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Fast Track Lab in Vet Program means a location where the students can complete all Large Animal Externship Skills over a weekend or a couple of days at the student’s expense. It means that the students who are ready for externship should find the Fast Track Lab to begin planning for their externship.

The students at the end of Semester 4 will complete a second clinical externship as part of their requirements in the Vet Tech Program. So, it’s a great time for you to look for the veterinary clinic where you can complete your externships so that you will be ready for that.

Penn Foster Fast Track Lab

Do you already know how to find Fast Track Lab as a location to begin your externships at the end of semester 4? However, Penn Foster really provides an Externship Locator to ease the students finding the veterinary clinic. Here’s for the explanation!

Finding Fast Track Lab at Penn Foster

When you access the official site of Penn Poster to find Veterinary Externship, you will find the Externship Locator. It can be mentioned as a kind of tracking tool to track the available vet clinic(s) which accept the student interns. Well, you will easily find the available veterinary clinic without finding the locations directly.

See the Externship Locator here.

Externship Locator

Once you already access the link that we’ve mentioned, you definitely will find the map. Through this map here, you can search by entering the zip code, max distance, max results. You can also filter and limit your search by choosing what you want to find, they include:

  • Vet Assist
  • Vet Tech Small Animal
  • Vet Tech Large Animal
  • Vet Tech Exotic/ Lab Animal
  • Large Animal Fast Track Lab
  • Open Weekends
  • Open Past 5pm

Make sure to choose one of them or more depending on what you want to search.

Here’s how to find the vet clinics with Externship Locator!

Step 1: Enter the ZIP Code

What you should do first to enter your zip code to locate potential externship sites near you. Of course, you can also set your search using the buttons available.

Step 2: Call the Site

Once you find plenty of the potential sites for your externships, you can then call each site you are interested in and discuss the program details and how to apply. Sure, that’s up to the site and you to decide if you are a good fit for each other.

That’s it! Trying to find the potential site/clinics to begin your externships is easy, isn’t it? Now, it’s your turn to try finding a bunch of potential sites or clinics that you want by entering your zip code and set the max distance and max results. Don’t forget to tick on the available button depending on what you work.

How If You Can’t Find the Potential Site Near You?

You don’t have to worry if you cannot find the potential site near you. Alternatively, you’re able to discover other ways you can find externship sites on Penn Foster’s Veterinary Academy Center. You can also find some tips and tricks to fill out externship paperwork and more.

For more information, you can contact 1-833-VET-PENN or to ask any questions about your externship site search and tell what your issues you’re currently facing in searching for potential site/clinics.

It’s important to note that finding a potential site/ clinic using this tool will not guarantee the students an externship placement. It means that the students have to reach out to the site and follow their application process.

You need to know that you cannot begin to practice on any of the clinics until your site has been approved. Certainly, you will get a notification from the clinical coordinator with your official start date for your externship and also the name of your faculty evaluator for the externship when you are approved to begin.

What you should do is to try to research potential clinic site locations near you. Afterwards, you can call the local veterinary practice or even animal hospital near you to inquire.

List of Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Practices

This post will also show you list of local veterinary practice and animal hospitals in Pennsylvania, near Penn Foster, here are they:

  • Brown Equine Hospital
  • Fox Run Equine Center
  • Humane Animal Rescue
  • National Greyhound Adoption Program
  • Oceans of Fun-Hershey Park
  • Penn Vet Working Dog Center
  • Pennsylvania Specialty and Emergency Associates
  • Pennsylvania State University Animal Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Pennsylvania VMA
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center
  • Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
  • Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
  • University of Pennsylvania-Externships
  • Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center
  • Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center (VSEC)

If you want to try finding the potential site/ clinics outside Pennsylvania, you surely can try finding other lcoations near you by visiting the AVMA site here. Once accessing this site, you’ll find the student externship locator.

Through this search, you can look for the extensive database of externships to find an unforgettable experience to build your veterinary medicine knowledge or meet graduation requirements. You can now start your search by choosing the options including area of interest, location, school and search.

If you choose the ‘Location’ option , you will find a list of animal clinics/hospitals or local vet practice depending on the locations you select. We think that you’ll search the potential site based on the location near you.

Vet Assistant Externship

The clinical externship portion is the last thing which should be completed by vet assistant students. It means that before graduation, you should have completed all of your coursework including the graded projects and also have at least a 60% lesson average to start your externship.

The first externship will start in semester 2 which focuses on skills related to the office procedures and routine small animal procedures which should be performed at a companion animal general practice.

Then, the second externship will start in semester 4 which focuses on advanced small animal procedures, large animal and small mammal skills as well as radiology. You probably will need more than one externship site in order to complete all skills with required species.

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