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PowerSchool SIS is a platform providing the robust feature set of schools and districts expected from a leading student information system.  Furthermore, the PowerSchool SIS gives the flexibility and interoperability which are required to meet current hybrid education needs.

The PowerSchool SIS is also expected to set the parents and students for future success. Some school districts take advantage of PowerSchool SIS platform to track the student’s transportation including route number, bus number, location and pick up/ dropoff times, middle school team information, the student ID information and student locker information for secondary students.

Let’s learn about PowerSchool SIS advantages from our post below!

PowerSchool SIS

What Are Advantages of PowerSchool SIS?

The PowerSchool program seems to help the educators and students to stay connected in one place. This educational program also supports the change to a new system. Both students, teachers and parents will get advanced import tools, an open API for customer use and also export tools.

With the help of PowerSchool SIS, you can customize your needs easily and quickly without using the coding knowledge or vendor help. You’re also able to gather key data that can support your district’s unique needs.

The PowerSchool SIS is interoperable with Core Systems. With this system, you’re able to save time and effort and get better insights with data accurately passed between key district systems. With the PowerSchool SIS program, you can get the help that you need through robust support resources from both PowerSchool and the SIS user community.

As the pandemic of Covid-19, a lot of school districts seem exhausted in handling distance learning. However, there are several districts that have strong enough funding. One of them that they use in their distance learning system is the PowerSchool program. They seems to view the PowerSchool program has some advantages, here are they:

  • A flexible, configurable, and customizable SIS
  • Deep interoperability between the SIS and other core systems
  • Advanced systems’ security
  • A collaborative peer user community

How Does PowerSchool SIS Work?

The PowerSchool programs use the Student Information System (SIS), a computer system. It works to manage a range of information about the students. The authorized staff members, students and educators can use SIS to see, report and update on the student records. This system is also providing necessary information to other computer systems at the university.

The users who want to search for and view information about the students will need to use SIS display processes which are identifiable by a ‘D’ in the process codes. It’s important to note that you cannot make any changes to information using the display processes.  Here’s an example of code: SIS.D.PROFILE.

Through the SIS display processes, you can view various types of information, including:

  • Student enrollment information
  • Activity restrictions
  • Class rosters
  • Test scores
  • Financial detail of a student’s account
  • Student addresses
  • Grade information

The PowerSchool SIS also works to update the student records. Sure, to update the student’s records, you will use the SIS Update processes. You will find a ‘U’ in the middle of the process code that indicates that the record can be updated. Here’s an example of the code: RNR.U.SPEC.STUDENT.

To make any changes to various types of records, you can use update processes including:

  • To give  departmental clearances (D-Clearances)
  • To give  a prerequisite exemption
  • To clear activity restrictions
  • To correct the student addresses
  • To print class rosters
  • To schedule  classes for your department
  • To remove  advisement holds
  • To process inquiries by prospective students
  • To admit students to graduate programs

The Powerful SIS can also be used to access and print the student’s report. You will find an ‘R’ in the middle of the process code which indicates that this is a report. Here’s for an example of the code: RNR.R.SECT.SUMM.

Moreover, you can use report processes to access and print various types of reports, they are:

  • The statement reports for undergraduate or graduate students’ credit
  • STARS reports
  • Section summary reports of your classes scheduled
  • Registration confirmation

How Can Parents Access the PowerSchool SIS?

What you should do to access the PowerSchool SIS is started by creating an account first. As we’ve mentioned, the PowerSchool SIS is such a platform that the parents use to  gain a lot of things related to their child’s study progress. Certainly, to create an account on Parent Portal, you need to follow multiple steps below!

  • Go to the ‘Sign In’ page here.
  • Click on the ‘Create Account’ tab in the login portal. You can click the ‘Create Account’ option.
  • After that, you will be taken to the registration page which requires you to fill in your personal information, they are your first name, your last name, your email, your desired username, your password.
  • After you have filled all your personal information fields, you can also add your child’s account to your account. You will need a student name, Access ID, Access Password and also a relationship for each student you want to add to your account.
  • Click ‘Enter’ to continue registration.

If you successfully create an account in PowerSchool RCSD, you can log into your Parent Portal by using your username and password that you have created. So, that’s your time to access your child’s PowerSchool SIS.

Additionally, you may need to reset your password to gain access to PowerSchool SIS’s Parent Portal. Please see the directions below to see how to reset your password. To reset your password, you will need two pieces of information.

  • The username that you used when you set up your Parent Portal account. If you do not remember your username, you can retrieve it using the process outlined below.
  • The email address that you used to set up your Parent Portal account. If you do not know the email address used to set up your Parent Portal account, please contact your student’s school, and indicate that you are looking for the email address you used to set up your Parent Portal account.

To note: If you do not have a PowerSchool ID, you can get a PowerSchool ID by starting in your PowerSchool SIS. You surely need to contact your school administrator if you need the address of your PowerSchool SIS.

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