Proponents of school choice argue that it will encourage _____.

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Have you ever found the question in the title above? You may have found it and you do not know the answer to it. The answer to the question above is just one word and it is very easy if you have knowledge about it.

In the Quizlet site, you are able to find a lot of questions and answers about anything. If now you find a question like this: proponents of school choice argue that it will encourage… You do not have to be sad by thinking about the answer because here we will inform you the answer of this question.

  • Question: Proponents of school choice argue that it will encourage…

Answer: competition

According to the National Affairs site, proponents of school choice face some challenges to expanding access to good private schools. Choice programs usually do not account for either the capital that schools need to be able to expand or the extra expenses private schools face in educating certain students. Besides, models of funding school choice which are traditional do not reflect the real cost of educating students in general. Furthermore, the policies of school-choice have led some to call for regulation which is better to private schools and it can stifle their ability to innovate. The proponents of school choice must look beyond public policy to the significant part that society has to play in order for school choice to succeed. To be able to strengthen school choice programs, these challenges must be addressed.

In Quizlet, this question can be found in the Unit 3: Quiz – Texas Public Opinion. The other questions that you are able to find in this unit are listed below.

  • Question: Texas political culture tends to be …

Answer: conservative and individualistic

  • Question: According to the lesson, what percent of Texas Republicans support the idea of school vouchers?

Answer: 61%

  • Question: According to the lesson, what percent of Texans say that, by law, a woman should always be able to get an abortion as a matter of personal choice?

Answer: 38

  • Question: Altering the phrasing of a question from “school vouchers” to “redirect state tax revenue to help parents pay private school costs” does not have influence on the answers to the questions.

Answer: False

Other questions that you are able to find in Quizlet which have the same theme are listed below.

  • Question: Was cattle ranching originally a Spanish and Mexican tradition?

Answer: true

  • Question: In Texas, some of the spirit of independence and self-reliance comes from…

Answer: a dearth of governmental structure in the new frontier

  • Question: According to the information which was mentioned in the lesson, which of the following is NOT a legend from the days of the frontier?

Answer: sitting bull

  • Question: What is the idea that the United States should span from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific ?

Answer: manifest destiny

  • Question: Balancing the value of hierarchy and order with individual freedom and success is best exemplified by the …  culture.

Answer: traditionalistic/individualistic

About Quizlet

According to Wikipedia, Quizlet is an American online study application. With this application, students can study science via learning tools and games. Andrew Sutherland created this application in October 2005 and it was released to the public in January 2007.

In the Quizlet, students are trained through flashcards, various games and also tests. As of February 6th, 2019, this application has more than  300 million user-generated flashcard sets and there are also more than 50 million active users. Now, it ranks among the top websites in the United States. SimilarWeb recognized Quizlet in 2016 as the fastest growing US Education site in 2015.

Quizlet is a memorization tool so that it permits users to be able to create sets of terms and definitions which are customized for their own needs. The sets of terms are able to be studied under some study modes. What modes are they? Here they are.

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  • Flash Cards. This mode is the same as paper flash cards. You will be shown a card for each term which you can flip over. You can flip it by clicking or using the arrow keys or space bar. You also have the option for the face of the card to be an image, a word or both.
  • Speller. The term is read out loud in this mode. You have to type in the term with the right spelling. If you are able to get the correct answer of the questions, you will be rewarded with a video of a monster truck which does a jump, wheelie and a flip.
  • Write. In this mode, a term or definition will be shown to you and you have to type the term or definition which goes with what is shown. After you enter the answer, you can see whether the answer that you give was correct or not. And also, you are able to select to override the automatic grading and count your answer as right if needed.
  • Live. In this mode, a teacher will be able to break their class up into teams of however number of teams you want or play the game with students individually. The teacher will select whether to begin with a definition or term. Every team will need to select the right term or definition to be able to win. The team which has the most points is the winner.
  • Match. In this mode, you will be shown with a grid of scattered terms. You will have to drag terms on top of your associated definitions to remove them from the grid and then you have to try to clear the grid in the fastest time possible.

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