Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding Program Reviews

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The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) accredited Penn Foster nationally. For your information, DEAC is listed by the United States Department of Education as an accrediting agency. It is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accrediting (CHEA). Well, here we are going to talk about Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding Program reviews.

Medical Billing and Coding Program overview

The program of Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding prepares the students properly to become medical billing and coding specialists by sequencing the coding courses at the Basic and Intermediate levels, before introducing advanced coding as a section of the Billing and Coding Professional Certification Exam review. Coursework is based on the real CPC test, so that the students feel ready to do the next step after their training: Medical Billing and Coding certification.

Trained medical billing and coding professionals look for jobs in a variety of healthcare environments, such as hospitals, offices of physicians, skilled nursing facilities, as well insurance and administrative companies. The Penn Foster alumni have already secured jobs at companies like United Healthcare/Optum, Davita and Cleveland Clinic.

Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding Program Reviews

Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding Program reviews

Here are some reviews of the Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding program:

Cynthia Maher (Reviewed: 2/19/2020)

Penn Foster is great. It surely teaches you if you know how to read and continue the steps of what it says. It is like opening a cook book and then making a recipe. Not too hard as the recipe is right there for you to learn. In order to learn, you have to read first. It needs patience and understanding. Nothing to do with a person talking to you. Just read it. Get it, show it and do it. You are able to call the instructors for help. If you know how to read, then you are going to be just fine. If there are colleges out there, which will take this high school diploma then no issue from there. You are going to be taught something whole entirely different in college face to face repeatedly depending where you select to go.

Dawn (Reviewed: 5/18/2019)

“I discovered the student portal well put together. This is a 100 percent self taught course. You have 12 months to complete the coursework. Also, you have the option to extend your studies twice for additional time for an extra fee if you want. There is help via the Student Portal via facts and questions, as well instructor outreach and social community groups. I have discovered the social groups to be the most viable of all. The contract was very clear in black and white, just read what you are signing and understand. Ask questions if needed. After completing the course, you are going to get a free voucher to sit for the NHA CBCS exam or to sit for the CPC (You Pay) via the AAPC. If you do not have at least 2 years prior coding experience to the exam you are going to receive a CPC-A until your 2 years on hands experience is completed. Besides your course, I suggest you take the AAPC Plexicode classes. Also, you have to know before you sign what type of learner you are.”

Missie (Reviewed: 10/4/2016)

“This program was a good starting point to get all of the information we needed to pass a certification exam. It is not like traditional class courses. Each course always unlocked before I got to it. I never had to wait on books, the books were always sent before I needed them. As for tuition, it is extremely reasonable. Please read the agreement. Know you are paying what you agreed to whether you finish or not. Actually, I was surprised the first time I called the Student Care as an actual human answered. Each time I called they answered professionally, and always helpful. During my courses, I never had to speak to an instructor. I understood the material. if I did not understand, I had Google, CMS, AHIMA, and AAPC for reference.”

Jessica (Reviewed: 9/16/2014)

“Currently, I am enrolled in a Medical Billing and Coding program. I have to say that it was easy till I got to the coding part. It isn’t easy which is nice cause things shouldn’t just be handed to you. Also, I went to Penn Foster for my high school diploma, and it never had a problem with them. The only thing I hate is how I can’t transfer my credits over till my current course is paid for. I am attempting to transfer my credits over to their MA program but cannot. I like that it’s all at my own pace. I am a mother of two, I can’t always make it to a class but I can sit down at bedtime and do some work and the payments I can work with.”

Cindy (Reviewed: 6/7/2014)

“In November 2013, I enrolled at Penn Foster, and I love it. Signing up was very easy and helpful. Also, the site is very easy to get around. Currently, we are enrolling our daughter in a community college in our town. The sign up on their website is not clear and the staff at the school are not helpful. It makes me appreciate how nice Penn Foster is. I have been in the medical field and work for a popular company in my town for 14 years. With my program, I have learned so much. The program is really helping me do things more accurately. Also, it has shown me in areas I could improve with my professionalism. After I finished my program, I had plans to enroll in our community college here, however after the issues I have had with my daughter’s sign and my good experience I have had with Penn Foster. I am going to enroll in the degree program with Penn Foster with no question.”


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