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Textbooks are one of the things that you need when you become a student of Penn Foster. You may need some information about it including how to get Penn Foster textbooks for sale, how much the textbooks cost and many more. Here, we have some information about it for you.

Penn Foster Textbooks

When we were trying to find the information about Penn Foster Textbooks for sale, we were not able to find it. Instead, on the Penn Foster website, we found information that in Penn Foster, you have the opportunity to get all of your high school textbooks online. By having online textbooks, it can help you succeed and here are the key points of online textbooks benefits.

  • Speed

You are able to keep your momentum going. With online textbooks, you do not need to wait for your textbooks to come in the mail. There will be less time between courses because as soon as your exam is complete, your new course material will be available immediately. As a result, you will graduate faster.

  • Mobility

With online textbooks, you are able to study anywhere without having to bring many heavy books. So, it makes your study simple. You are allowed to read your textbooks online or offline and the online textbooks are optimized for reading on any device including computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Useful

By using online textbooks, it means that you join the academic movement. Today, there are more high schools which require the use of online textbooks. There is a survey that 48% of students have been assigned an eBook and 57.8% of students preferred digital textbooks over paper ones. The reason for this preference is because online books are easier to carry and easier to read.

Payments at Penn Foster and Its Relationship with Textbooks

At Penn Foster, you are able to have an affordable price to get the education that you want. A range of payment methods are even able to be accepted by Penn Foster including PayPal, Checks, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, and automatic withdrawals which are authorized from checking and savings accounts from U.S. banks.

You are able to choose one payment. With this payment, it means that you pay the tuition in full. If you choose this option, you will save up to 25% and it covers the whole cost of tuition, including course materials, books, and the support of the dedicated faculty of Penn Foster. Whatever payment plan that you choose, whether one payment, automatic payment plan or by mail, your tuition will include all learning materials and academic support from Penn Foster faculty. So, you may not have to think about where to get textbooks anymore.

So, from this explanation, if you have money and want to get a discount from the tuition, you can pay it in full. With it, it includes the whole tuition including books, course materials and the support of dedicated faculty. However, if your money is not enough for pay in full, and you want to choose the other payment plans, it is okay because Penn Foster can help you with any payment plans that you choose.

Explanation About Textbooks from Penn Foster Website

According to the Penn Foster website at the FAQ page, the majority of coursework including exams and study guides is completed online. There are some courses which include physical textbooks to complement your online classes. You are able to verify whether the course you are interested in will include textbooks or not. You are able to do that by checking the ‘Program Details’ page and then click on the listed classes. The textbooks which are included can be seen on the list under the class you would come with.

If you find that your program does include physical textbooks, the cost will be covered in your tuition as we explained earlier. It means that you do not have to buy the books or pay an additional fee for them.

However, there are also some programs at Penn Foster which have the option to choose either physical textbooks or e-books. When you are enrolling, you have to make sure that you choose the option that you prefer if it is available or you are able to contact an Admissions Specialist to give you help in the process of enrollment.

If you find that textbooks are included in the program that you choose, you may wonder when the textbooks will be received by you. Well, the books will be received by you throughout the course as you need them. Usually, they will be shipped so they will be received when you are ready to begin the class. Through your Student Portal, you are allowed to check when a shipment is sent and track the delivery.

If the program that you choose includes e-books, the book will be available when you reach the class you need it for. The thing that you have to do to get the book is simply by following the link in your class and then you will have immediate access to the book.

Other Things to Know About Penn Foster

Here we have some FAQs from Penn Foster website that you may need to know.

  • How long can a program take to complete?

It depends on the program that you choose because every program has different study times. Depending on the number of hours you are able to commit to studying each week. You do not have to be worried if you cannot complete it on time because all programs at this institution are self-paced and flexible.

  • Are all classes online?

In Penn Foster, there are no virtual classrooms because Penn Foster is a self-paced school. However, there are some programs at Penn Foster which have webinars the student must log into and attend. In addition, there are also live Q&A webinars available on the Penn Foster Community website.

  • Can we use the program at Penn Foster as certification to work in our state?

It depends on the program because some states may need additional education or may have requirements which are not met by the programs at Penn Foster. It is recommended to check with the governing body in your state that oversees the vocational field to determine what the requirements of your state are.

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