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You may live in Phoenix and you want to take medical assistant with phlebotomy programs or classes. I tried to search the information about it, but the information that I found was medical assistant programs in Phoenix. According to the Nursing Process website, there are 10 best medical assistant programs in Arizona for 2022 and some of them are in Phoenix. Those colleges are listed below.

Pima Medical Institute

A medical assistant program is offered by Pima Medical Institute where their campuses are located at four different areas such as Phoenix, East Valley, Mesa and Tucson. The location is convenient and the employment-oriented nature of the course gives you the training in personality grooming and also soft-skills.

The medical assistant course can be completed in nine months and it will be delivered through a rigorous curriculum which is divided into career preparation which consist of 6.5 credits, professional sequence which consist of 6.0 credits, professional sequence II which consist of 5.5 credits, professional sequence III which consist of 6.0 credits, professional sequence IV which consist of 6.0 credits and externship which consist of 4.0 credits. The course has 34.0 credits and has 325 hours of theory instructions, 275 hours of lab, and 200 hours of externship. You will work under the guidance of a mentor who is experienced during your practical training. Besides, you will get deep insights into various processes involved in providing administrative and clinical services in nursing homes, hospitals and infirmaries among others.

Carrington College

A medical assisting program is offered by Carrington College and this program is designed to help you master clinical and administrative skills needed to be a good practitioner. This program focuses on installing values such as empathy, kindness, and care among aspirants. So, they are able to perform their professional work with an attitude which is considerate.

If you choose a certificate program, you are able to choose from four different campuses to reach the 36-week medical assistant program. The course has 36 credits hours and it has a total of 750 contact hours. These hours are divided into 415 classroom hours, 155 lab hours and 180 practical training hours. Not only that, you also get education on the progression of career during the seminar on career development where it is part of the curriculum which consists of 2 credits. After graduation, you are able to begin your career as an entry-level medical assistant in private clinics, hospitals, outpatient departments, infirmaries, nursing homes and many more.

There is also blended medical assisting program at Glendale Learning Center and Phoenix North campuses. The credit hours, the structure of the course, and the number of contact hours of this program is the same as the certificate program explained above. However, if you choose this blended format, you have the facility of taking these courses online: Clinical theory 1, 2, and 3 and administrative theory 1 and 2.

College America

College America also has a medical assisting course and the program focuses on giving quality training. So, aspirants are able to discover desired employment in the industry of healthcare. The associate program is completed in 20 months and it has 94 credits. The curriculum of the program provides you with education such as clinical processes and procedures, psychology and physiology, phlebotomy and pharmacology. In the training, it focuses on administrative elements of medical assisting where you will learn the basics of the computer system, keeping and communicating the medical records and legal and ethical issues in the medical field. If you choose this program, you will also get a 5.0 credits externship because it is the part of the curriculum. The externship will help you to get an understanding about working in real-world conditions.

Allen School

In Allen School, there is medical assisting education where it can help you to get a complete understanding of giving quality health care services to patients. Besides, you are also able to get access to a host of student-support facilities such as resume writing, career assistance, and interview facing techniques.

This medical assistant program which consists of 9 months is delivered in the formats of day class and afternoon class. So, it can suit the needs of fast-paced students and professionals who are working. The curriculum has a total of 21 courses and they are delivered in eight modules where it consists of six modules (5-week each) and two modules (3-week each). During your externship, three courses will be delivered where it will be scheduled in a specific healthcare setting. You do not have to worry when you do your externship because you will work under the expert guidance of a mentor. Besides, through this externship, you will also get to know the intricacies of working in real-world conditions. If you have graduated from this program, you are able to start your career as a medical assistant in infirmary, hospital or outpatient division and many more.

Phoenix College

Phoenix College also offers a medical assistant education. This program prepares you to be a qualified professional and find a good place in the industry. Here, there are certificate and degree courses which start in Fall and Spring semesters.

If you choose the certificate program, it is completed in 18 months and it is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed for performing clinical and administrative tasks in a healthcare setting. This course has 32 credits and if you want to graduate, you need to score at least C grade in all courses.

If you choose a degree program, it has 60 credits. For your information, it is a fast-track program and it means that you need to have requisite skills and proficiency in a range of subjects such as mathematics and English. After you graduate, you will be able to provide health care services which are competent and show the desired level of professional expertise.

That’s all some medical assistant programs in Phoenix according to the Nursing Process website. You are able to get more information by accessing the site of each program.

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