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When you want to login as a student to Raz-Kids’ Student Portal, you will find a bunch of sections including the Level Up, Flight Check, My Assignment, Reading Room and more. Certainly, if you are new to Raz-Kids, you may be confused what each section on Student Portal is for.

However, each section provided in Raz-Kids Student Portal has a certain function when you’re working with Raz-Kids. One of the most asked sections in Student Portal is Flight Check as this section will appear and disappear sometimes. So, let’s learn about the Flight Check section on our post below!

What Is the Flight Check?

Raz Kids Flight Check

You may be wondering why the Flight Check sometimes appears and disappears. However, the Flight Check section will appear when the teachers assign a digital Running Record using Benchmark Passage or the Books to the students.

Well, the students who get a digital assignment for reading a passage will see the Flight Check appear in the Student Portal. Through the Flight Check section, the teachers will easily assess a student’s reading level digitally, recognize high-frequency words or to name letters.

digital assignment for reading a passage will see the Flight Check

When you get a passage as a digital assignment, you can then complete the assignment by reading while recording, retelling what you have read, and answering the questions related to the passage that the teacher has assigned to you.

Once you have completed the three-steps of your assignment, you definitely will earn the stars after answering the questions. If you go back to the Student Portal, you will not see the Flight Check section as your assignment has been completed and sent to your teacher.

Here’s the Tutorial of Flight Check!

As we’ve mentioned, Flight Check will be available if your teacher assigns a reading task to you. Then, this section will disappear, if you have completed your teacher’s task. To ease you completing your teacher’s assignment  in Flight Check, we’ll show the tutorial for Flight Check.

The Flight Check can be accessed when the student logs into their account. However, when the students have logged into their Raz-Kids account, they will be taken into the Student Portal. Here, they will find the ‘Flight Check’ section.

  • Go to Raz-Kids site at https://www.raz-kids.com/
  • Once you are at the Raz-Kids page, click on the ‘Kids Login’ button.
  • Then, enter your teacher‘s username.
  • By clicking on it, you will be taken into a class. Here, you should find your name on the list of the students.
  • Click on your name and enter your password, click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • You will then be taken into the Student Portal.
  • Once you are at the Student Portal, you will see a bunch of sections, including Flight Check. Well, the Flight Check here will appear when your teacher gives a reading assignment.
  • Click on the ‘Flight Check’ section to take your assignment.
  • When you click on the Flight Check, you will see a screen that shows an assignment.
  • To complete your assignment, you can then click on the ‘microphone’ icon and then your assignment (looks like a paper)
  • There will be a pop-up which says ‘Do you have time to complete this activity?’. Click ‘Yes’ to complete an assignment at that very moment, or click ‘No’ to take the task later.
  • As you want to complete a reading assignment right now, you can click Yes to continue.
  • You will then encounter a passage that you have to read. When you read the passage, it will also record your reading.
  • After reading a whole passage, you can then click on the ‘Done’ button in the bottom right of the passage.
  • Then, ‘Retelling’ page will appear which allows you to retell the passage that you have read in your own words. You should tell as much as you can remember.
  • To retell the passage, you can click on the ‘Record’ button.
  • Once you retell the passage in your own words, the questions that you have read will appear. Here, you need to answer the questions. The questions generally consist of five questions.
  • After you have completed your 3 step assignment, congratulations, you will earn the stars as your reward.
  • When you finish, you can go back to home by clicking on the ‘Home’ option.

Here, do you see the Flight Check section appear? No, you don’t see, as the Flight Check section will automatically disappear when your assignment has been completed. Then, your teacher will receive your task and assess it.

Understand Other Sections in Raz-Kids Student Portal

Aside from the Flight Check section, there are also other sections in Raz-Kids Student Portal that the students can access. Knowing all sections on the Student Portal is a must. Why? By understanding each section, you will understand how to use the section. Here are all sections in Student Portal:

  • Level Up

Level Up Raz Kids,
When you’re at the Student Portal, you will find the ‘Level Up’ section. Here, you will find a collection of books that you can complete to automatically advance to the next reading level. You will then automatically Level Up, after listening and reading all the books, and pass the comprehension quiz with a score of 80% or higher.

  • My Assignment Section

My Assignment Section
With the ‘My Assignment’ section, you can go to complete plenty of activities which your teacher has digitally assigned.

  • Reading Room Section

Reading Room Section
The Reading Room is a Raz-Kids section where you can access reading resources for reading practice and enjoyment. In this case, the Reading Room will make it easy for you to find level-appropriate books by topic, popularity and category. Moreover, you can save their favorite books for easy access anytime.

  • Messages

Messages Raz Kids,
With the Messages section, you are able to use the dashboard to navigate to messages from your teacher or parents. You will also get the notifications when you earn badges. The teachers can also send you a message and award you bonus stars from the Roster.

  • Star Zone

Star Zone Raz Kids
Star Zone will give you a star after completing your activities. You can also spend your stars by customizing your avatar in the Avatar Builder or Raz  Rocket in the Star Zone.

  • Stats Section

Stats Section
In this section, you are allowed to check your reading progress and badges. If the teacher wants to check your progress,  go to the Activity Report.

  • Badges Section

Badges Section
The badges will reward you for achieving milestones and incentivize for completing more activities. However, those badges will assist you to set goals and become more engaged in their learning.

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