Shakespeare is the best writer of all time
c. William Shakespeare wrote many poems

Level J – Wonders of Nature Quiz

Why do archerfish spit water at bugs?

a. to play with the bugs
b. to scare the bugs away
c. to catch and eat the bugs

Level K – Strange Plants Quiz

What do we call a plant that lives off another living thing?

a. a flower
b. a root
c. a parasite
d. a stone

Level L – World Holidays Quiz

At …. Some people celebrate by decorating a tree.

a. Holi
b. Hanukkah
c. Christmas
d. Chinese New Year

Level M – You Stinks! Quiz

What do skunks eat?

a. plants
b. insects
c. eggs
d. all of the above

Level N – The UpDown Boy Quiz

What is good about the UpDown world?

a. The boy’s shoes do not get dirty
b. People are smiling
c. The boy can walk in the mud with his hands
d. All of the above

Level O – Woods of Wonder Quiz

According to the book, where are old-growth forests found in the world?

a. the United States
b. Japan
c. Russia
d. All of the above

Level P – Why We Sleep Quiz

How is sleep similar to food and water?

a. It keeps us healthy
b. It Keeps us full
c. It keeps us hydrated
d. It keeps us hungry

Level Q – Zookeeping

How are horses and zebras the same?

a. they are hoofed animals
b. their behaviours are similar
c. Their body structure is similar
d. All of the above

Level R – Wildlife Rescue Quiz

What does rehabilitate mean?

a. to capture
b. to free
c. to make healthy again
d. to bring back to life

Level S – The Wall Quiz

What did the children want to do?

a. to repair the wall
b. to climb the wall
c. to paint the wall
d. to take down the wall

Level T – Albert Einstein Quiz

Which of the following words best defines Einstein?

a. curios
b. patient
c. careful
d. friendly

Level U – Life Cycles Quiz

Which mammal takes the longest to mature?

a. elephants
b. cats
c. humans
d. giant sequoias

Level V – Animal Communication Quiz

Sound is an important way for some animals to communicate because ….

a. the sounds are too low for humans to hear
b. the receiver needs to be looking at sender
c. sound travels farther than other forms of communication
d. it is the only way to communicate dominance

Level W – Ocean Quiz

What is the main problem of this story?

a. Maggie and Caroline don’t want to be on a team with Tad
b. Maggie, Caroline, Tad and Bert want to win the Quiz Bowl contest
c. Maggie, Caroline, Tad and Bert want to study hard and pass all their classes
d. Tad wants to make sure everyone knows how much information he has learned

Level X – Water Cities Quiz

According to the author, what draws people to visit Venice, Italy?

a. artificial islands
b. views of the northern lights
c. sandy beaches
d. canals and bridges

Level Y – The United Nations Quiz

Which group of people would ECOSOC support?

a. delegates to the UN
b. peacekeeping soldiers
c. Aboriginal groups in Australia
d. General Assembly committees

Level Z – Volcanoes Quiz

What is a surge cloud?

a. a cloud of superheated gas, ash and dust that moves quickly along the ground
b. a fast-flowing river of molten lava
c. a cloud that creates lighting surges
d. all of the above

Level Z2 – Symbiotic Wildlife Quiz

What type of book is Symbiotic Wildlife?

a. autobiographical nonfiction
b. realistic fiction
c. informational nonfiction
d. fantasy fiction

Level Z1 – Stonehenge Quiz

Which of the following words would best describe the ancient people who built Stonehenge?

a. wealthy
b. friendly
c. lazy
d. creative

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