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Penn Foster enrollment agreement refers to a contact that is signed between the student of Penn Foster and the Penn Foster itself. This kind of agreement covers the conditions under that Penn Foster will provide instruction to the student. Aside from that, it also features all costs a student has to pay in order to enroll in a specific Penn Foster program.

A copy of the enrollment agreement that has been completed needs to be given to the student of Penn Foster after the execution of the enrollment agreement. Both the student and the representative of Penn Foster should date and sign the agreement before the time instruction starts.

Below is the example of the Penn Foster Enrollment Agreement form.

Student Enrollment Form

This part includes the congratulatory message from Penn Foster on your enrollment. It is stated that it is your official Penn Foster Enrollment Agreement and all the information that you provided to them is reflected below.

  1. Student Information

This part includes your student ID, your full name, your address, your birthday, your phone number, you email address, and the last grade you completed.

  1. Payment Plan

This part includes the payment option that you chose and the details of the payment amount.

  1. Method of Payment

This part includes the payment amount and the method of payment. In addition, the information about your credit card is also written here.

  1. Enrollment Terms
  • Program Description:

This part includes the description of the program that you chose. It is stated that Penn Foster has the right to change the content and you have a chance to request changing the length of the program. If you asked for extension, the fee will be included here. In this part, it will be written that you will be awarded with something after you have successfully completed your program. It also features the statement that Penn Foster has the right to cancel you in case you fail to show satisfactory progress in the program.

  • Program Price:

This part includes the program price that is identified on the front of the Enrollment Agreement, that includes your tuition, your registration fee, and the finance charge if you have picked a monthly payment plan. You will be responsible for any cost associated with a required externship and you will be charged for any replacement printed program material that may harm one. You will be responsible for payment of the full price if your enrollment is terminated because you have broken the terms of your enrollment.

  • Earlier Complete Coursework:

This part includes the possibility to transfer the coursework from Penn Foster program that you have completed. You can ask the Admissions or Student CARE if you want to know if you are eligible.

  • Payment Options:

This part includes the payment option that you chose. Everything about the payment option that you chose will be explained here, including the rules.

  • Late Payments:

This part includes the rule of the late payment. It will include how much you need to pay if you pay late.

  • Job Placements; Other Requirements:

This part mentions the accreditation of the Penn Foster. It also mentions that there is no guarantee to get the job after the program completion. You or your guardian are the one that is responsible for determining if the program satisfies the state and local educational or licensing requirements for this career field.

  • Privacy:

This part includes the statement that your enrollment and academic records will be protected in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Cancelation Policy:

This part includes the cancelation policy. If you cancel within six days after enrollment, you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel more than six days after enrolling but before submitting a completed Program assignment, you will get a refund less the registration fee. If you cancel the enrollment after completing at least one Program assignment but less than 50% of the Program assignments, you will not get the registration fee and you still have to pay 10% of the tuition if you cancel after having completed up to and including 10% of the program assignments, 25% of the tuition if you cancel after having completed more than 10% and up to and including 25% of the program assignments, and 50% if you cancel after having completed more than 25% and up to and including 50% of the program assignments. In addition, you are the one that is responsible to pay if you cancel more than 12 months after enrolling or after completing more than 50% of the program assignments.

  • GI Bill Benefits:

This part includes the information about some students that are eligible for veterans or other military tuition assistance.

  • Program Materials Copyright Notice:

This part includes the information about the vendors that hold the ownership rights in the program materials. You are not allowed to copy or provide to any third party without getting permission from Penn Foster. Breaking this rule may lead to penalties and fines. This agreement might be changed if both you and Penn Foster agree.

  • Notice to Guarantor:

This part includes the information about guarantee payment. It will include the rule if you do not pay the full amount of your debt. In short, it is about the money.

  • Complains:

This part includes the information about complains, obviously. Basically, if there is any question or problems that is not satisfactorily answered by the Student Care Department or the Chief Certification & Licensing Officer at Penn Foster, please direct it to the State Board of Private Licensed Schools.

  1. Your Signature

This part includes the statement that you acknowledge that you have received, read, understood, and agree to be found by the terms and conditions of all pages of the agreement, as well as any information pertaining to this program. It will be stated that this form will be valid when accepted by an authorized admissions representative whose name will later show up in the Additional signature to be inserted here field below. At the bottom of this form, there is an information about when it is created and until when it is valid.

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