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Are you looking for a technician program which potentially earns you a job? We think that you should give a little attention to the HVAC program. Why? Today, the HVAC industry is rapidly growing with an average yearly salary of $48,730. Sure, that’s a fantastic number for an HVAC technician, isn’t it?

If you’re confused which college is reliable to take the HVAC technician program, Penn Foster college is your great choice here. By taking this Penn Foster program, you will learn the foundational skills which can assist you find your success in an entry-level technician position. Well, the HVACR Penn Foster alumni have found rewarding positions at some reputable companies such as Electrolux, Intel and Federal Aviation Administration.

Penn Foster HVAC Reviews

What People Say About for Penn Foster HVAC Program

To convince you that the HVAC technician program at Penn Foster is very reliable to enroll in, we also show you what people say about Penn Foster HVAC technician program. Here are they:

  • Christopher P. (HVAC Graduate)

He is a graduate of Penn Foster HVAC technician program who gave the positive review. He said that the program was able to be done at people’s own pace and was broken out in a way that helps people understand the lessons.

  • Lewis Jolly (Reviewed on June 15, 2020)

While learning at Penn Foster for the HVAC technician program, he has just finished his  last exam and it has been a long but short 2 years. He would like to thank Penn Foster for the help that he was given and the opportunity to receive an AS degree.

He also emphasized for anyone who wants a degree in Industrial electronics and electrical technology, he said that Penn Foster HVAC technician is a good program. He also had 22 years of industrial maintenance experience so he really knew a little bit about what he was talking about.

  • Abebaw Demisse (Reviewed on September 6, 2017)

“I am vary glad, successful confidence and right now I have a lot of opportunities with Hvac technicians. Really it was vary interesting I finished with Hvac diploma I understand I can do everywhere with this field”.

  • Dennis Mcantire (Reviewed on August 28, 2017)

He said that over all HVAC program at Penn Foster was good, however it was not accepted at his local supply house for 698 exam. Paid out of pocket full price. But overall he would consider future courses.

Penn Foster HVAC Program Overview

Penn Foster offers a career path for dedicated employees and grows people’s business with skilled HVACR technicians. In this case, an online HVAC training program at Penn Foster will prepare the workers to be effective technicians through courses including refrigeration systems, the nature of electricity, electrical systems, HVACR system design and installation while obtaining the skills and knowledge to sit for their EPA certification exams.

By joining with this Penn Foster program, you’re able to increase your skill in order to grow up your business. Online HVAC program at Penn Foster also helps you to prepare your skills for work as an HVACR technician. This program also provides an EPA certification test voucher, EPA certification preparatory manual, and exam registration.

The kinds of jobs that predictably you will get include:

  • HVAC Technician
  • HVAC Installer
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Refrigeration Transporter
  • Refrigeration Technician

Penn Foster HVAC Program Detail

Penn Foster HVAC program has a vision to prepare the students for an entry-level career as an HVACR technician in the residential and light construction field. At the beginning of this program, you will learn the components, uses, and types of indoor comfort-control system. You will also explore types of jobs and the pay scales for comfort-control employees.

Here are all courses that you will learn at Penn Foster HVAC program:

  • Learning for Basic Math and Electrical

In this course, you will be introduced to a general overview of the electrical knowledge and math which are required for a career in HVACR.

You will also learn basic electrical terms and concepts including voltage, power and current.

  • Fundamentals of HVACR

You will learn a range of technical skills including heating, ventilation, refrigeration systems, and air-conditioning. Aside from that, you can also build your ability to notice and employ the equipment, the tools and common materials which are used by the HVACR technicians.

  • Refrigerator Systems

You will discover many kinds of components that you will face when servicing various types of refrigerator systems. Your work will also include a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In this course, you will study how to display good work practices, follow the law when handling refrigerants and demonstrate care for the environment.

  • Electrical Systems

By learning this course, you will get the ability to troubleshoot ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) equipment electrical problems.

  • Residential and Light Commercial HVACR Systems

You will get knowledge of how heating systems and air-conditioning are installed and serviced in residential and smaller commercial apps.

  • Design and Installation for HVACR

In this course, you will learn how HVACR is an integral part of all buildings. You can also take into account issues such as duct design, indoor air quality, and load calculations to help buildings safer.

  • Systems of Commercial Refrigeration

This course provides a more general guide to the types of installation, maintenance work, and troubleshooting which are carried out by heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) technicians.

HVACR Program Tuition

If you have enrolled in an online HVAC technician program and want to pay for your study, you’re allowed to choose one of the payment plans that Penn Foster offers below!

  • Pay In Full

Cost: $749

If you choose this payment plan, you will save $160. Paying the full cost upfront means no monthly payments while you study.

  • Monthly Auto Pay

Cost: $899

If you choose this payment plan, you will save $10. This plan will be automatic monthly payments which start for as little as $1. The monthly payments will cost you as low as $50.

  • Monthly Mail Pay

Cost: $909

These monthly mail payments will cost you as low as $55. Then, you should mail your payment using a payment coupon book.

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