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Penn Foster offers ‘Penn Foster Study Planner’ app for the students to easily complete their online learning. However, this app is available on Apple and Android. You can easily download this app on your iPad or iPhone by opening the App Store or on Android by opening Google Play Store.

Of course, every app either on App Store or Play Store will have the pros and cons. So as with Penn Foster Study Planner, this app also has advantages and disadvantages which are proven by people’s review within this app. Well, some say good, while some are disappointed that this app is not working well for online studies.

At this time, you may have a plan to download Penn Foster Study Planner on your mobile, but you’re looking for the people’s review related to this app. So you can be sure you are not in vain to download this Penn Foster app. Thankfully, this post will show you people’s review for Penn Foster Study Planner App both on App Store and Play Store.

Pros and Cons for Penn Foster Study Planner App

We did a little survey to conclude the pros and cons for Penn Foster Study Planner App by taking a look at what people say about this app, both on App Store and Play Store. So, what we get related the Penn Foster pros and cons are explained as follow:

Penn Foster Mobile App Review


We briefly list people’s positive reviews for Penn Foster Study Planner app include:

  • Great reminder for online coursework
  • Great for the essential information
  • Helpful for students which has a lot of works
  • To remind people for next exam and assignments
  • Good for syncing calendar dates with exams
  • A planner guide app
  • A fast way to check students exam dates and other information
  • Reliable to save-space
  • Easy to use app to help the people organize and easier understand for their next classes and grades.
  • Good to keep up with due dates
  • Convenient app
  • To help people keep motivated looking at what they have already done and plan to complete the others
  • A clean and simple studying app.


We also give you a list of  people’s negative reviews for Penn Foster Study Planner app include:

  • Getting stuck on the dashboard screen
  • Lack of focus app
  • Pointless app where some people do not get something interactive, so it makes people useless accessing this app
  • Have no interesting features within the app.
  • People frequently get any issues when logging in
  • The screen of this app should be resized as there are a lot of icons/texts floating.
  • Poorly reset people’s plan and scheduled exam.
  • Any troubles often occur in which this app disappears from people’s phones, can’t access their main program and can’t give people access.
  • Can’t use to see the plans, schedules, exams, courses and more.
  • Confusing app as it does not let you complete any assignments.
  • Useless app where it cannot provide all the information accessible on the computer.
  • Does not work with any program.

What Do People Say for Penn Foster Mobile App?

On Apple Store

The Penn Foster Study Planner app on the Apple Store has 3.2 ratings with a total users of 291. We do a bit of research for people’s reviews on App Store where the average users gave positive reviews ranging from 3 to 5 stars, though the number is not far from the people who gave negative reviews of this app.

People say about Penn Foster Study Planner app:

  • Zoser25 reviewed on October 06, 2020  (5-star rating)

“Awesome!! The Penn Foster apps is great!! I am able to keep track of my studies and exams.I am anle to set my goals datrs allowing me to not fall behind. It’s just great!!”

  • Bettyboo1392 reviewed on September 10, 2018 (4-star rating)

“ Simple, Does what it says it does. Nothing more- nothing less”

  • Steelauto135135 reviewed on February 02, 2018 (3-star rating)

“ Ok app, Please one day allow us to be able to do lessons from the app. I love I can check up and see all that ,I have done and my Grades. But PLEASE update where I can complete lessons”.

  • Music2MyEars(: reviewed on October 07, 2020 (2-star rating)

“ Online schooling. This app is very glitchy and needs to be updated . I love the feature that syncs with your calendar on your set dates . I think the canvas app is amazing if they could go off of that and make the setup similar that would help do much for mobile tracking of school criteria”.

  • Bekks013013 reviewed on February 02, 2020 (1-star rating)

“Doesn’t work! It doesn’t sync with my calendar and it gets stuck on the dashboard asking to modify completion date. If they aren’t going to fix it (seems to be the issue for at least 2 years now) then maybe they should quit referencing in on the website? Still searching for a study planner in the meantime”

On Play Store  

The Penn Foster Study Planner app on Play Store  has 3.6 ratings with a total users of 1,808. Android users say about this app

  • Robert Berlin reviewed on March 29, 2021 (5-star rating)

“Easy to use. I like tracking progress at the lesson level’.

  • Ciliza Perkins reviewed on September 23, 2018 (4-star rating)

“It’s a good app, it’s limited, but it does say that it helps you keep track of you study schedule. It wud be cool if it could connect us to the website from there. Or our resources”.

  • Gladwin Butcher reviewed on October 11, 2018 (3-star rating)

“Apps need a more refresh UI and also needs to implement a payment option that gives students the ability to pay through the app as well”.

  • licia Rhodes reviewed on May 20, 2020 (2-star rating)

“Doesn’t stay synced with calendar because once I leave app it logs out and everything disappears from my calendar”.

  • Viktoria reviewed on December 26, 2019 (1-star rating)

“It doesn’t let me log in. I have to call Penn Foster regularly due to the app not letting me back in when I log out”.

Well, those are what people say about The Penn Foster Study Planner app. Then, have you already decided whether to download this app or not?

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