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Fort Wayne Community School District teams up with PowerSchool to provide a platform that can be used by the students to access a lot of information belonging to them, including the grades, the assignments, the class attendance, the class schedules, the report cards, the transcripts, and many more. In addition to the students, the parents or the guardians of the students also have the same chance to access the information with the same platform.

PowerSchool FWCS is able to be used by the students and the parents and guardians of the students who are currently enrolled in the schools under Fort Wayne Community School District. There are a lot of schools under Fort Wayne Community School District, including:

  • High schools: NorthSide High School, Northrop High School, R. Nelson Snider High School, South Side High School, Wayne High School
  • Middle schools: Blackhawk Middle School, Jefferson Middle School, Kekionga Middle School, Lakeside Middle School, Lane Middle School, Memorial Park Middle School, Miami Middle School, Northwood Middle School, Portage Middle School, Shawnee Middle School, Towles Intermediate Montessori School
  • Intermediate schools: Towles Intermediate School, Elementary schools, Abbett Elementary School, Adams Elementary School, Arlington Elementary School, Bloomingdale Elementary School, Brentwood Elementary School, Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Ctr., Croninger Elementary School, Fairfield Elementary School, Forest Park Elementary School, Franke Park Elementary School, Glenwood Park Elementary School, Haley Elementary School, Harris Elementary School, Harrison Hill Elementary School, Holland Elementary School, Indian Village Elementary School, Irwin Elementary School, Levan Scott Academy, Lincoln Elementary School, Lindley Elementary School, Maplewood Elementary School, Nebraska Elementary School (Closed in 2016), Northcrest Elementary School, Price Elementary School, Shambaugh Elementary School, South Wayne Elementary School, St Joseph Central Elementary School, Study Elementary School, Washington Center Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Waynedale Elementary School, Weisser Park Elementary School, Young Early Childhood Center

In addition to these schools, Fort Wayne Community School District also manages some other facilities such as Anthis Career Center and L.C. Ward Education Center.

To be able to access the grades, the assignments, the class attendance, the class schedules, the report cards, the transcripts on PowerSchool FWCS, the students, the parents, or the guardians have to log in first. There are two ways to sign in to PowerSchool Fort Wayne Community School District (FWCS). The first one is by signing in with a Google account. For those who have an email account in fwcs.k12.in.us or fwcsstudents.org domain, you should sign in using your G Suite account. As for you without a Google account, then you sign in to the PowerSchool Fort Wayne Community School District (FWCS) by entering two things, which are username and password.

PowerSchool FWCS

In case you forgot your username or password, there is a link that says Forgot your Username or Password? found under the Sign In button. By clicking on the link, something will pop up. In the new window, you will have to enter your email address or username. After entering one of these options, the last thing that you need to do is to press the Submit button. In the end, you will be able to receive an email with your username and the steps that you can follow to reset your password.

PowerSchool FWCS is not only available on the web browser. In addition to that, there is an app for those who rarely use the computer or laptop. With this app, you are able to access the platform anywhere and anytime you want. If you want to access PowerSchool FWCS from the app, you will need to download and install it. The app is available to be downloaded and installed on the App Store for those who are iOS users and on the Google Play Store for everyone with Android devices. Not only having a lot of benefits, this app is also free. Do not wait and get the app now.

Fort Wayne Community Schools always try their best to give their students and the parents or guardians of the students the best thing they have. They will not stop here and will always provide the best things so that the students can get the best education.


  • Type: Public
  • Motto: We Are Your Schools
  • Grades: K-12
  • Superintendent: Dr. Mark Daniel
  • Location: 1200 S Clinton Street Fort, Wayne, Indiana Allen County
  • Students: 30,980
  • Teachers: 1,883
  • Staff: 4,088
  • Athletic Conference: Summit
  • District Mascot: North Side Legends, Northrop Bruins, Snider Panthers, South Side Archers, Wayne Generals

Fort Wayne Community Schools is known as the one that manages a lot of schools that have been mentioned before. It is described as a public school district and it is named as the biggest one in Indiana, meaning it is bigger than the second one which is the Indianapolis Public Schools. It is actually not surprising as the school district consists of 5 high schools, 10 middle schools, 1 intermediate school, and more than 31 elementary schools and currently has a total of 30,992 students, which is nearly 3% of Indiana’s K-12 population according to the 2012-2013 survey. There are currently six departments in the school district such as Technology, Transportation, Academic Services, Continuing Education, Nutrition Services, and Public Affairs.

Dr. Mark Daniel is the current superintendent of the Fort Wayne Community Schools. Aside from him, there are also the board members, including Steve Corona, Anne Duff, Julie Hollingsworth, Glenna Jehl, Jordan Lebamoff, Maria Norman, and Tom Smith. The function of the FWCS Board of Schools Trustees is to serve as the governing and the fiscal body of the district. They usually hold open meetings that can be accessed freely by everyone as they are broadcasted on the local cable channels. The meetings usually take place in the Grile Administrative Center in downtown Fort Wayne. The FWCS School Board is in charge of approving the FWCS tax rate as well as any borrowing that will be paid off by the property taxes.

For more information about Fort Wayne Community Schools, the best thing that you can do is to visit the official website of Fort Wayne Community Schools at fwcs.k12.in.us.

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