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Being a student of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools requires you to be able to access PowerSchool. Not only the students who can access PowerSchool, but also parents can access it. How to access PowerSchool for CMS students and parents? Here, you can read the guide for accessing it.

Accessing CMS PowerSchool for Parents

As explained on the website of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) that parental involvement is critical to the education of a child. So, CMS has provided a web application which is user-friendly to be able to help parents and families to be more involved in education and the name of the web application is PowerSchool. Parents will have the ability to check their child’s homework assignments, grades, attendance reports and other items from any computer anytime.

PowerSchool CMS
How to access CMS PowerSchool for parents? They are able to set up their own accounts with students to access information which is provided by the school. How do we set up a new PowerSchool parent account? You are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open your browser and then access this link here.
  • After that, you have to click on the Create Account tab.

click on the Create Account tab

  • The next thing that you have to do is to click on the Create Account button.
  • And then, you have to follow the instructions and enter your account information. If you want to link one or more students to your PowerSchool account, you have to get the student’s Access ID and Access Password from the school of your student.

follow the instructions and enter your account information1

It is important for you to note that you will not be able to see your student’s data if you do not link your student to your account with the student access ID and password which is provided by the school.

If you have created an account in the PowerSchool, and then you want to log in another day, you can use the same link that we shared above. For clearer steps to login to your PowerSchool account, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to open your browser and access this here.
  • Then, you have to click on the Sign In tab.

PowerSchool CMS parent sign in

  • In the Sign In tab, you have to enter your username and password.
  • And finally, you have to hit the Sign In button.

Accessing CMS PowerSchool for Students

Now, how to access PowerSchool for students? For students, if you want to login to PowerSchool, you are able to follow the steps below according to the CMS website.

  • First, you have to access this link here or you are able to navigate to the CMS Student Portal and then click on the NCEdCloud PowerSchool button.
  • Then, you have to login by using your NCEdCloud username and password information.
  • And then, you have to choose PowerSchool from the list of applications.

Knowing More About PowerSchool

According to the video of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction which is attached in the CMS website on the PowerSchool page, here is the explanation about PowerSchool.

Powerschool is a key part of Home Base where it is North Carolina’s online student information system that teachers and schools use each day to record grades, attendance and other information about student learning and needs. Through PowerSchools Parent Portal, parents are able to get real-time access to the same information about their children including attendance, grades, detailed assignments, descriptions and teacher comments.

The data of students are able to be accessed by parents only through their own password-protected account which ensures information about each student is kept strictly confidential and in compliance with federal law. Students benefit when schools and parents are on the same page. The Parent Portal for PowerSchool helps strengthen communications with teachers and gives parents critical information and tools to better connect with their child’s teachers and school.

If you want to know more about PowerSchool especially how to set up parents account and the appearance of PowerSchool inside including the menus, you are able to watch the video in the CMS website in the PowerSchool page or you can access this link here. On Youtube, this video was uploaded by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction on May 31st, 2019 where the title is PS Parent Portal for Parents JUL292017v10.

PowerSchool Mobile

PowerSchool is also available on mobile where you are able to download it on the App Store for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and you are able to download it on Google Play for android devices. This app is free to download and this app will make it easy for you to access information about your child related to their school.

What can we do in the PowerSchool mobile? Here are several points that you are able to do in the PowerSchool Mobile.

  • You are able to customize the dashboard view to collect your important information in one location.
  • You are able to monitor changes to grades and attendance with push notifications.
  • You are able to register to get email alerts for attendance, grades or assignments.
  • You are able to see the real-time updates of grades and attendance.
  • You are able to view assignment details.
  • You are able to review teacher comments.
  • You are able to check the school’s daily bulletin board.
  • You are able to view a full course schedule.
  • You are able to monitor meal and fee  balances.
  • You are able to view a calendar showing all assignments due dates.

Before you download PowerSchool mobile, here are the requirements.

  • You have to make sure that the school district is running the latest supported PowerSchool SIS version.
  • You have to make sure that the school district has enabled mobile access.
  • You also have to consent to get push notifications when connecting to servers outside of the United States.

PowerSchool is the student information system which is the fastest growing and most widely used. This information system serves tens of millions of students across the globe. PowerSchool mobile improves the engagement of parents and accountability of students with easy and instant access to real time attendance, scores, assignments, grades and many more.

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