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Shelby County Schools has a student information system known as PowerSchool SCS. This kind of thing is required to be enrolled in the school. Besides, it also makes it easier for the parents to access the other important processes and student information.

PowerSchool SCS is able to be used by the students and the parents and guardians of the students that are currently enrolled in the schools under Shelby County Schools. For your information, these schools under this school district include:

Elementary Schools:

  • Altruria Elementary School (Bartlett)
  • Arlington Elementary School (Arlington)
  • Bailey Station Elementary School (Collierville/Collierville Annexation Reserve)
  • Barret’s Elementary School (Unincorporated/Millington-Bartlett-Lakeland-Arlington Annexation Reserves)
  • Bartlett Elementary School (Bartlett)
  • Bon Lin Elementary School (Bartlett/Bartlett Annexation Reserve)
  • Collierville Elementary School (Collierville)
  • Crosswind Elementary School (Collierville)
  • Dexter Elementary School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Dogwood Elementary School (Germantown/Small Part of Western Collierville)
  • Donelson Elementary School (Arlington/Lakeland)
  • Ellendale Elementary School (Bartlett/Bartlett Annexation Reserve)
  • Farmington Elementary School (Germantown/Extreme NW Collierville)
  • Germantown Elementary School (Germantown)
  • E. A. Harrold Elementary School (Millington/Millington Annexation Reserve)
  • Highland Oaks Primary School (K-1, Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Highland Oaks Elementary School (2–5, Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Lakeland Elementary School (Lakeland)
  • Lucy Elementary School (Millington/Millington Annexation Reserve)
  • Macon-Hall Elementary School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Millington Elementary School (Millington)
  • Northaven Elementary School (Unincorporated/Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Oak Elementary School (Bartlett)
  • Rivercrest Elementary School (Bartlett/Bartlett Annexation Reserve)
  • Riverwood Elementary School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Southwind Elementary School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Sycamore Elementary School (Collierville/Collierville Annexation Reserve)
  • Tara Oaks Elementary School (Collierville/Collierville Annexation Reserve)
  • Secondary schools

Middle schools:

  • Appling Middle School (Bartlett)
  • Arlington Middle School (Arlington/Unincorporated)
  • Bon Lin Middle School (Bartlett/West Part of Lakeland)
  • Collierville Middle School (Collierville/Collierville Annexation Reserve)
  • Dexter Middle School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Elmore Park Middle School (Bartlett)
  • Germantown Middle School (Germantown)
  • Highland Oaks Middle School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Houston Middle School (Germantown/West Part of Collierville)
  • Millington Middle School (Millington/Millington Annexation Reserve)
  • Mt. Pisgah Middle School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Schilling Farms Middle School (Collierville/Collierville Annexation Reserve)
  • Shadowlawn Middle School (Bartlett/Bartlett-Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Woodstock Middle School (Millington/Unincorporated)

K-8 schools:

  • Riverdale School (Germantown)
  • Lowrance Elementary School (Memphis)
  • E.E Jeter K-8 School (Millington)

High schools:

  • Arlington High School (Arlington/Memphis Annexation Reserve)
  • Bartlett High School (Bartlett)
  • Bolton High School (North Part of Bartlett/Memphis-Millington-Lakeland-Bartlett-Arlington Annexation Reserves)
  • Collierville High School (Collierville)
  • Germantown High School (Germantown/Memphis-Colliervile Annexation Reserves)
  • Houston High School (Germantown)
  • Millington Central High School (Millington/Millington-Memphis Annexation Reserves)
  • Southwind High School (Memphis Annexation Reserve)

In order to access the information from PowerSchool SCS, it is needed for you to sign in by following these steps:

PowerSchool SCS

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to PowerSchool SCS at scstn.powerschool.com.
  2. When you are there, sign in to the platform by using the name and password. If you have no idea which username and password to enter, it is the same one that you used to register your account.
  3. After entering these two, it is time for you to press Sign In button and you are signed in to the platform just like that.

In case you forget your log in information, the good news is that it is still possible for you to log in to the platform. Here is everything that you should follow:

forgot password in PowerSchool SCS

  1. Below the Password field, there is a link that says Forgot Username or Password?. Upon seeing the link, click it. By following the step, you will be taken to the page where you can recover your account sign in information.
  2. In the page where you can recover your account sign in information, choose the option between Forgot Password? And Forgot Username?. For the parents or guardians who want to recover the password or if you have been provided a username and are setting the password for the first time, you will have to enter the parent username and the parent email address. If the one that is forgotten is the username, then you will have to enter the parent email address instead if you are a parent and if you are a student, all that should be done is to contact the school immediately.

As mentioned above, PowerSchool SCS is not only for the students but also for parents and guardians of the students. Every parent or guardian with a student in Shelby County Schools has a chance to view the information with a single sign in. It is not limited to just one student, meaning the parents or guardians with more than one student have the same chance. With it, it is also possible to manage the personal account preferences.

In order to log in, an account is needed. To create a parent account, there are a few things to be entered, including:

  • Name: It is the first and last name.
  • Email: It is the email that will receive the student notifications and correspondence related to the parent account.
  • Desired Username: It is the PowerSchool identity.
  • Password: It should be at least 8 characters long.
  • Student Access Information: It is the information for a minimum of one student, which includes the name of the student, the Access ID, the Access Password, and your relationship to the student.

For everyone who is new to SCS and want to request a PowerSchool account, you can send an email to ichoose@scsk12.org. Aside from that, you can also dial the number (901) 416-6007.

To make the access to PowerSchool SCS easier, there is an app version of the platform offered by Shelby County Schools. It is free. This app is able to be downloaded and installed on both iOS and Android. For those iOS users who want to download and install the app, you can just go to App Store. As for those with Android devices, please go to Google Play Store instead.

Before anything, remember that in order to use the mobile app version of the PowerSchool, it is needed for your district to be running the PowerSchool Student Information System. There is no way for you to use this system if your district does not use it and uses a different SIS instead.

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