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There is no such thing called a Placement Tool on Raz-Kids. The Placement Tool is able to be found on Headsprout. If you are thirsty to know more about the Placement Tool, you are on the right page as you will get informed about everything.

In case the information featured in this page is not enough, the best thing that you can do is to visit the official website of Headsprout at headsporut.com. If you cannot manage to find the information that you are looking for on its official website, you are recommended to contact its customer support. There are a few ways to get in touch with them. The first one is through email or chat. To use this method, you will have to provide some information, including your first and last name, your email address, your username, your phone number, the zip code or the name of the school or organization, and the type of the case. do not forget to also include the most important one, which is the comments or the questions that you are going to ask. Click Next when you are done.

If you prefer to talk directly to its customer support, there are two numbers that you can dial. The first one is 866-889-3729 (US toll free) and the second one is 520-232-5000 (direct). These numbers are available on Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 4 PM MST.

Aside from these two methods, there is also a mailing address that you can use to send a traditional email to. The mailing address of it is Learning A-Z 1840 East River Rd, #320 Tucson, AZ 85718 USA. Actually, this method is not recommended because it is slower compared to the first and the second method. However, it is still effective to get a response from Headsprout (Learning A-Z).

Let’s go back to the Placement Tool. The Placement Tool of Headsprout is designed with the aim to evaluate the reading ability of the student for placement within Headsprout. This one does not pinpoint reading difficulties. Besides, it is also not the one that determines the reading levels. The intention of it is purely for placement purposes that is available for 30 days. It is needed for the Placement Tool to be given to the students again if they do not start the program within 30 days.

There are a total of 180 episodes on Headsprout. The reading skills are assessed by the Placement Tool and it also recommends a suitable entry point in the sequence of episodes. Every newbie of Headsprout will have to go through the Placement Tool online when they first start the program. After completing the Placement Tool, they will be taken to the episode where they will be placed and will be able to start using Headsprout immediately. not only taking the Placement Tool when they start the program for the first time, they are also able to retake the Placement Tool whenever they want as long as it is assigned to them by the teacher.

Here is step by step to assign the Placement Tool to a student:

  • The first thing that should be done is to go to either the Roaster page, the Assignments page, or the individual student page. You can do it from your Student Management portal.
  • For everyone who is in the Roaster or Assignments page, please choose the Headsprout tab. Meanwhile, those who are in the individual student can skip this step and move on to the next one.
  • Then, use the dropdown menu that is located beside the current episode of the student. Do not forget to choose the Placement Test Button right after that.

Placement Test Button.

  • The students will get the Placement Tool immediately when they log in to Headsprout. After completing the test, they will be taken to the right episode and they will be able to start that episode immediately.

Teachers have a chance to use the Placement Tool that is able to be printed. Below is the guide to be able to administer the Placement Tool that can be printed:

  • Firstly, print the Placement Tool. To be able to print it, you will have to log into the official website of Headsprout by entering two things: your username and the password.
  • Once you are in, you can just follow the guide on the Placement Tools. Please ask the student to read the text aloud. In order to find out the episode where the student has to be placed, it is needed for you to track the number of errors.
  • Then, feel free to go to either the Roster page, the Assignments page, or the individual student page from the portal known as Student Management portal.
  • Please choose the Headsprout tab for those who are in the Roster or Assignments page. As for the ones in the individual student page, you can skip this step and move on to the next one.
  • The next step is to use the dropdown menu, which is found beside the current episode of the student, to choose the episode number that is indicated by the Placement Tool.

select the episode number indicated by the Placement Tool

  • In the end, the episode that you just picked will start automatically the time when the student logs in to Headsprout.

Since you think that Placement Tool is part of Raz-Kids, you might have no idea about Headsprout. Headsprout is also a part of Learning A-Z, just like Raz-Kids. While Raz-Kids is a product that provides the comprehensive leveled reading resources for the students, Headsprout refers to an online reading program for K-5 students. This one is the provider that provides both teachers and parents an adaptive and individual reading solution.

The program named Headsprout is made to fulfill the needs of the students. It is also based on the pace of the students. The methods that are used by the program have been tested and verified in the real classroom environments so there is no doubt about them.

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