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One of the school districts which has used the PowerSchool educational program is West Ada. With the use of the PowerSchool program, it ensures that the students, parents and teachers in the West Ada School District are connected to each other.

The PowerSchool definitely gives a great way for parents and students to track attendance, class schedules, grades and more. Moreover, the PowerSchool is the district’s online student information system where the aim of this program is to help students to improve their learning outcomes.

Are you a student of the West Ada School District and looking for a way to access the PowerSchool program? No worries! This post will give you a guide of how to access the PowerSchool program and what you will find within the PowerSchool West Ada.

How to access the PowerSchool West Ada?

To access the PowerSchool West Ada, you need to login first through the available link here. This login portal can be used for both parents and students. On a login page, you will be required to enter your username and password and then click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

How to access the PowerSchool West Ada

The student’s username and password can be obtained from your school. So,  if you face a login problem where you forget your username and password, certainly you can contact your school directly for assistance.

For parents who are logging into PowerSchool West Ada Parent Portal, they can use their username and password that they have filled when registration.

How to Create a PowerSchool Account for Parents?

If you want to access your child’s grade or attendance records but you have not yet an account, you surely need to create an account first. To create an account, you need to know your Parent Access ID and Access Password. You can get these login credentials from the main office of your student’s school.

If you have multiple children, make sure to not create different accounts, as one parent access account can be used for all of your children. Here’s how to create an account on PowerSchool West Ada!

  • On the login page, you need to click the ‘Create an Account’ button.
  • By clicking this button, it will open up a registration page where you should fill your personal information.

Here are all fields required to fill:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Desired Username
  5. Password
  6. Re-enter password at least 6 characters
  • Once you fill all available fields, you can then continue to the section of ‘Link Student to Account’. This section allows you to fill your child’s information including Student Name, Access ID, Access Password and Relationship (Your relationship with each student you want to add to your account).
  • After you filled all the fields, you can click the ‘Enter’ button to continue registration.
  • You need to enter the newly created Username and Password, then click the Submit button.

That’s it! You successfully created an account in PowerSchool West Ada. Now, you can sign into your Parent Portal by using your username and password that you have created. You may need to enter PowerSchool Code: GMBS.

How to Recover Your Username and Password?

If you coincidentally forget your username and password when logging in, you definitely can reset it easily. For the students, you can contact your school directly for assistance if you forget your username and password.

For parents, you definitely can reset your password through the Recovery Page here. To recover your username, you can click ‘Forgot Username?’ tab. It will require you to enter your email address. Then, a recovery link will be sent to your email  to confirm your username recovery.

How to reset password? To reset your password, you have to click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ tab. Then, there will be a new window that requires you to enter your username and your email address. The recovery link will be sent to your email and allow you to follow on-screen instructions until you successfully reset your password.

PowerSchool West Ada Navigation

After you access the PowerSchool West Ada, you will find a bunch of navigation that will ease you to go to the section you want. The navigation here can be found on the left side of the screen, here are they:

  • Grades and Attendance: This navigation contains all current school year absences/tardies and grades.
  • Missing Assignments: This navigation provides all current missing assignments.
  • Grade History: This navigation shows all grades from previous years.
  • Attendance History: This navigation shows the history of attendance for the school year.
  • Email Notification: It will show you email notification preferences and settings
  • Teacher Comments: This navigation provides the general comments for the subject area as a whole.
  • School Bulletin: It can be used to communicate with parents.
  • Class Registration: It is used at secondary level to view class registration requests
  • My Schedule: It shows the  Student’s individual schedule for the Quarter/Semester/Year
  • School Information: It provides the contact information for your student’s school
  • Account Preferences: This section informs about account settings and place to add children.
  • Historical Documents: This navigation allows you to access to report cards and state test results.
  • Update Student Information: This navigation allows you to update the student information by using the icon which is located in the right-hand corner of the screen.

What’s In the PowerSchool West Ada?

You will get a number of sections that lead you to the section that you want. Here are some sections you will find in PowerSchool West Ada:

  1. Student ID Numbers

This is the PowerSchool student number created by the district and used only for district identification processes.

  1. Attendance Overview

This section shows you attendance information for current week and last week.

  1. Teacher Name

This is a section for the teacher’s name for your course and a link to email to the teacher.

  1. Grade Link

This section allows you to access the assignment page for detailed information. It will show you a list of current assignments.

  1. Absences and Tardies Totals

The section of Absences and Tardies Totals shows you the dates and attendance details for each absence and tardiness for that class.

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