Penn Foster GED Reviews & Price (Cost)

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How much does Penn Foster cost for GED or High School Diploma? Well, let us find out that information here. Now, we are going to talk about that. Keep staying on this page to get the information you need.

Penn Foster GED Cost

Each program has its own affordable tuition with several payment options with 0% interest. The students are able to pay in full or pay with monthly payments. The students who select to pay in full will not be assessed a charge. You will be able to enroll in many of Penn Foster’s programs for an average cost of $2 a day. For your information, only a limited number of programs which have one or two payment options.

Penn Foster GED Reviews & Price (Cost)

So, we are able to conclude, on average, High School graduates are able to earn over $8,000 more per year than non-graduates. With the payment plans starting at less than $2 per day, and the ability to start for only $1, obtaining your high school diploma can be affordable. Simply, you are able to select from one of Penn Foster payment plans or call them to talk about the first payment match program and get started right now!

FAQ – Penn Foster GED Reviews & Cost  

Why is not the High School program free like it is in the School districts?

You have to know that the Penn Foster High School is a private school, and funded through tuition paid by the students, unlike public schools which are funded from taxes paid by residents of that community.

Do you accept financial aid?

Penn Foster does not accept financial aid, but they have some convenient payment options available to help the students, including payment plans with 0% interest, the student discounts and promotions, and low program costs.

Can you claim Penn Foster on your taxes?

No, you should not claim your Penn Foster tuition payments on your state tax returns. As Penn Foster does not participate in United States Department of Education student aid programs. They are not an eligible institution for the students for claim or qualify for some tax credits. Thus, they do not send the students or graduates 1098 forms or any other paperwork needed for filing your yearly return.

Why are your Penn Foster’s programs so inexpensive?

Since Penn Foster does not have a brick and mortar campus which the students need to attend, of course Penn Foster will be able to save money on operation costs and pass those savings on to their students. Penn Foster trusts that every person has a right to get education. The finances should not make a barrier between the students and student’s goals.

Is financial aid available for the Penn Foster High School?

Remember that Penn Foster does not receive financial aid for their high school program, and also neither do any other high schools nationwide. Penn Foster has some convenient payment options available to help the students, including payment plans with 0 percent interest, the student discounts and promotions, and low program costs.

What happens if you miss a payment?

You do not panic if you happen to miss a payment. Penn Foster’s Student Services is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm to assist you with any payment questions. The students who miss a payment have a grace period too.

What if you want to pay off your tuition within the next few months? Will you get the pay-in-full savings?

To accept the pay-in-full savings, the program will have to be paid in full at the time of enrollment. The difference between the payment choices is the dollar amount the credit is going to cost you for choosing a monthly payment plan versus paying in full. You are able to improve your tuition savings by enrolling in their automatic payment plan.

If you finish your semester but you still owe money, will your payment go up?

For this case, it depends on how much money you owe from your previous semester in the degree program, also the cost of the next semester, which is different for each degree program based on the number of credits needed for each semester.

Can the minimum monthly payment be set higher when enrolling, if you request to make the payments higher?

Yes, of course. However, remember when you enroll that, it is better to save more money into your initial payment up front, to lower your monthly payments with 0 percent interest right from the start.

Do you get the textbooks for your program?

The majority of coursework (including study guides and exams) is completed online, several courses include the physical textbooks to complement your online classes. For this case, you are able to verify whether or not the course you are interested in will include the textbooks by checking the program details page and clicking on the listed classes. For note: Any textbooks included are listed under the class they will come with.

If your program does include the physical textbooks, so the cost is covered in your tuition. You do not need to buy the books or pay an additional fee for them. Several programs have the choice to select either physical textbooks or e-books. When enrolling, ensure you choose the option you want if it is available, or you are able to contact an Admissions Specialist to assist you through the enrollment process.

If you have the textbooks with your program, when do you receive them?

If the textbooks are included with your program, so you are going to receive the books throughout your course when you need them. Usually, they are shipped so you accept them when you are ready to start the class. You will be able to see when a shipment is sent and track the delivery through the Student Portal. If your program includes e-books, then your book will be available once you reach the class you need it for. Simply, you are able to follow the link in your class and you will have immediate access to the book.

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