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You may be planning to continue your education with another school after graduating from Penn Foster. Then, you want to use your credits that you have obtained in Penn Foster Vet Tech program. Well, is it possible to transfer your credit to other schools?

Need to know, Penn Foster is really allowed the students to transfer their credits even if they have completed their study at Penn Foster. So as with the Veterinary Technician program in which you can also use the transfer credits as long as you fill any requirements needed.

How to Transfer Credit for the Vet Tech Program?

Of course, to transfer credits for the Vet Tech program at Penn Foster, you have to contact the college that you attended and ask for your official transcript to be sent to Penn Foster college for evaluation. Of course, the minimum grade of C should be required for transfer credit. Then, the approved transfer credits will be cut from your tuition.

Penn Foster Vet Tech Transfer Credits

The transfer credits really give facility to all students at Penn Foster. This school can give you financial and academic credit for high school transfer credits that you have already completed as you have earned it. Penn Foster also looks at your credits that you have earned from accredited colleges to see if they qualify for transfer credit into their college program.

As a Veterinary Technician student, you may already receive credit for previous college coursework if your school meets Penn Foster’s standards. Besides, your coursework should be eligible for transfer credit and you have also received a minimum grade of “C” with up to 75% of required credits being transferred.

Well, if you really desire to receive the credit, you actually can send official transcripts to; Student Service Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 (under contract with Penn Foster College, AZ).

However, Penn Foster will receive any electronic transcripts from credential services such as Scrip-Safe and Parchment. To ensure, you can check with your prior school for their electronic transcript process or you can also access one of these sites to see if they are a participant.

To note, an official transcript will be mailed directly from your previous school to Penn Foster or it will be sent electronically through an authorized credential service. If you wonder about how if your college closed or you have completed one or more programs at Penn Foster colleger or also you are considering to transfer credits to another school, you surely can get academic and financial credit for some of the coursework that you have taken.

More About Penn Foster Transfer College Credits

Before your transfer credits are approved, of course Penn Foster will look at your credits that you have earned from accredited colleges to see whether they qualify for transfer credits into our college degree and undergraduate certificate programs or not.

Moreover, the Penn Foster College credits have been accepted for transfer into many colleges across the country. Penn Foster college is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. You can also contact their counselors at 1-800-471-3232 if you have specific questions about your credit transfer.

Penn Foster kindly helps the students which have been accepted for academic and financial credit even though their schools are currently closed. With Penn Foster’s easy enrollment process, a variety of accredited degree programs and low cost tuition, they are able to get started quickly. To find their transfer credit and also process, you can contact 1-800-231-2985 to talk to someone.

Penn Foster also has articulation agreements with the academic institutions which allows their students and graduates to transfer their

Vet Tech’s Tuition

By enrolling in the Penn Foster college Veterinary Technician, you actually can take the first step toward your new Veterinary Technician career. You just simply choose from one of their customized payment plans that we will show you below!

  • Pay In Full

For the first pricing plan, you have  pay $1329 and you can save $534. If you choose this pricing plan, you have to pay the full cost upfront and no monthly payments while you study.

  • Monthly Auto Pay

For the second pricing plan, you have to pay $1799 and you can save $60. If you choose this pricing plan, you can start for as little as $1 with automatic monthly payments and monthly payments as low as %59.

  • Monthly Mail Pay

For the last pricing plan, you have to pay $1859. With monthly payment as low as %59, you can also mail your payment using a payment coupon book.

Payment Methods

To pay the tuition, there are plenty of payment methods that you can choose, they are:

  • PayPal
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
  • Authorized automatic withdrawals from U.S. banks

Vet Tech’s Refund Policy

Penn Foster continues in developing new ways to expand and improve the students’ satisfaction. Somehow, if the students are not satisfied or they cannot longer continue their studies, Penn Foster actually offers a generous refund policy. If the students cancel within the first 6 days of enrollment, they will accept a full refund. Once the first 6 days your refund amount will be based on:

  • Lessons completed
  • Tuition collected
  • Enrollment date

Vet Tech’s Online Degree

The Vet Tech online degree consists of four semesters. You have to complete a separate re-enrollment application for each semester. Vet Tech’s tuition is up to %85 per credit for all semesters. The A.S in Veterinary technician degree consists of 78 credits for Semester One: 18 credits, Semester Two: 22 credits, Semester Three: 18 credits, Semester Four : 20 credits.

Penn Foster college totally reserves the right to adjust the fees in subsequent semesters. Furthermore, a non-refundable shipping or technology fee of $65 for each semester will be charged.

For final semester does not include any practicum or resident lab training fees. In order to qualify for this offer, BAS and AS degree students should complete and pay in full for at least 30 credits. While, B.S degree students should complete and pay in full for at least 60 Penn Foster credits prior to the final semester.

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