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Lee’s Summit R-7 School District has a great student management system that are made for the parents or guardians whose children are currently enrolling in or the schools under Lee’s Summit R-7 School District and their parents or guardians. The name of the system is PowerSchool LSR7.

According to the official website of Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, the parents and the guardians of the students are the only ones that are allowed to use this system, which is a bit different compared to the other school districts that usually allow the students as well. If you have no idea which schools are currently under Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, here is the complete list for you:

  • Elementary: Great Beginnings Early Education Center, Cedar Creek Elementary School, Greenwood Elementary School, Hawthorn Hill Elementary School, Hazel Grove Elementary School, Highland Park Elementary School, Lee’s Summit Elementary School, Longview Farm Elementary School, Mason Elementary School, Meadow Lane Elementary School, Pleasant Lea Elementary School, Prairie View Elementary School, Richardson Elementary School, Summit Pointe Elementary School, Sunset Valley Elementary School, Trailridge Elementary School, Underwood Elementary School, Westview Elementary School, Woodland Elementary School
  • Middle schools: Bernard C. Campbell Middle School, Summit Lakes Middle School, Pleasant Lea Middle School
  • High schools: Lee’s Summit High School, Lee’s Summit West High School, Lee’s Summit North High School, Summit Ridge Academy, Summit Technology Academy, Miller Park Center

PowerSchool LSR7-
With the thing known as PowerSchool LSR7, the parents or guardians of middle school and high school students are allowed to check the grades and attendance. Since it is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, feel free to access it anytime. However, it is a bit unfortunate for the elementary students as the service is currently not available at this time. Instead, they will get the copy gradebooks. If one day there is change, the parents will get notified immediately.

To be able to access the information offered by PowerSchool LSR7, as a parent or a guardian of the student, you will have to log in to the portal. Feel free to access it anytime and anywhere you want as long as there is an access to internet. To get the better access, you are recommended to use Internet Explorer as the browser. Logging in to the portal requires you to enter the login information that is given by the school when you children enroll in the district. The login information that is mentioned before consists of the username and password. A username/password can be used for one student or child. It means if you have two or more who are currently in the schools under the school district, there is no way for you to use the same username/password for all your children and you have to get one for each of your children.

If you do not have an account, then you will have to make one first. The first step to create an account is to go to https://powerschool.lsr7.org/public.home.html. Then, click on the Create Account tab and then the Create Account button.

Create Parent Account PowerSchool LSR7
The first section is Create Parent Account and this one requires you to enter several information such as your first and last name, the email address, a unique username, and the password that will be used to login to the portal. The username should be simple so that it will be easy to be remembered. It also should be the combination of letters and numbers. Remember to not include space in the username. As for the password, it should be at least consisted of 6 characters.

Link Students to Account is the second one. This one requires you to provide the information such as the name of the student, access Id, access password, and your relationship to the student. When everything is done, do not forget to press the Entre button to save the information that you just input. Take note to pay more attention to the password as it is case sensitive. Make sure to enter everything well to prevent from getting an error. If there is an error, shortly after saving your information, the error message will be shown notifying that there is a piece of information is missing or incorrect. In this case, you will have to check the things that you entered and add the missing or change the incorrect one.

It is actually possible for you to include more than one student if it is the case. However, the number is limited to seven. Each student needs one account, meaning you will have to make more than one account if you have more than one child who is currently studying in the school under the school district.

After logging in to PowerSchool LSR7, the students and parents or guardians will be presented with several options across the top of the page. By default, the one that will be shown on the front page is the Grades and Attendance. On this page, it will be shown the real time view of the last week’s and this week’s attendance by period. Besides, the total absences for the current semester will also be shown by period. If you are curious about the dates of the absent, it is fortunately able to be clicked.  On the same section, you can view the cumulative grade for each course in which the student is currently enrolled. Getting to know about the grades is important for the parents and the students so that they can understand the thing that needs to pay attention the most to.

Apart from Grades and Attendance, some other tabs include Grade History, Attendance History, Email Notification, Teacher Comments, School Bulletin, Class Registration, My Calendars, Printing A Page, and so on.

When you are finish your business in PowerSchool, you can log out of the portal. To do it, click on the Logout button that is located in the upper right corner of the PowerSchool window. After you are back to the logon screen, you might want to close the browser program.

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