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Hamilton County Schools or HCDE provides a way for the students and the parents or guardians of the students to access the grades, assignments, school and class attendance, transcripts, and some other things related to the students. The name of the service is PowerSchool HCDE.

PowerSchool HCDE is the kind of student management system that is able to be used by the students and the parents or guardians of the students who are currently enrolled in the schools under Hamilton County Schools or HCDE, which include:

PowerSchool HCDE

  • High schools: Brainerd, Central, East Ridge, Hamilton County, Hixson, Howard School, Ivy Academy, Ooltewah, Red Bank, Sequoyah, Soddy Daisy, Tyner Academy
  • Middle schools: Brown Middle, Dalewood Middle, East Lake Academy of Fine Arts, East Ridge Middle, Hixson Middle, Hunter Middle, Loftis Middle, Normal Park-Upper Middle, Ooltewah Middle, Orchard Knob Middle, Red Bank Middle, Soddy Daisy Middle, Tyner Middle Academy
  • Elementary schools: Allen Elementary, Alpine Crest Elementary, pison Elementary, Barger Academy, Battle Academy, Bess T. Sheperd Elementary, Big Ridge Elementary, Birchwood Elementary, Brown Academy, Calvin Donaldson, Clifton Hills Elementary, Daisy Elementary, Du Pont Elementary, East Brainerd Elementary, East Lake Elementary, East Ridge Elementary, East Side Elementary, Falling Water Elementary, Middle Valley Elementary, Hardy Elementary, Harrison Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Hixson Elementary, Lakeside Academy of Math, Science and Technology, Lookout Mountain Elementary, Lookout Valley Elementary, McConnell Elementary, Nolan Elementary, Normal Park Upper, Normal Park Lower, North Hamilton, Ooltewah Elementary, Orchard Knob Elementary, Red Bank Elementary, Rivermont Elementary, Snow Hill Elementary, Soddy Elementary, Spring Creek Elementary, Thrasher Elementary, Tommie F. Brown International Academy, Wallace A. Smith Elementary, Westview Elementary, Wolftever Creek Elementary, Woodmore Elementary
  • Combination schools: Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences, Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts, Center for Creative Arts, East Hamilton Middle/High School, Lookout Valley Middle/High School, Sale Creek Middle/High School, Signal Mountain Middle/High School
  • Alternative schools: Dawn School, Hamilton County High School, Middle College High School, Washington Alternative School

Creating An Account

The students will be able handed by an account of PowerSchool HCDE. On the other hand, the parents or the guardians of the students have to create one if they want to get a chance to access the grades, assignments, school and class attendance, transcripts, and some other information of their children. Even though it is a bit unfortunate, there is nothing to worry as creating an account is easy. Follow the steps below to be able to create one:

  1. Firstly, open your computer and open your favorite internet browser.
  2. When it opens, enter https://powerschool.hcde.org/ in the address bar.
  3. On the PowerSchool page, find the Create Account tab and click on it and then click the Create Account button that is found at the bottom of the page. Creating An Account
  4. To make an account, you are required to provide the information to the fields on the top half of the page. The information that should be entered include the first name, the last name, and the email address of the parents or guardians. To prevent from getting hacked and to prevent it to be taken, you are encouraged to use the unique email address. Apparently, an email should only be used once, meaning if parents or guardians use the same email address, one of them should step down as only one that will get the chance to use it to make an account.
  5. In the fifth step, enter a username and password. For the password, it must be at least 6 characters and the characters that are allowed to be included are letters and numbers. If you want to add special characters, you can bite your nails now as there is no chance.
  6. Then, enter the link to your student to the new account. If you have more than one student who is currently enroll in the school under Hamilton County Schools, do not worry as you can add all of them. Please provide the information about the name of the student, the Access ID and password given by the school of your child. Aside from that, it is also important to select your relationship to the student from the drop down menu. In case there is currently no letter for additional students, you can add them to the list later.
  7. When everything is done, click Enter to complete the process of creating an account.

Logging In

In order to access the grades, assignments, school and class attendance, transcripts, and some other ones on PowerSchool HCDE, the students and the parents or guardians of the students need to sign in to the portal. Logging in to PowerSchool HCDE is easy. If you have no knowledge how to do so, here is the guide:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to go to the PowerSchool HCDD page. Click on the link to take you there https://powerschool.hcde.org/public/home.html.Logging In PowerSchool HCDE
  2. When you are on the page, choose a language. There are a total of five languages to choose from: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Arabic.
  3. The next thing that you have to do is to enter the username.
  4. The second one that should be entered is the password.
  5. After you are done entering these two, it is time for you to press the Sign In button.

Once you are logged in to PowerSchool HCDE, you will be able to see a lot of tabs. One of them is Grades and Attendance tab. With it, you will be able to check the assignments and scores which can be done by clicking on the blue percentage across from a class. Not only Grades and Attendance, there are also some other things that you can find, including: Grade History, Email Notification, Teacher Comments, School Information, My Schedule, Account Preferences, Access Logs, Transportation, MySchoolBucks, Access Online Forms, and so on. For more information about PowerSchool HCDE, you are encouraged to visit the official website of Hamilton County Schools at hcde.org. On the site, you will be able to find the contact in case you have something to ask.

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