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If you are one of users of PowerSchool, it is important to know about PowerSchool furthermore including about how to do student login. By knowing about that, it will be easy for you to do anything related to PowerSchool such as how to use it, how the system is and many other information.

PowerSchool is the first education technology platform for K-12 which now is leading. This platform has served more than 32 million students, 66 million parents and 100 million users in more than 70 countries around the world. With best in class, secure and compliant online solutions, they provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience . They also empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities and they engage families through real-time communications across any device. PowerSchool has a goal to improve the K-12 education experience through innovative technology. As a software company, they also have a passion for education technology, but mostly for creating a difference in the lives and education of students, the motivation and influence of teachers and the operations and management of administrators.

If you are one of the users of PowerSchool and it is the first time for you to access this platform, then you surely need to know how to login to your account. The login steps are very easy and everyone can do it easily. You are able to contact your school or district to access information and instructions. You are able to visit your school or district website or speak with your school or district administrators. Logins of PowerSchool are granted by schools and districts. Every school will verify your identity before they give you an account to help protect student data and privacy.

From there, you are able to log in to your school or district’s respective portal. There are two things that you will need to get from your school or district including Link to Parent or Student Portal and Access ID for student. If it is your first log in, the first thing that you have to do is to access the Parent or Student Portal. Each school or district will have a unique link for parents and students to access their portals. You are able to receive this link from your school or district administrators. After that, you need to create an account. Once in the Parent or Student Portal, you will need to make an account. When you make an account, make sure that you store your username and password in a secure manner. Then, add your students. You are able to use the access ID for each of your students to link them to your account. If you have made an account, every time you login, you just need to visit the Parent or Student Portal and enter your username and password. If you visit the sign in page, there will be some options of login including assessment and analytics, learning, online training, power source and registration. You are able to login based on what you need to do.

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