Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta Crossword Clue

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Generally, some magazines and quizzes provide will provide the same crossword clues, but the time to post may be different. Certainly, it’s so normal if you find the same crossword clues when taking crossword puzzle in some magazines. In order to get the high score at crossword puzzles, it would be better for you to find the possible answers from some sources.

So as with the crossword clue that says ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ where it can be found in some magazines such as LA Times, New York Time, Daily Celebrity, etc. Well, if you’re looking for the answers to ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ crossword clue, you can dive into our post, as we’ll show you the possible answer available in some crossword solutions sites.

Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta Crossword Clue

Here’s the Possible Answer to the ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’!

According to the LA Times Crossword Answer site, the possible answer to the ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ crossword clue is ‘EXA’.

In computer programming, EXA is a prefix that is used with the metric system which stands for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (quintillion) or 108. A goof example of where this prefix is used with computer is with an EB (exabyte).

How many EXA are there? The ascending prefixes tera (10004), peta (1005), exa (10006), zetta (10007), and yotta (10008) are based on the derived Greek numerical prefixes tetra (4), penta (5), hexa (6 ), hepta ( 7), and octo (8).

So, if you find the crossword clue that says ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’, you can try to answer it with ‘EXA’. However, if you want to find more possible answer of this crossword clue, you can try to look for another crossword solution that may give you the most correct answer.

To ease you getting some possible answer for this crossword clue, we’ll show you a list of possible answers related to ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ crossword clue that we got from

Here are the possible answers for ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ crossword clue:

Clue Possible Answer
Giga tera peta ___ E X A
Prefix between mega- and tera- GIGA
What tera- (pref.) means TRILLION
Suffix with tera DACTYL
___ ___ ___ tera hath ho sari jannate mere saath ho…..from Fanaa (4,4,4) MERE HATH MEIN
___ ___ chale gaye ho warna ghayal kar deta …… from Dil Tera Diwana (5,8) NAZAR BACHAKAR
___ liya hain pyar tera ….. from Kyo Kii Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta (3) PAA
Husn-e-jaana idhar aa ___ hoon main tera …… sang Mukesh in Saathi (5) AAINA
Billion : giga- :: trillion : ___ TERA
Mega or giga follower BYTE
Larger than kilo-, smaller than giga- MEGA
Giga-electronvolt (abbr) (3) GEV
Inverse of giga NANO
Product built in a Giga factory TESLA
Maker of the “Giga” heavy duty truck ISUZU
Mozart’s “___ Kleine Gigue” EINE
Gigue or gavotte DANCE
Johann, German composer of the celebrated Canon and Gigue In D (9) PACHELBEL
Food PETA often protests FOIE GRAS
PETA pet peeve FUR

More LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers

After finding the answer to the ‘Prefix Following Giga Tera Peta’ crossword clue that you’ve found at LA Times Crossword Answer Site here,  you may also want to find more crossword clues and answers that was available on April 14, 2022. By knowing all the crossword clues and answers, you will get easier to answer all the crossword puzzles at LA Times magazine.

Here they are:


Crossword Clue Possible Answers
Bachelor party attendees MEN
Biological egg holder SAC
Former Sesame Street network: Abbr. PBS
Teddy ___ BEAR
Communication system for the hearing impaired: Abbr. ASL
Grande with Grammys to fans ARI
___ Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Harry Potter character ALBUS
Mythical creature that is Dumbledore’s pet Fawkes PHOENIX
Anoint as a knight DUB
August: ___ County (2013 film) OSAGE
Dumbledore’s position at Hogwarts HEADMASTER
Eavesdropper’s organ EAR
What two halves put together make? ONE
___ of love (letter ender) LOTS
Seek an answer from ASK
Actress Green of Dumbo EVA
Bull’s bellow MOO
Couldn’t-care-___ (indifferent) LESS
Prefix following giga tera and peta EXA
Draw back as a tide EBB
Richard ___ Gladiator actor who played Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films HARRIS
Scientist Bill who competed on The Masked Dancer NYE
Take off? LEAVE
Enjoy some butterbeer say SIP
___ Gambon The King’s Speech actor who played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films between 2004-2011 MICHAEL
K-Pop capital SEOUL
Mean in math for short AVG
U.S. surveillance group: Abbr. NSA
Organization with Mars rovers: Abbr. NASA
Say ___ to the Dress YES
Apple TV+’s ___ Lasso
Twist as stats SKEW


Crossword Clue Answers
Finance major’s degree: Abbr. MBA
Ursula’s minion in The Little Mermaid e.g. EEL
Catch red-handed NAB
It oozes out of trees SAP
It was just ___ in the dark: 2 wds. ASHOT
Kind of shave or call CLOSE
Intense hunger signal PANG
Soft French cheese BRIE
Half a dozen SIX
Ant-Man actor Paul ___ RUDD
Wrestler from Tokyo SUMO
Marquess’s subordinate EARL
Batman’s adversary BANE
Scab as a wound HEAL
State of no stress EASE
Boats like the one built by Noah ARKS
Cut completely as ties SEVER
Scary sign of things to come OMEN
___ Regbo Mr. Nobody actor who played young Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film franchise TOBY
___ it!: 2 wds. SOBE
Rotation line? AXIS
___ Jahan emperor who built the Taj Mahal SHAH
Tag in yard sales: 2 wds. ASIS
___-garde AVANT
Actress Witherspoon of Legally Blonde REESE
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to ___ (Dumbledore quote) LIVE
Hospital heart charts: Abbr. ECGS
Stationary in stands? PENS
___ I be excused? MAY
Aberdeen boy LAD
Acorn producer OAK
Kings of Leon’s ___ Somebody USE
Jude ___ Hugo actor who played a young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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